Real School
International Program

Personalized education for your child

Our experience in personalized online education

1 Lakh Studentstrained online in 1:1 classes
10,000+ Hoursof online classes
4000 Teachers trained by us in online training
9 Years of online teaching in India
How we put the student on a personalisation path

Dedicated personal teachers

Individual care, attention and support, where every child is heard and every child is spoken to.

Smallest classroom 1:5

Highest level of interaction and exposure, where every child learns equally and performs equally

1 on 1 classroom vs traditional class

Your child gets 100% attention vs Seen as a limiting pupil
Love and support vs Constant name calling and taunts
Your child sets up in the rhythm and routine vs No proper routine for child's development

Real School pedagogy and method

Discovery Curriculum

The child must be exposed to real-world and complex topics which makes their understanding of modern technology, language and social sciences advanced enough to prepare them for the career challenges of 2040.

Individual pace and depth

Give extra help to a child’s weak areas. Take them deeper and ahead of their age in their strength areas. In 15 years every child must be a champion in “something” and weak in “nothing”

Inquiry-based classroom teaching

Unlike a lecture, Every class must be a hyper-interactive session where a concept is unravelled through discussion, logical arguments and student-led questions. The child must learn “scientifically” not by “memorization”

Hands-on and Project-based

Every child must experience concepts in their material and sensorial form. The child must apply every theory in practical situations through real-world projects.

The team behind the vision

Anirudh Swarnkar

Anirudh has experience developing products and content. He has a strong commitment to supporting young children's development.


Rohit Jain

Rohit has had 2 successful education startup exist and has kickstarted several trends In Indian education industry in the 15 years, real school is the best version of his experiences, successes and hard learned lessons.



Before Real School, Niraj ran a company which was into industrial automation. He has designed everything from a jet nozzle to a cargo ship. This hard core technocrat holds a management degree from IIM Indore.



Vikas is dedicated to transforming the way children access the world through the Power of Communication.

Boards and Programs

International BoardTargeting abroad universities after schooling
National BoardTargeting Indian entrance exams like JEE, NEET, CUET
Special education Special education needs for ADHD and ASD diagnosis
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Have more questions

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