In the world of maths, addition stories are a form of Word Problem in which children determine the sum and also help in real-life activities

These sums will always involve additional problems.

Mathematics is a vast subject and addition stories in maths are a form of Word Problems that help the students to have practical knowledge too and that’s why in these type of problems, a situation is given and students have to analyze whether they have added, subtract, multiply, divide or any other operation that has to be done in the situation given to note down the result.

Mostly, these sums involve the additional problems and help a student get a better view on solving the given operations, read the full article to know all about the number story in addition for kids and help your child to get the right learning.

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Write a Story on Addition for Kids  

This article will help in how to write a story on addition for kids and here are the tips

# Make each child write an equation like 8+7 and so on on a paper.

# Let the children imagine some situations where they can use these equations like a vegetable market, shopping mall, piggy bank money, etc.

# Write down each story and review it and also ensure that the children know what they are going to do.

# Let them write or draw the story down on paper before they draw it on a computer.

# Guide the children and tell them to click the text tool and then type the story above the drawing they have made.

# Save the file and can easily be shown to the whole class. A fun activity is always the best learning.

# Then ask the students to solve the problems of each one, this is helpful and innovative.

create a number story on addition

Number Story on Addition

# In an examination, 10 students passed in mathematics, 12 in English and 5 in science. Find how many students passed the examination.

# There are 3,568 men, 4,009 women and 987 children in a village. Find the whole village population.

# There are 450 male and 540 female primary teachers in a city. Find the total sum of the teachers in the city.

# In a school there are the following numbers of students: 40 in grade one, 40 in grade two, 30 in grade three, 60 in grade four and 86 in grade five. Find how many students are there in school?

# A man plucked 30 mangoes from one tree, 80 mangoes from the second tree and 100 mangoes from the third tree. How many mangoes did he pluck in total?

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Create a Number Story on Addition 

Divide the Addition problems based on the levels

# Adding to 10: Daisy was playing basketball, two of her shots went in the hoop while one of her shots didn’t. How many shots were there in total?

# Adding to 20: Arina has 15 pieces of gum to share with her group, she didn’t have an adequate number of gums, so she went to the store and bought 4 more, how many does she have now?

# Adding to 100: Lovely had 40 chocolates as it was her birthday but, her seniors took some of them, she went to the store and bought 14 more, how many does she have now?

# Adding slightly over 100: A cafe has 180 chairs and 20 chairs for babies. How many chairs does the whole cafe have?

number story on addition

Moderate to Difficult Level

# Adding to 1000: How many fruits did you buy when you bought 340 apples, 520 mangoes?

# Adding to and over 10,000: The postman carries many cards every day, today there were 13,865 cards from Hyderabad and 12,986 from Chennai, how many cards did he have in total?

# Adding 3 numbers: Sid had one book at home, he went to the library, and bought 2 books, then went to the stationary and bought 3 more, how many books he had in total?

# Adding 3 numbers to and over 100: Kat was carrying a big bag of chocolates which had 150 dark ones, 130 red ones and 140 green ones. How many did he have in total?

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Create a Number Story on Addition and Solve It

Follow the tips below for solving the word problem-

# Find key phrases in word problems

# Add or subtract, divide or multiply?

# Identify the type of word problem.

# Break down a math problem.

# Visualize elements of the problem.

# Repeated exposure to word problems.


Example: A toy factory manufactured 13,986 toys in January, 12,678 toys in February and 15,897 toys in March. What were the total toys manufactured in total in the factory?

# The key phrase in the word problem is total because the additional word problem has this common phrase for each problem.

# Now understand the word problem, it is asking to find in total and club it so this an addition problem but, if it asked for how many more did it manufacture in March than February then subtraction

# Always identify the problem and what it is asking

# Now break it down into smaller section and try to understand it clearly

# Try to imagine you are the person in this word problem imagine that you are the owner and want to check the total production of three months

# Practise always as much as you can.

create number story on addition and solve it


Hard subjects like mathematics should have some fun activities and while solving word problems which help in practical learning and helps in involving real-life situations. The Real School Of Montessori has always helped in best results for students because we believe in quality learning and the natural environment to learn and we provide that. Any doubts, suggestions or feedback, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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