As children grow up, more and more responsibility is being placed on them to complete their assignments along with homework. And this helps students to lose their motivation and they are not able to complete their work on time. Some might even struggle to get started; thus it results in lowering of their grades. And, this is where parents have a big role to play in making sure that their kids should do their work on time along with focusing more on their studies. It’s important for them to motivate kids to study and not forcing them into it.

It is highly important to encourage your child in a positive way and help make studies fun for them so that they don’t feel overburdened by it & enjoy the whole process of doing it. But how can it be done?

Let’s find out.

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How to Motivate Kids to Study or Learn? How to Motivate Preschoolers?

How To Motivate Kids To Study

There are various easy yet amazing techniques to encourage your kids to study/learn. These are:

Find Out What’s Stopping Your Child 

There might be an “n” number of reasons because of which your child might be unmotivated to study. Finding those reasons could help you to solve his/her problem.

Some of them could be:

  1. Poor Understanding of the material
  2. Anxiety About School, Low Self-Confidence
  3. Work That Isn’t Suited To His/Her Learning Style

Make Study Time Easier 

How To Motivate Kids

Help your child to make his/her study time easier by providing them with everything they might need to get their work done:

Quiet Space

Find a quiet, distraction-free time for your child to study

Food & Drink

It can be hard to focus on one’s studies if they are hungry. Provide your child with the proper food and drinking materials to make it easier for them to study; so that they don’t have to leave their studies and get up every time they are hungry.

The Right Tools

Make sure your kid has all the materials that are required for them to study, like a pen, pencil, erasers, etc.

Provide them with all these materials so their time isn’t wasted trying to find them.

Create a Study Plan Together

The productivity of a child increases when he/she has a solid study plan. Having a study plan ensures that your child is on the right track.

Sit down with your child and create a study plan that will help them to complete all their work on time; making sure they have enough to play in a day which will keep them motivated.

Your study plan must include:

  1. When should the homework be done each day?
  2. How much time should be spent on homework?
  3. How often are they allowed to take breaks and for how long?
  4. What are the most prioritized tasks for the day?

Limit Their Stress 

Your child won’t be able to focus on their studies if there’s something that is bothering them. And being a parent, it is your responsibility to find that out & help limit their stress to a great extent.

Help your child relieve stress by spending time with them and encouraging their thoughts and feelings.

Make sure your kid’s taking enough study breaks after their studies & motivate them to do certain activities that will help lower their stress.

These activities could be:

  1. Going For A Walk
  2. Listening To Music
  3. Colouring
  4. Going Out With Friends

Focus More on Learning Rather than Performance

Motivate Children To Study

Instead of focusing primarily on grades, celebrate those little milestones that they achieve every single day – both big as well as small. This could be when your child solves that tricky maths problem, or when he/she finishes that first draft of their essay.

This could help in boosting the motivation of your child that will further help him to achieve his goals easily.

Set Small Goals 

Encourage your child to set small goals based on what they want to accomplish. Setting goals will help them provide clear directions for what they want to achieve, what needs to be done, and also helps in boosting their confidence when they accomplish their goals. This could be done by:

  1. Reviewing notes for a few minutes before starting
  2. Complete Practice questions from the textbook

Take Proper Study Breaks 

Kids study and learn

Encourage your child to take proper study breaks while studying in order to help him keep his mind fresh and engaged.

Dividing study time into manageable chunks is extremely important for one to maintain that freshness in one’s mind and it helps them to focus on their studies better than before.

Exercise is the Key

Regular exercise helps improve the overall well-being and reduces stress; thus helping to make one’s work easier than before. So, it’s the parent’s duty to make sure their kids are getting plenty of physical activity each day before studying.

Now, let’s move on to know some of the motivation stories for kids that can actually encourage them. These stories will help them to make good progress towards better reading habits for kids, or simply just teach them good values.

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Stories That Motivates Kids To Study

The Sad Peacock

This is a beautiful story about making the best of what we have; thus making it to the top of the list. The moral given by this story is that in order to be happy, one should accept their bodies as they are.

Thus, teaching us the importance of self-acceptance.

The Turtle & the Hare

This story has been told and retold over the ages, but still remains one that can help teach your kid some of the most important lessons of life. The moral given by this story is that as long as you are steady and determined, you will always win, no matter what your speed is.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re working slow, what matters is the fact that you’re in the race as long as you don’t give up.

The Mouse & the Lion

This is another classic that teaches kids some important lessons of life which help them to grow more in their life. The moral provided by this story is that you should never worry about how small your size is because your power or usefulness cannot be judged by it.

So, these were some of the best motivation stories that will help teach your kids some of the important lessons of life & increase the kid’s motivation.

Now, let’s turn towards learning some of the motivation movies that kids can watch to bring about some powerful changes in their life.

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Motivation Movies for Kids

Given below is a list of some of the best motivation movies for kids & the lessons taught by them:

  1. How To Train Your Dragon: Embrace Differences, Be Who You Are
  2. The Lego Movie: Everyone is ordinary before they become extraordinary
  3. The Lion King: Your Painful Experiences Will Help You Grow & Shine
  4. Toy Story: Teamwork Is Important, Don’t Fight Alone
  5. Cars: Winning Is Temporary, Virtue Stays
  6. Mulan: Fight Against The Norm If You Believe That You’re Right
  7. Inside Out: Real Happiness Comes When You Embrace Sadness
  8. Frozen: True Love Can Be Found Within Family
  9. Moana: No Matter How Hard It May Seem, You Can Always Go & Get Your Dreams
  10. The Pursuit Of Happyness: Nothing Great Comes Easy; So, Keep Trying Until You Succeed & Never Give Up
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It’s so easy to avoid all the dreaded, long homework battles & develop some amazing habits. But, it all starts at home.

So, Dear Parents, it’s your turn now to remove these age gap barriers between you & your child and understand what he/she truly wants in life. Help your children learn & develop some great habits among themselves.

And for that, it’s your turn this time to help them achieve their goals, understand their flaws and help them, take care of their mental as well as their physical health & be a friend to them more than just being a parent.

The above piece of information provides one with the required information on how to help you can help increase your children’s motivation.

Hopefully, you find this information useful & if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment down below & let us know. Also, don’t forget to check out our other blogs

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