When you teach a child a theory of a topic of any subject, the child doesn’t get the idea at just one glance. One must have to get into different ways of teaching by using favourable schemes and numerous methods to educate the child.

Every parent wants to make her child more successful than her. They put multiple efforts to teach their child in the best and the most convenient way.

Although, giving numerous examples to kids on a topic is beneficial for them. But using just examples to teach the child is not enough.  One has to read the child’s mind to know what is the best tool for him for a better understanding.

Parents play a crucial role in developing a child’s mind. Their guidance and assistance impact the brain of the child. Before they teach the child, they should be familiar with the method and the procedure of teaching.

A Basic Guide For Parents

As we all know, children have a very sharp mind. They acquire knowledge faster and extensively. They grab things very easily through pictorial representation which is the best tool for learning for the children.

Most of them think teaching math to children is a difficult task. But, a useful technique is all that requires to educate a child.

In this article, you will get to know how to do addition for kids in pictured with several examples and fundamental guidelines for addition needed for kids. So, do read this article till the end.

how to teach addition in pictures for kids

What is Addition For Kids?

Addition for kids is a practical process. Most of the kids get the method effortlessly in just one go. But, some children require more time to comprehend the concept and get it completely.

The addition of two certain numbers is called its sum. When we add a number to the other number it’s called the sum of the two numbers.

Addition can be of many numbers. We can add up to infinite numbers together and call

as its sum.

Consider the following examples to understand the concept of the addition of numbers.

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Example 1

In a garden there are 2 trees, there are 6 flowers on the first tree and 7 flowers on the second tree. Then, altogether how many flowers are there in the garden?

Number of flowers on the first tree: 6

Number of flowers on the second tree: 7

Total number of flowers in the garden: 6+7=13

Example 2

There are 3 books on the table and 4 books on the bed. Then, altogether how many books are there?

Number of books on the table: 3

Number of books on the bed: 4

The total number of books are: 3+4=7

Example 3

If you have 3 green pens, 2 red pens and 5 blue pens, then, altogether how many pens do you have?

Number of green pens: 3

Number of red pens:2

Number of blue pens: 5

Total number of pens: 3+2+5=10

How to Teach Addition In Pictures for Kids?

how to teach addition for kids?

The concept of addition can be taught in many different ways as long as the children understand it effectively. Teaching something through pictures instil enjoyment in children. Addition can be taught by using many pictures.

Make an effort to get the best pictures for children to make them learn the concept of addition thoroughly. There are many picture books available in the market on addition for kids. Instead of buying toys and other playing stuff for the children let them acknowledge these useful books. This can keep them involved in learning all the time.

Steps to Follow

Here are few ways to teach children addition with the help of pictorial representation.

#1 Show them a picture of objects which are few in numbers divided into two sections.

Tell the child to count the objects in the first section and then the second section. Tell them to add all the objects. By counting altogether.

#2 You can make pairs of placards of addition sums like the question and the answer and ask the child to match the question placards with their answers.

#3 Provide the child with additional sums and give them multiple choice answers. Ask them to choose the correct answers. This can help them to solve tricky addition sums.

#4 Educate the child in a visual way. Make them sit on the computer and tell them to draw few things and add them together and write the answer manually. As we all know children love to use the paint tool on the computer. In this manner, they will enjoy learning addition.

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Examples ( With Pictures)

additional for kids

Look at the examples given below with pictures to understand the concept of addition for kids easily. There are many methods to represent the pictures of addition sums and to explain them to the kids.

Look at the picture of balloons given above, there are balloons of different colours, we need to add all the balloons and find their addition sum.


Number of red balloons: 2

Number of yellow balloons: 2

Number of green balloons: 1

The total number of balloons are: 2+2+1=5

Example 2

additional sums for kids

Look at the above given picture of hearts divided into two sections, find the addition sum of total hearts given in the picture.


Number of hearts in the below section: 6

Number of hearts in the above section:10

Total number of hearts 6+10=16


additional for children

Have a look at the picture above of a macaroon assembled in two boxes. Add the macaroons of both the boxes and find the addition sum of all the macaroons.


Number of macaroons in the first box: 5

Number of macaroons in the second box:6

The total number of macaroons are: 5+6=12

Have a glance at the above examples of addition with the pictures and analyse how pictorial representation of addition sums helps the child get the idea quicker and in a better way.

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Expecting that the above article helped you know all about addition and how to teach addition using several pictures. Do make the child practice the given examples to enable them to get the topic thoroughly.

Parents must put an effort into their children and make them teach in a good favourable manner such that they enjoy learning without getting bored.

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