Abacus is a calculation tool that is used by the sliding counters along with rods and grooves. This tool is used to perform the basic mathematical functions that can be easily done using this tool than it could be done otherwise. It helps individuals in basic calculations, and by that, we do not mean only addition or subtraction, but it also helps one in the process of multiplication and division, along with calculating roots up to the cubic degrees. Using this tool can be extremely beneficial for an individual; it can help one in reducing those long hours that would otherwise be wasted on taking out the answers to these long calculations. So, what are you waiting for? Why not all of us should use it today only to make our future more easy and stress-free.

Let’s just dive deep into knowing more about it.

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Understanding Abacus

Is Abacus Good for Kids

India and the entire world had a history of counting on fingers when it comes to calculation and mathematics. Everyone staying here used their fingers to find out the answers to the large calculations.

But this system was difficult for everyone and people were bored and frustrated with this system and were trying to find out something new which could help them in making their calculation process easier and simpler than it was before. And this was the time when people were introduced to Abacus.

The math device was being used in Europe, China, and Russia, hundreds of years before the reception of the composed Hindu-Arabic numeral framework.

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How to Make Abacus for Kids?

There are just a few simple steps involved in making a good abacus for kids. But before we learn that, let’s find out is it really helpful for kids or not?

Is Abacus Good for Kids?

Yes, it’s extremely perfect for kids to learn abacus. Abacus learning for kids has continued for so many years now and every single time, it has proved to be helpful for kids. There is a great use of the abacus for kids. So, let’s check what are some of these benefits:

#1. Abacus helps kids in improving their accuracy and speed for calculation. They can solve their maths problems easily and quickly than the amount of time they would have taken otherwise. Their calculation process speeds up to 4 to 5 times faster than that of a calculator.

#2. Learning Abacus helps one in boosting their confidence and builds a different kind of self-esteem because of which they end up feeling extremely happy about their problem solving skills and end up loving mathematics.

Still Not Sure? Here are Few more Points

#3. By learning new things every day, children learn to concentrate more and this further helps them in enhancing their capability to remember new concepts and information.

#4. Spending more time solving maths problems has proven to improve memory and has helped to sharpen their brain because of which they can actually develop expertise in calculations.

#5. Kids figure out how to take care of numerical statements all alone. They will not wind up depending on a mini-computer that gives answers in a split second. This doesn’t have any significant bearing just to the four essential tasks, however including parts, decimals, numbers, and other numerical ideas.

Now, let’s learn how we can make an abacus for kids at home.

Steps to Make Abacus at Home for Kids

There are a few simple steps involved in it.

#1. Firstly, all you need in order to make an abacus at home is to have some wooden sticks by your side. Take at least 4 pieces of the wooden board and using sand paper, sand down all the corners to make it evenly smooth and brush out the corners so that they won’t be rough any more.

#2, Now, once you are done brushing out the corners, drill some holes in these wooden sticks to insert your wooden sticks into them. Create a hole after an inch and make sure that the holes are only an inch apart.

Abacus Learning for Kids

Let’s Move on to the Next Step

#3. Insert the sticks into them and push them firmly into the holes to make sure that they stick completely there.

#4. Now, take some beads and insert them into these wooden sticks. These beads could be of any colour, shape, or however, you want them to be. You can choose different shades of one single colour and that can easily go from the darkest to the lightest shades to make it look more attractive.

#5. And this is how you can easily make an abacus at home so that it will be perfect for you to get your kids to learn this tool.

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Abacus learning can be extremely beneficial for kids. So, in order to make them learn this amazing tool that can change their life, they can get a lot of benefits from this.

Hopefully, you must have found this information useful and it must have helped you a lot in knowing about Abacus and clearing all your basics about it. And by now, you must have understood a lot about it and all your doubts must have been cleared. And if you have any doubts, feel free to comment down below and let us know about it so that we can help you out through it.

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