Educating mathematical principles in class always has been a difficult activity for educators. Whether that is learning algebraic equations or simple geometry, kids experience conventional teaching methods in class challenging to comprehend.

An easy solution is to turn to modern teaching methods that allow students to grasp mathematical concepts in an exciting and innovative way. These teaching techniques also make room for visual learning, a strategy that is highly established for students!

One of the most common approaches is by using math games. Since children love online games, it is very simple for them to focus on learning when it is in the format of a math game.

Explore some exciting Maths games for kids in this article.

Fun Maths Games for Kids

Around the Block: Mathematics Games for Kids

Play Around the Block as a minds-on game, using just a ball to learn almost every math ability. Firstly, come up with a list of questions related to ability. Then, make students sit in a ring. After that, hand one student the ball and read out loud a question from your chart.

Children must move the ball sideways around the ring, and the one who began with it should answer the question before obtaining it again. If the student wrongly answers, you can move the ball to a student for another question. If the student rightly answers, he or she selects the next student.

Math Bingo: Mathematics Games for Kids

Math Bingo is an interesting change to the main game. You should start by making bingo cards for your children that are responses to different basic algebra. After passing out the cards to your children, begin the game by reading out numbers. But the strategy here is to point out the formula rather than the product. For example, Pull out the expression 4×8 rather than the product, that is 32. In this manner, the students would have to calculate the number each time by multiplication and then check whether the number is on the paper.

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101 and Out: Mathematics Games for Kids

101 and Out is a simple math game to improve your students’ plus-minus skills. This game is primarily for students from classes 1 to 3 and includes a piece of paper, pen, and dice. This is a great way to develop your students’ complex arithmetic because when playing the game, the students began to appear strategies from the beginning about what figures to roll in order to win.

Hopscotch Maths: Mathematics Games for Kids

Infusing maths with physical activity can be very enjoyable! Hopscotch math is a perfect game for classes 1 to 4 to solve basic addition & subtraction questions while playing.

When you start the game, you would need a chalk to draw and hopscotch that represents a calculator on the paving.

Children need to use one-footed jumps when touching on prime numbers and zeros, and two-footed jumps for odd numbers and symbols. A child’s turn lasts until they make an error, such as moving on a line or jumping on an inaccurate equation.

Maths Prodigy: Mathematics Games for Kids

A fun way of teaching math in the school is by Prodigy. Unlike many other classroom events, Prodigy is a math tutoring game for classes 1-8 that succeeds in teaching the principles of mathematics in a quick and effective way. Via exciting puzzles and exercises, Prodigy addresses all the topics needed in school.

Educators use Prodigy, not only for class discussions but also as a component of the curriculum because Prodigy is a syllabus to CBSE and ICSE forums that provide efficient math student learning in an interactive game-based framework.

Maths Jeopardy: Mathematics Games for Kids

Turn this popular game show to concentrate on your new ability or unit, training students for a questionnaire or exam. Design involves adding pockets to a Brighton board, separating them into rows and columns. Each row should concentrate on a particular subject, while each column should have a point score of 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1,000.

A group can request a problem from any pack, but other groups can respond first by solving the issue and waving their hands. When the class addresses all questions, the group with the highest total score wins the reward you provide.

Maths Baseball: Mathematics Games for Kids

This is another enjoyable and stimulating math practice aimed at enhancing student’s quick arithmetic. This game involves two teams, so first, split your class into two teams and come up with a number of math questions with each team. To begin the match, call all the team leaders and flip a coin to decide which team hits first.

When the players are ready, the throwing team then ‘throws’ their mathematical problems at the batsman. Team members can also pick questionnaires regarding levels of complexity and points. If the statement is true, the student gets to put a review on the first point.

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How to Make a Maths Game for Kids?

To make a Maths game for kids, you must have these materials

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Scissor
  • Ruler

With these easy to find materials, you can create Maths games like Sudoku, Bingo, Dots and Boxes, etc.

5 Important Maths Skills for Kids

  1. Counting and cardinality
  2. Algebraic thinking
  3. Numbers and operations
  4. Measurement and data
  5. Geometry


Parents play a crucial role in their kids’ early math learning. They could not only include maths-related toys and books but act as role models illustrating how mathematics is used in daily activities. Kids who see the adults doing daily math participate more frequently in math activities. This develops early mathematical skills, which act as the basis for future learning.

Don’t forget to try out the Maths games for children given in this blog.

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