For many adults who were not that amiable with the subject maths. Learning multiplication tables has given us a tough time. Learning multiplication time is not that easy it seems, especially for a child who is not into maths. But multiplication is an important part of the maths subject. Multiplication is a principal method in many mathematical styles, such as algebra, calculus, equations, etc. The ability to replicate and understand multiplication by the last year of primary school up to and including 12 will enable your child to deal with more complex mathematical issues confidently and competently.

It also allows you to learn the lessons posed to you and to become optimistic as you advance through education. Your child can increase interest in the subject by understanding multiplication completely and having fluency and instant reminders. Many of the activities both in school and in the house demand this specific competence

 What is the Multiplication Table for Kids?

A list of multiples of a number is a multiplication table. By multiplying the given number with whole numbers, we can reach the multiplication table. Multiplication is one of the most important mathematical operations taught to young students. A multiplication table map provides a straightforward guide to teaching students the principle of multiplication. In simple arithmetic calculations, timestamps can be very helpful. These function as building blocks for higher mathematics such as fractions, exponents, and many more. Printing diagrams and tables are given to allow you to learn time tables easily.

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Learning Multiplication Table for Kids

Below is the table till 10, which you can refer to, to teach your kid multiplication.

multiplication table for kids

 Best Way to Learn Multiplication Table for Kids

You may think that learning multiplication tables are really easy. But for a kid who has just started studying maths, it is not easy at all. but to build the foundation of the subject maths it is really important for a kid to learn multiplication tables. Fluency in multiplication Fluent propagation also enables your child to use and expand on these requisite skills as they move through their school years as mathematics is complicated. Generally, division and long reproduction after simple multiplication are incorporated into a child’s curriculum. The following steps will be much more difficult to understand and process without this primary information. Following are the techniques to learn multiplication table

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1. Use of Multiplication Sheet

The technique is old but very successful. It is very efficient. Firstly you have to make a multiplication table on the sheet.  After that, take your child and fill every single box together. The next move is to spend your child periodically on the completed diagram (e.g. their bedroom door, the refrigerator door, the cupboard next to the computer). Set your child and you to sit down regularly and have a casual moment, without any strain, maybe just before dinner, with a specific set of time tablets. Remember that the more frequently you see and practice your times, the more likely you are to understand.

multiplication table for kids

 2. Practice Multiplication Regularly

An individual can learn even the toughest of the subject with practice. Hence, when the talk is about learning multiplication as a parent you have to make sure that your child practices it regularly. You should be the one to ask them the table randomly so that they don’t only learn the sequence but they learn the whole table. The multiplication table should be at the tip of the fingers to solve the maths question with ease. Learning tables till 20 helps in doing calculations easily. Even in day-to-day activities multiplication can play a major role. Hence, practising is really beneficial and it is important for the kid to revise it regularly without breaking the consistency. When the child has learned the multiplication table, ask them the question through various ways with the help of which the kid gets through with the table.

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3. Reinforcement is Necessary

When you are playing a quiz or activity with the kid, it is equally important for the kid to get a reward for the right answer. This reward is not just merely a reward but it is reinforcement for the child to give the right answer again and get the reward. This is a motivation for the child to perform well every time the activity takes place or the parents ask for a quiz. The reward can be in different forms this solely depends on the parents. They can prefer giving a sweet that the child likes or the parent can promise the child to take him/her to their favorite place. Or it can be a present that the parent has planned for the kid. With the reward parents are increasing the child’s chance to love the subject and perform better and better in this. Not only parents but teachers are also using the reward technique in the form of giving smileys, stars on the right answer.

best way to learn multiplication table for kids

4. Fun with the Flashcards

Flashcards are always fun. Flashcards can be used to teach any concept to your kids. And you know what? Kids love to play with flashcards. So to teach multiplication to your card or to make your child revise it in an interesting way, you can use flashcards in different ways. One way is to write the multiplication number on one side of the flashcard for example= 9 into 6, then at the backside write the result of its multiplication that is 54. You should arrange cards in such a way that the multiplication digits are visible to the child and the product is behind the card. Tell your kid to pick one card and tell the answer. Start the timer and note the time in which the kid tells all the answers. Make sure that you note the time and when you play the same game next time, you can assess how your child is improving in learning multiplication.

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Teaching any concept to the child is never easy. But if it is taught in an interesting way with the help of activities then the child is able to retain the concept for a longer period of time. Also, he/she is able to build interest in that subject. Math is one of the subjects that needs much more attention than the other subject. If the foundation of the math subject is not strong and if the child does not have an interest in the subject then it becomes difficult for the teachers, parents, and the child to work on that after the initial years are gone. Hence, parents have to work extra hard to make the child practice the math concepts to have a better grasp of them. Hopefully, this article has given you enough idea to make a better future for your little one, for even better results, do check our website.


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