With the onset of online education, smartphones and laptops are not only limited as an entertainment source to kids; there is more to it. Smartphones are alluring to kids of all ages, and even teenagers, for that matter. Due to this, various E-learning websites for kids are trying to set their foot in the education sector.

The transition from manual to virtual learning has been challenging, but the advanced tools of E-learning applications/websites made it smooth. Be it scholastic development, learning new skills, or organising engaging activities, your kids get the best of all worlds through E-learning websites and applications.

Let’s provide you with some E-learning websites/applications that can help your kid.

  • Google Classroom

Online classes can be quite tiresome as the students need to submit home assignments, weekly tests, and whatnot! Teachers also have to review them regularly. All of this can be quite annoying. Google classroom sorts this issue very efficiently. How?

It streamlines all the processes, starting from creating virtual classrooms to hassle-free submission and grading of assignments.

Unique Feature of Google Classroom

Unique Feature of Google Classroom

Google Classroom has the unique feature of splitting the classrooms. For instance, if the strength of a class is 40 students, then a teacher can make 10 groups having 4 kids each. These groups would then be split from the main classroom. These are called breakout rooms.

Online education often lacks constructive communication and teamwork; breakout rooms solve this problem. This teaches them to collaborate and work in smaller groups. It boosts confidence in your child. Apart from this, teachers can also keep a check on students by randomly entering into their breakout rooms.

  • Duolingo

Gone are the days when parents used to struggle to find a language class for their kids. Now everything is available from the comfort of your home. Duolingo makes online learning of new language/languages a cakewalk. Your kid can learn various languages in a fun and interactive way. It not only teaches you the basics of languages but also includes interesting language games to further amplify your kid’s interest.

Some Features of Duolingo

  • Offers training for 30+ languages.
  • Interactive stories to improve language skills.
  • Forum discussions.
  • Leaderboards competitions.
  • Events for making language learning fun.
  • This application also provides you insights into your kid by tracking the performance regularly.
  • Your kid can set his/her personal goals daily.


  • Quick Maths

Quick maths app is aimed at kids aged 6-10 years to make mathematics fun and easy. Mathematics is quite a puzzling subject for a lot of kids. This subject is also a cause of concern for many parents, and if you are one of such parents, then Quick Maths is there to help you out. It focuses on polishing the basics and then swiftly transiting to complex problems. This makes e-learning for kids effortless and interactive.

Features of Quick Maths

  • Enhances arithmetic fluency.
  • Promotes logic building.
  • Trains your brain and improves intellect.
  • Khan Academy

Khan academy is one of the top free educational applications for students. This application aims at providing a free and first-class education to all the inquisitive minds out there. This website tackles maths, science, history, economics, and many more subjects. It also prepares your child for competitive tests like SAT, Praxis, and LSAT.

Features of Khan Academy

  • Your kid/kids can learn in multiple languages.
  • It tracks the progress of your child/children.
  • Provides you with multiple practice exercises.

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  • Kahoot

This application eliminates mundane learning and accelerates the learning process. It involves learning from quizzes, which is fun and interesting. Your kids feel a sense of achievement when they get their answers right. It’s the best learning application for kids who love learning through quizzes.

This application has ready-made quizzes for all topics. Your kid just has to choose a topic and start the quiz with live players. Sounds interesting, right?  He/she can also use this application for the preparation of various quiz competitions. This application has made e-learning for children delightful and engaging.

Features of Kahoot

  • Hassle-free game creation.
  • Host live quizzes for the big screen.
  • Let you play with 2000+ live contestants.


  • Coda-kid

Given today’s technology-driven atmosphere, there is a rise in the demand for coders. This demand would linearly increase in the future also. You have to prepare your kids for this, right from childhood. Even if your kids did not opt for a tech field, coding would improve their analytical and critical thinking.

  • Coda Kid is one of the best online platforms that teaches kids how to code by famous online gaming platforms and professional programming languages. This platform is perfect for kids aged 8 and above. It ensures that your kid is not left behind in this digital era.

Features of Coda-Kid

  • Focuses on the development of real-world skills in kids.
  • Currently has 68 computer coding courses available.
  • One on one private learning.
  • Provides free trial class.


  • Dragon-box Numbers

E-learning for kindergarten kids can be challenging for parents, as they are worried about school readiness. Learning in the early years can shape the thinking of kids tremendously.

Dragon-box Numbers

What’s the best way to teach your kindergarten child at home? Dragon-box is the answer. This application focuses on the mathematical skills(which are the toughest to teach) of your child.

Do you know what the best part about this application is? Kids will hardly feel as if they are studying or learning. This application is full of colourful games and interesting challenges. It has colour creatures labelled as “Nouns” that represent the numbers from 1 to 10, and kids can solve puzzles through them.

Dragon-box Numbers Features

  • Includes puzzles, games, challenges, and free play.
  • Makes learning fun and easy.

Dragon-box Numbers Features

With all these e-learning apps for kids, parents are bewildered about what’s best for their children. The  Real School Of Montessoriis a one-stop destination for the overall development of your kid. What’s the best part about it? Unlike other platforms, The Real School Of Montessori entertains the interest of students. It has a special feature of goal setting.

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This feature enables your kid to set a goal for himself/herself. Ranging from a photographer to an application developer, your kid can choose any goal which gravitates him/her. The Real School Of Montessori provides you with the course material for the chosen goal. Now, that’s something unique, isn’t it?


Online learning for kids has been made easier through these applications and websites.

We hope that our list of e-learning websites and applications could help you. We believe that learning should never stop, even during unprecedented times. You can take a free trial class at The Real School Of Montessori to get a gist of what we offer.

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