Being physically strong is not enough for a child’s upbringing. One has to be mentally directed in order to enhance a child’s destiny. Children at a young age have a very sharp mind and acquire knowledge easily.

Puzzles, riddles and various math activities are the reasonable things to furnish the brain with an exercise in the finest way. Most of the children love gaming, they instil fun when they get to learn something in a playful manner.

Some children feel the math subject as very problematic and confusing. But encouraging them in a right and the most prominent way will enhance their thinking and interest in the subject.

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Math Puzzles for Kindergarten

Math puzzles are among the simplest and formal ways to stimulate student participation. Tricky and logical questions offer students difficulties that provoke problem tackling and significant thought.

Motivate your child’s mind a great exercise with the math puzzles over here. Test and have fun with the math puzzle for kids. It is one of the numerous creative ways to acquire basic knowledge.

They show interest in solving math puzzles. They acquire time to solve puzzles and enjoy all day. We tried assigning some of the awesome Math puzzles for kids to help you out. Kids will soon solve these math puzzles if they give proper concentration and time.

Go through our range of math puzzles for kindergarten and improve your child’s math learning.

math concept for kindergarten

A Square of Numbers

This is a math puzzle where all the numbers excluding one are written together in some sort of manner in square boxes. The child has to understand the way in which the numbers are inscribed in the square and needs to identify the missing number. This activity improves the mental skills in a  child’s brain.

Colourful Shapes

This is a math activity where all various types of shapes are drawn and the colour for each shape is specified. The child has to identify all the shapes and colour accordingly. This will help to enhance the understanding ability of a child.

Counting the Objects 

This activity of math includes certain objects drawn on paper several times. The child has to count the objects and write the number of each object drawn on the paper. This activity of counting will help a  child develop their learning skills.

Rainbow Colouring

A rainbow is drawn and numbered according to different colours. Each number represents a colour. Different colours are specified in the activity. The child has to know the numbers and fill the colour in the rainbow accordingly. This activity motivates children to know the colours and numbers.

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math activities for kindergarten

Concept of Math for Kindergarten

The concept of the math subject for kindergarten children is very simple and prominent. Here are some concepts a child needs to teach in kindergarten.

  • Identifying numbers
  • Writing the numbers
  • Knowing the shapes
  • Analysing the difference between all the shapes
  • Counting the numbers
  • Adding and subtracting them

How to Teach Mental Math for Kindergarten? 

They are still parents who are not able to study the mind of the children. Tackling children’s minds is not an easy task. Constant support and guidance are always needed.

Here are a few tips to teach mental math to kindergarten students.

Fun Tactics

Teachers and parents use fun tactics while teaching a topic to develop some excitement in the children while they are learning.

Teach in their Own Way

Children enjoy learning if taught in their favourable manner. Every child has a strategy to learn something in some sort of manner which we need to identify and teach accordingly.

Mental Health

Mental health for the child should be good. Give preference to activities like learning poems and singing songs, something that keeps the child mentally healthy.

Good Guidance 

Good and appropriate guidance is the most necessary thing for kids to develop their academic skills.

Visual Learning

As we all know children grab knowledge easily through pictorial representation. A virtual learning environment will be good for children.

Math Puzzles

Make them solve tricky math puzzles, something which develops questions in them. Children usually question a lot when they think deeply. This helps them develop mentally. Math is a  subject where we need logical thinking and determination.

Physical Well Being 

Let your child do some physical activities that impact their logical skills. Practising and exercising on a regular basis keeps the mind mentally fresh and active.

math for kindergarten

How to Improve Math Skill for Kids?

Here are some tips which can not only improve your child’s math skills but also makes their mind active and sharp. Read more to know.

# Ensuring your kids get the idea, otherwise, they are having the overwhelming task of remembering meaningless concepts and exercises.

# Teach them to organize simple and neat.

# Always be available for them to clear their doubts and messy mind.

# Analyse Math vocabulary to ensure they can interpret the skills they are understanding.

# Make them avoid using the calculator. Let them solve questions in their mind that boost ideas more easily.

# Make sure that your children are dealing with their given homework properly. They could examine the book and study it before beginning the assignment.

# Motivate them to solve beyond the given problems for the day.

# Tell your children to read words aloud, analyse and draw an image of each question.

# Make your children watch games and interesting activities on television instead of a cartoon. This can be an effective way of learning as children acknowledge easily virtually.

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I believe that the above article will help you enhance and guide your child’s mental math skills. Study the given necessary tips to make your child’s learning effective and prominent. Motivate your child to solve the above puzzles and perform various math activities which make their mind grow faster and adapt to things easily.

Do let us know in the comment section below if this article helped you and if you have any doubt, we are here to clarify all your queries.

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