Kids always require something to think or work on to foster their minds. There are numerous things that can be done to develop creativity, thinking ability, and reasoning skills. Riddles are one of the first things that come to mind for the same, as they are not only fun to solve, but also test how creative can the answers be. Read along for some unique and fun riddles for kids with answers.

Most riddles are easy to understand and what really needs to be worked on is the thinking part. Reading more and more riddles also develops the habit of reading other than nurturing creative skills. There are all kinds of riddles from easy to hard, logical and funny, long and short. Some of these make kids laugh, while some may help in learning new words, and also in creating bonds with them.

Funny Riddles for Kids with Answers

  • It belongs to you, but your friends use it more often. What is it?

 Your name

  • Which word is spelt wrong in the dictionary?

The word ‘Wrong’

  • There are two things that one can never have for breakfast. What are they?

Lunch and dinner

  • Greg walked in the rain for 15 minutes with no hat, umbrella, or raincoat, and yet, not a single hair on his head was wet. How?

Because Greg is bald

  • If 2 is a company, and 3 is a crowd, then what are 4 and 5?

4 and 5 is 9

  • You can always catch it, but you can never throw it. What is it?


  • Which word becomes shorter when you add two more letters to it?

The word ‘short’

  • Mr Green lives in a Greenhouse. Mr Red lives in a Red house. Mr Black lives in a Blackhouse. Then who lives in the White House?

The president of America

  • It may have a lot of holes but can still hold plenty of water. What is it?

A sponge

  • What begins with ‘E” but contains only one letter?

An envelope

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Easy Riddles for Kids with Answers

  • What has a neck but no head?

A bottle

  • What is white when it is dirty and black when clean?

A blackboard

  • If you have to use it, you have to break it. What is it?

An egg

  •  I have 13 hearts but no other organs. What am I?

A deck of cards

  • I always follow you wherever you go, but you can never catch me. What am I?

A shadow

  • I come once in February, twice in November, and thrice in September, but not once in July. What am I?

The letter ‘E’

  • What will break if you don’t keep it?

A promise

  • March’s father has four sons. Their names are April, May, June, and _____?


  • How many months in the calendar have 28 days?

All the months

  • I have lots of keys but I cannot open any door. What am I?

A Piano

Hard Riddles for Kids with Answers

  • I’m so fragile that even saying my name will break me. What am I?


  • I will break if you drop me, but will always smile back at you if you smile. What am I?


  • The more you keep taking them, the more you keep on leaving behind. They are __?


  • The person who makes it has no need for it, the person who buys it has no use of it, but the person who uses it cannot see or feel it. What is it?


  • In a car, there are two fathers and two sons but there are only 3 people in the car in total. How?

The three people are son, father, grandfather

5 More Riddles

  • I cannot talk, but I always reply when spoken. What am I?


  • I have forests but no trees, I have rivers but no water, I have cities but no buildings. What am I?

A map

  • In a plane crash, every single person died but there were still 20 survivors. How is it possible?

All the single people died, but 10 couples survived

  • A cowboy gallops to a town on Tuesday. He stays there for three days and leaves again on Tuesday. How?

The horse’s name is Tuesday

  • I am long when I am young, but I get smaller when I become old. I am __?

A Candle

English Alphabet Riddles for Kids with Answers

  • What starts with a T, ends with a T, and also has T in it?


  • I am a part of your body but adding one extra letter, in the end, makes me a country. What am I?

Chin (China)

  • I am an odd number. Take away one letter and I become even.

Seven (remove S to make it even)

  • In a word, the first two letters refer to a man, the first three letters refer to a woman, the first four to a great man, and all the letters to a great woman. What is the word?


  • What is the similarity between an Island and the letter ‘T’?

Both are in the middle of wa(T)er

  • What comes after the letter ‘b’ in the alphabet?

In the word ‘alphabet’, ‘e’ comes after ‘b’.


These were some unique riddles and puzzles for kids along with answers. These riddles can be put on kids of any age to make them think and scratch their heads for answers. The answers may sometimes turn out to be more unique than the original ones. These fun riddles break the monotonous learning pattern of kids and make them enhance their abilities in a distinct way. For more such unique learning activities for kids, click here.

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