Addition stories are a great way to teach your kids. Kids are able to understand with much clarity when they encounter stories and they have to perform addition. For some students, this is an interesting way to learn and for some, it is not so interesting, but you as a parent can make it more interesting according to your child’s preference. Make sure that you add personalization to the stories by adding the objects that the child likes for example if the child likes bananas make a story with banana, if the child likes to play with car toys then use the cars and build a story on cars to make it more fun for the kid. This way you are making the child learn with their favourite stuff which helps the child to retain the concept for a longer period of time.

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What is Addition Story for Kids?

Addition stories are a great way of learning. Addition stories involve a word problem where the child has to read the problem which includes a question of addition. Reading the story the child has to identify what the question is and has to answer the question. This type can be used to teach any concept of math to the child.

In higher classes, word problems become more difficult to solve but the word problem makes the concept more clear to the student when it is hard. In this article, you will get many addition story for your kid that you can present to them and additional sums for kids that can help them learn the concept clearly. Get the stories of additional for kids below.

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Check Out the Addition Story for Children

 #1 In the morning Max ate 5 cookies. In the afternoon he ate 4 more cookies. How many cookies has he eaten all day long?

#2 There are twelve apples with Sonia. She purchases twelve more. How many apples does Sonia have right now?

 #3 Lamia went to a zoo where she saw 2 lions in one cage, 2 lions in another cage. How many lions did lamia saw?

 #4 Sameer’s Dad bought 4 cars for him, but he was not happy with 4 cars. His dad the next day bought 4 more cars. How many cars does the same car have now?

 #5 Lia’s sister had 3 headbands and Lia had 2 headbands. Lia wanted 2 more headbands so her sister gave them to her. How many headbands does Lia have now, after her sister gave her hairbands to her?

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Check out More Addition Story

#6 Sid was on a walk with his 2 dogs. He saw a street dog who was injured. He brought him back to the house, how many dogs did Sid bring home?

 #7 In a bucket, there were 6 pencils. After some time, Reena’s Mother put 3 more pencils in the bucket. How many pencils are there in the bucket?

 #8 There were 4 fish in the pond. One fisher came and instead of taking out fish he had put 5 fishes in the pond. How many fishes are there in the pond right now?

 #9 There are 9 kittens sleeping beside Rahul. Rahul woke and brought one more kitten to the bed near other kittens. How many kittens are there in total now?

 #10 Daisy has 4 balls in her bag. While she packs her bag to go to school she adds 4 more balls in her bag. How many balls did she have in her bag when she left for school?

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Check Out More Addition Stories

#11 A teacher took 10 kids to a school picnic. One kid was already there in the park with his parents. The kid started playing with his other classmates. How many total kids were playing there?

 #12 There were 3 oranges with the vegetable vendor. Lilly’s mother wants to buy 5 oranges. How many oranges the vegetable vendor needs to have more?

 #13 On your way to school, you saw three flowers one day, on the other day you saw two more flowers in the same place. How many flowers are there in total now?

 #14 A kid named Rahul went to a shop and asked for 5 tomatoes, after getting a call from his mother, he asked for 4 more tomatoes. How many tomatoes in total did he take home?

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Benefits of Addition Stories for Kids?

There are many benefits that a child can yield if he/she is taught with the help of addition stories. Here are the benefits:-

#1 Kids love listening to stories, hence this is a wonderful way of learning a tough subject like math. 

#2 Stories help kids in a better understanding of the concept. Real stories and real examples will lead to more clearly as it helps in relating real examples. And recalling them again and again

#3 kids are able to retain the concept for a longer period of time and stories help the kid in making connections and then giving answers. This way kids are also using logical skills to get through the answer. 

#4 using their favorite fruits or toys in the stories help them become more interested in the learning. These kids don’t get bored easily.

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Another Advantage

One of the advantages of addition stories is that children can translate between numbers and digits. This is a key activity that can help them recognise numbers and the connection between wordings and digital iterations of any type. This makes it easy to create them in all forms when they meet numbers.

Still Confused? Read On

Additional stories are excellent for kids who are studying mathematics. They frame amounts in a comprehensible fashion that shows children how to wrap their heads around. It also contributes to the development of literacy abilities by giving examples of coherent, synthesizing sentences. Exemplary learning is one of the most important ways that young children acquire knowledge. It helps learners understand how addition functions in real-life scenarios and helps children to find out where the math lies in a real-life scenario. In their work at the school, they will find new value and relevance – we all remember complaints about the inutility of what we learned from our school days. Silence the arguments with a few cool tales.

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It is important for parents to choose the right method of teaching their kids. Teaching math to a kid can be tough. To make it a smooth process using activities like addition stories are a way to create interest in a kid to learn math concepts. It is important for a parent to choose an activity that will not make their child bored and the kid looks forward to playing the game again to learn the concept. In this article, you get to know what is addition story for kids and examples of additional for children. Hopefully, this will help you to make your child practice addition in a fun way without getting bored. To get more helpful and informative articles, check this out.

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