In today’s era, everything is engulfed by technology. This is a digitally-driven world where an individual has to upskill or reskill themselves to sustain in the market. In similar ways, competition for kids is also increasing and to remain in the competition kids have to go digital, they have to learn things like coding, to be ahead of everyone. Coding has become one of the important learnings for a child. To make the child future-ready, they have to be taught things that will help them in the future. Coding is one of the growing careers.

Coding skills are high in demand after COVID-19 brought all of us online. “IT” has become the foundation of every business now. Wouldn’t you want to keep your child in demand by the employer in the future or make them a successful entrepreneur? Yes, you would, right?

What is Coding for Kids?

To answer, “ What is coding for kids?” we will use the simpler explanation. Coding is done to tell the computer how to perform a task. It is a creative process for computer programming. Coding for kids is gamified, where it is made fun for kids so that they learn it easily. It consists of writing computer programs using various types of programming languages. As coding can be gamified, a child of age 5 can be taught learning using the visual block interfaces or best online classes according to the age.

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How to Explain Coding to a Child?

To explain coding to kids, teachers have to use the simplest form of learning. There are few techniques like Scratch coding for kids that you can use while teaching coding to kids. These techniques will make you teach coding in a simplified way which the kids can understand. Check out the following techniques:-

1. Make it Relatable

Coding is not an easy subject to be taught to kids. Coding has many concepts which are difficult, that is even difficult for adults to understand. But as the concepts are interrelated, teachers cannot miss out on any concept, they have to be taught to kids in an aligned manner.

Hence, kids’ learning has to be made relatable to the real-life examples that they encounter in their day-to-day life. This way they will call it whenever they see that object or do the activity used as the example. The more relatable the concepts are to the kids the longer they remember them. Thus, instead of teaching kids the syllabus nowadays integrated learning method is used which helps the child to learn beyond the syllabus.

2. Use Interesting Teaching Methods

Kids have to be taught via using new methods, leaving the outmoded methods behind. Make sure that you use a teaching method that imprints the learning in the mind of kids for a longer duration. For example, you can use youtube videos, games, and activities. You can turn the whole concept into a game that will be interesting for the kid to look up to.

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3. Identify the Kids Learning Pace

Every child has a different pace of learning. As a teacher, you have to identify the learning pace of the child and mould your teaching method in such a way that matches the kid’s learning requirement. If you teach faster to a kid who has a slow learning pace, the purpose of the class would not be fulfilled with zero output. Even if the teacher is teaching in a group and if the teacher has to make a difference in their knowledge of coding she/he has to respect the learning pace of every kid even if it takes them a few more classes to complete it.

Coding Apps for Kids

Research by NASA carried out a creativity test of 1,600 children of various age groups. Results showed that 98% of 4 and 5 years old kids scored high on creativity level. 5 years later, only 30% of the same group scored the same level, and more after 5 years only 12 percent were able to achieve the creativity level. Administering the test on adults it was seen that only 2 % were able to score high on creativity. With such a result, making the best out of the kid’s creativity potential teachers and parents are looking forward to enrolling them in coding class through coding apps for kids, coding platform for kids, kids coding online classes, There are many coding apps for kids established to give integrated learning to the kids.

Which is the Best Coding Class for kids?

The best coding class for kids is provided by The Real School Of Montessori. The Real School Of Montessori provide a one-to-one interaction class that caters to the child’s learning pace. A kid gets his/her personal tutoring hours where he/ she is taught in an interactive teaching method.

Tutors make sure that they become part of high engagement discussions to stimulate asking questions and out-of-the-box thinking. The content of the teaching is prepared to keep in mind the learning and experience path of each student. Kids may be comfortable with different teaching methods and thus the teaching experts follow the method that the child is comfortable in the most. The Real School Of Montessori provide the kid to have the coding class online and learn in the most flexible way.

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Manoeuvring the benefits yielded by the demand for coding in the market. To teach your kid coding, you have to choose the best coding app and best coding class that can help your kid understand the concept easily and in an interactive way. In this article, you will not only get to know the best coding class but you will also get to know about what is coding for kids, and How to explain Coding to a Child? As the age of 4 and 5 kids creativity is at its peak it is really important to use it in the right direction which will help them in their future career as well.

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