Many kids, when they grow up, find mathematics as a subject that is tough for them. Not every child is able to cope up with the maths syllabus provided to them. But in this competitive world, kids have to make their weaknesses, their strengths that will uplift them. Similarly, they can’t sit back with the excuse of not considering maths as an exciting subject or it’s too hard. They have to find out the solution to learn it. One such way that will help the kids to improve their mathematical skills as “Vedic Maths”.

In this article you will learn about what is Vedic mathematics for kids? what are the benefits of Vedic mathematics for kids, Vedic Maths tricks for kids, Vedic maths for 5-year-olds, and Vedic maths for class 1 and class 2.

Benefits of Vedic Maths for Kids

You must be thinking that Vedic mathematics is something related to the Rishi munis, right? You are thinking partially right because Vedic math hails from the ancient concept which is given by ancient sages of India. Later during the year 1911 and 1918, Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj resumed the work on the concept and named it ” Vedic Mathematics” which consists of 16 sutras. It has all the solutions for mathematical problems and formulae. Vedic mathematics encourages everyone to practice mathematics with mental calculation. When Vedic Math is practised in all its right methods it can help the students to solve the challenging questions of mathematics. Here, is the answer to your question: is Vedic maths really helpful for kids? Let’s introduce you to the benefits of Vedic maths:-

1. Simplify Calculation

Vedic maths is a method that simplifies maths calculation. People who have been fond of mathematics calculation move a step ahead of solving the problems faster. But for the kids who are not good at mathematics, they find solving mathematics a real challenge, but somehow they have to solve the questions, hence Vedic mathematics simplify their struggle and provide them with a method with which they can easily solve the questions

2. Retrace the Steps and Formulas

Much of the mental ability is used in remembering the steps and formulas for big calculations. But Vedic mathematics is the easy way out which involves minimum efforts for recalling the steps and formulas. Vedic mathematics also work on concentration and memory power.

3. Enhance the Ability to Solve any Number

Vedi mathematics provides you with tricks to solve any problem from easy to complex. It enhances the ability to solve problems related to cube roots,  cubes, square roots, and squares.

4. Creativity

Creativity is a skill that has an increased demand in the workplace as well as educational space. Kids are required to be more and more creative. Vedic mathematics increases one’s creative side by using both the left and right sides of the brain. Vedic maths makes the kids capable of solving the complexity of the question in a novel way.

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What are the Benefits of Learning Vedic Maths for Children

Vedic Maths Tricks for Kids

Let us now learn the tricks in Vedic maths that will make things a lot easier for the kids. Below you will find the Vedic maths for class 1 and class 2. And also Vedic Maths for 5 years old

1. Squaring the Number Ending with 5

In this trick, you will learn to square a two-digit number which is ending with 5.

  • You have to multiply the first digit to the left with itself
  • Then Plus 1 and put 25 on the end

For Example Find Square of 65 =?

Step 1. 65x 65=…….25(at the end)

Step 2. 6x(6+1)=6×7=42

Hence, the answer is 4225

2. Multiple any Number by 5

Learning a large number table becomes more complex with time. So for easier calculation, take any number

  • Divide it by 2, if the result is a whole number
  • Add 0 at the end
  • And if not then ignore the remainder and add a 5 at the end

Example:- 6754 x 5

Step 1. 6754/2=3377

Step 2. It is a whole number so, add 0

6754 x 5= 33770

3. Subtraction from 1000, 10000, 100000 etc

You should use Vedi Maths for quick subtraction results for easy to complex questions. You have to subtract all from 9 and the last from 10

For Example:- 1000 – 357

Step 1. 9-3 = 6

Step 2. 9-5 = 4

Step 3. 10-7 = 3

Answer for 1000-473=643

4. Multiplying any 2 Digit Number from 11 to 19

To get the desired result you have to

  • Add the unit digit of the number which is small to the numeral which is larger
  • Then multiply the result you got by 10
  • Then you have to multiply the unit digits of both the numbers
  • Add both the numbers

For Example- 15*17

Step 1. 17+5 = 22

Step 2. 22x 10= 220

Step 3. 5×7= 35

Step 4. Adding 220 + 35= 255

15*17= 255

5. Divide a Large Number with 5

If your kids face problems in dividing a large number with 5 then here is the solution for it.

  • Multiply the number by 2
  • Move the decimal point

For Example 6951 divide by 5

  • Step 1. 6951 *2=    13902
  • Step 2. Moving the decimal:  1390.2 or 1390

6. Multiplying a Two-Digit Number with 11

You can multiply any to digit number with 11 in a span of a few second with the following steps:-

  • Image a space between the two-digit number
  • Add both the digit and put the result of the addition in the imagined space

Example:- 17*11

  • Step 1. 1_7
  • Step 2. 1+7= 8
  • Answer:- 187

Vedic Maths Classes for Kids

Vedic maths classes for kids are available at The Real School Of Montessoriby Ufaber. You can enhance the mathematics skills of your child with Vedic mathematics.  The Real School Of Montessori provides a revolutionary curriculum where children can grow holistically. Get your child to join the curriculum now to yield the benefits of Vedic mathematics from The Real School Of Montessori. The Real School Of Montessori follows the pace and ability of each child and accordingly guides them through the curriculum. Each kid is given individual attention so that they learn easily and they are developed comprehensively.

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Vedic mathematics is a concept introduced as a blessing for people who are not fond of mathematics because they are not good at it. Kids especially run away from math subjects because they find it very difficult and they find it mentally exhausting. Thus to help your kids don’t fear mathematics Vedic math is the solution. With the tricks of Vedic maths, kids can easily solve challenging problems within seconds. Without any mental effort and with more creativity they can solve the most complex of the situations.

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