How interesting maths is for you? And how interesting maths is for your kid? If the answer is very little or very much then this is the right place for you to fall in love with maths. The way you study a subject makes a lot of difference. This is the reason why schools are teaching concepts to kids in a fun way. They are continuously working on designing activities in such a way that cover the important concepts and make the child learn them for a longer period of time. In this article, we will cover the learning fraction for kids worksheet, and how you can make learning fractions more fun with interesting activities. Parents can perform these activities without any worry and they can spend quality education time with the kid.

 What is a Fraction for Kids?

Let’s start with the introduction of fractions. Fraction is a half of a whole is a fraction. When a number of pieces are split up, the fraction shows how many of the parts you have. There are two pieces for a fraction. The numerator says how many equal parts are taken of the whole or set. The denominator indicates the total number of equal parts that are divisible into the whole or the total number of equal parts in a set. There is a unit fraction and a non-unit fraction: a unit fraction is a fraction of 1 (top number) and a denominator is a full number (bottom number). A Non-Unit fraction is A non-unit fraction is a fraction with a number larger than one as its numerator and a total denominator number (bottom number).

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Fraction for kids worksheet

Let’s Learn with Examples

An example of a unit fraction is ⅛, ¼, ⅙,½, etc. you can make your child learn the unit fraction through various ways, start with using easy shapes like fruit (Apple, Orange, Watermelon, Melon, etc). You can explain the kids by cutting down the fruits or chocolates. This way your child sees the process with entire interest. With such interest, the concept of a unit fraction is remembered by the kid for a longer duration of time.

Non-Unit Fractions with Examples

Non- unit examples can be very easy to understand if the examples are good. Examples of non-unit fractions are- ¾, 4/8, 12/16, 6/7, etc. you can take fruits, food, and any type of proper food to explain this to your kid. For better understanding, you can also take up paper and piece it to the fraction. This way kids understand better. You can also take fraction kids that are readily available in the market for parents to teach fractions to the kids.

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what is a fraction for kids

Activities that Parents can Play with Kid

Here are the activities that you can play with your kids and if you want you can play it in your own creative way and add more things to them.

1. Fraction with Cards

If your kids know cards then your work is simpler, but if your kid doesn’t know the cards then it might take a few of your minutes to explain the card game. You can then start by explaining the game. The game is, show two cards to the kid one will be a numerator and the other will be a denominator and are then asked to decide which fraction is the highest. You can play along with your kid. One who tells the maximum number of answers will be the winner. The winner receives all four cards, and the game continues until all of the cards are gone.

2. Fractions with Paper Plate

Parents can design paper plates by colouring them and decorating them with props. Draw some fractions on the paper plate like on a pie chart. And show it to your kid.

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fraction for kids

3. Jumping on the Fraction Hopscotch

Every parent has played hopscotch in their childhood. Now it’s time to make one for your child. To teach fractions you can make hopscotch and include fractions in different boxes. Instead of whole numbers, mark the squares with fractions. Children throw a marker and hop to where it falls before naming the corresponding fractions for that square. This is an interesting game if executed well.

4. Picnic with Fractions

Select food photographs from magazines, newspapers, or books. Or you can even get it printed from the internet. Ask your child to choose the food that they will like to take for the picnic. And cut the pieces of the food they chose. You can paste the cut pieces of the glue on the paper plate and give each object a fraction name. You can make improvisation in the activity as per your creativity and interest of your kid.

5. Draw the Fraction

Ask your child to roll out their creativity on a white or a backboard. When they draw a shape ask them to cut the shape in a specific fraction. A child can draw a line to cut the shape in the pieces of the fraction. This way you are enhancing the drawing skills of the kid as well as teaching them the fraction concept in a new way. You can ask the child to draw as many shapes as they want until they get bored.

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Draw the Fraction


Math is a tough subject for many, but if taught in a fun way through which a kid can understand a difficult concept easily. Schools are changing their outmoded way of teaching, now there is a hybrid educational method where activities are designed and implemented from the class nursery to teach kids concepts. This way a child learns concepts easily and builds interest in learning. In this article, you will get information about what is a fraction for kids? You will get to know the activities that you can play with your child to make them learn the fractions.

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