It is not easy to be a parent today. If you are just thinking about transmitting bookish knowledge to your kids to help them pass exams, then you are going wrong somewhere. In this ever-changing world, parenting calls for a lot more effort. You have to do a lot more than just ensure that your child passes their exam. You have to ensure that your child has a bright personality and the required socio-emotional skill to survive in this world. Continue reading this article to read more about personality development, syllabus, and workshops for kids.

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What is Personality Development for Kids?

There are multiple facets to a child’s personality, such as courage, confidence, self-esteem and how to treat others with respect. A child’s personality develops between the age of three to six, and that is the right time for you to inculcate some values and practices in them that help them become positive and good individuals. Most children model the behaviour of their parents, hence you can become a big influencing factor in your child’s personality development.

Personality Development Syllabus for Kids

How to Conduct a Personality Development Workshop for Kids?

Many parents believe that lecturing a child about their habits is the best way to influence their personality, but that isn’t correct. Children do not learn anything from endless lectures, but by mirroring the behaviour of their parents. Hence the best way to help your child’s personality grow is to subtly push the traits you want them to develop in day to day situations. Given below are some ways you can achieve this.

Do Not Label Your Child’s Behaviour

Once you label or brand your child’s behaviour, you make the child believe that they indeed are like that. This does not allow the children to correct their behaviours, and which will lead to low self-esteem. The child might end up copying the behaviour of those around him. One should be cautious with their words while correcting the mistakes of their children.

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Be a Good Listener

Children often behave in a manner to attract more and more attention from grown-ups. Toddlers express themselves more by talking, and especially when they are developing their language skills. You must listen to the stories of children patiently to make them feel secure and confident about your company. This helps them become good listeners as well and also helps them develop their confidence.

Be Gentle Even if They Fail

Each child is unique in their way, and the parents must identify their child’s capability and encourage it. You can’t expect them to excel in everything they do. When children do not match up to their parent’s expectations they are often criticized by them for not achieving their targets. This can lead to disappointment and they do not feel competent enough. You should assist to improve the child’s shortcomings without lowering their self-confidence.

Do Not Try to Compare

Comparing one’s child with their peers, relatives, neighbours or even friends can do more damage to their personality than you can imagine. Constant comparison will lead the child to believe that he isn’t good enough. This will lead them to lose their own identities and they will start mimicking others. Parents should respect their child’s individuality to bring the best out of them.

Become a Good Role Model

Children often copy what their parents are doing and they learn from what they see and hear. Practically implementing things that you want your children to practice will leave a lasting impression on them than you lecturing them about things. Performing menial tasks such as cleaning their rooms to being polite to guests, children mirror what you do. Hence it is important to practice what you preach.

Try to Be Gentle

Trying to physically reprimand one’s child, or yelling at them for making mistakes isn’t an ideal path that one should take. Children often take this behaviour to heart and do not respond expectedly. Parents should try to explain the consequences of the child’s wrongdoings patiently rather than yelling at them. When you yell at children they oblige out of fear, rather than understanding the consequences of their actions. Letting your children understand the effect of their actions is a better way to get the desired result.

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Personality Development Classes for Kids

Parents always wonder what steps should they take to help their child’s personality develop or is there a specific personality development syllabus for kids? In today’s ever-growing world, only knowing maths and science aren’t enough. One has to add more facets to their personality to stay ahead of the competition. Skills such as programming, innovating and communicating go a long way, and it will benefit your kids if these are added at a young age.

The Real School Of Montessoriby Ufaber is one such organization. They offer a revolutionary curriculum that is going to benefit your child 10 – 15 years from now. The mentors and teachers at The Real School Of Montessori focus on the dynamic state of the art teaching, they are focussed on skills that matter, pass on the knowledge that is interesting and relevant, and help in hyper-personalized learning. The curriculum is thoroughly researched and developed by experts to help in your child’s holistic growth.

They expose children to product design, research and reporting, urban development and public policy, visual communication, fashion design, robotics and electronics, storytelling and many more skills.


Being a parent today isn’t easy. One must stay steps ahead to help their child grow constantly in a manner that might not only help them but society as well. This article might have given you a clear idea of how to conduct a personality development workshop for kids or how to help your child’s personality grow. This might have helped you understand what to do and what not to do while helping your child compete out there. You can visit The Real School Of Montessori website to read more such articles about child development.

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