Many research supports the fact that kids learn more easily with games. Research by SRI education postulates that games increase the learning outcome by 2-grade levels. Thus, the school curriculum now considers classes more interactive with the use of activities and games. Following the same path, when a kid is taught a tough subject like maths they become fearful of the numbers.

It becomes a vicious cycle of teachers not teaching it according to the learning pace of a child, resulting in a lack of understanding of maths concepts, leading to a child scoring bad marks and eventually hating the subject. But teaching a subject like math with the use of games is an innovative and useful teaching method. In this article you will see how to make a maths game for kids, to give them lifelong learning and understanding of the subject.

How to make a Math Game for Kids?

Steps to make a math game for kids is given below:-

1. Identify the interest of the kid

It all depends on the interest of the kids. Do you know the attention span of a 4 years old is between 8 to 12 minutes, and the attention span of a 6 years old is between 12 to 16 minutes? In such a short attention span time, you need to teach a subject like math to them. Game is the only way out to make learning easier. But to make a game you need to see what interests the kid. If the kid is fond of cars, dolls, coins, or any other thing. You have to make sure that you include this thing in the game.

2. Decide the Concept to be Taught

Make sure that you don’t mix up more than 2 concepts in a game. If you are teaching subtractions and addition you should stay with these two concepts only. After the kid learns these two concepts you can add multiplication and division after they are thorough with the concept. Similarly, you should not take fractions before subtraction and addition concepts. You can make a flowchart.

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3. Try Different Techniques

If your kid likes cars, don’t just stick to cars, identify more of his/her interest, and the best way to teach fractions is with the help of favourite food of the kids if your kid likes pizza, doughnuts, or any other circular food. This way your kid won’t get bored with learning maths and his interest will be continued.

4. Take Reference

If you are making a math game for your kid for the first time you should take references from other sources as well. You should see what types of games are used by other parents. This way you will get many ideas and you can use more than one idea in developing one game. You can add different features in one game but make sure that it is according to the learning pace, interest of your child. You can watch videos and read articles about games.

mathematics for kids

Examples of Math Games

Here are a few, fun maths games for kids.

  1. Learn Subtraction and Addition with Cars

If your kid is fond of playing with cars then you can use cars to teach subtraction and addition. Tell them to hold the number of cars 4 and then take 2 more. On the other hand, ask her to add them all. This way they will learn the addition.

  1. Fraction with the Donut

Take donuts If your kid is fond of donuts, you can also take the pizza. Then ask them to cut the donut or pizza in a fraction example, in ½.

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Mathematics games make learning so simple and interesting for kids. Kids have a very short attention span thus teachers and parents have to try their best to prepare a learning module for the kids which is interesting. Parents can try to make a game that is interesting and at the same time, it imparts learning to the kids. To make a math game for kids you have to follow the steps given above and get the perfect math game made for your kid’s development. Try to make different games to teach different concepts of math. Make sure that you don’t put all the concepts in one game as this way your kid may get confused.

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