What can be better than learning maths through games? Games are always fun and especially for kids. Learning maths concepts with the help of games and activities is always a good idea. The Additional game is really fun for kids. Along with playing games, kids are able to learn concepts and remember them for a longer period of time. Parents can design their own creative games or can take reference from the games given below in this article. Here you will get the addition games for kids kindergarten with the help of which you can teach your kids maths and make them amiable with it.

As a parent keeps in mind the below points while you start the game or make a game for your kid. Emphasising mathematics from kindergarten offers kids a solid foundation for reasoning, estimating and thought. Their interests and skills will be heightened by playing maths games, exercising with them over their holidays, and looking together for math tutors.

Tips for Addition Math Games for Kids

When you a making an addition game for the kid or you are using the game suggestions given below make sure that you follow the below points:-

#1 Give clear instructions. Kids may sometimes get confused or may fail to understand, that is totally fine. You have to make them understand the game with patience and let the child ask more and more questions.

#2 customize the game according to your kid’s preference. Make sure that you include things like fruits, vegetables and material that your kid likes in the activity.  This way you are making activities more fun for your kid

#3 Try to play the game with your kid, if you cannot include the kid’s friends then the parent can play the game with the child, this way there is competition in the game and the child performs better.

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Fun with Cups

You can use cups in various ways to make your child learn addition or any other concept of maths. It is also a brilliant way for children to be differentiated at different stages. You can make a mat with simple problems with addition, complicated problems in addition, and even problems with subtraction. This also works well to divide and multiply. You can make a bunch in advance and then turn it into a mathematical centre if you teach in class. You just have plenty of cups in the centre for each child You may also distinguish them from students at various levels and groups.

addition games for kids

Addition with Caterpillar

You can draw a beautiful caterpillar on a drawing sheet, you can play this additional game with your child, by giving them simple instructions. You may include them in covering the carton tubes to make a pretence caterpillar, depending on the age of your children. You may also decide to do it in advance. After having cut the construction paper to size, we punched two small holes on top of it on the carton tube. The little chenille stem, twisted in to reflect the antenna, was then woven into. If you are not good at drawing then you can also take a print out and paste the print out on a sheet of paper, write numbers in each of the circle of caterpillars. Ask your child to add the digits given and tell the answer. Try this activity one and two times and then you will see that your child will become an expert in addition through caterpillar activity.

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Throw in a Basket

It is one of the interesting games that kids love. For this game, you will need 2-3 baskets and 6 to 7 balls. Or you can have more balls this will vary according to the addition you want to teach to your kid. Set up the basket and a ball on a plate at one position in the house. This can be any place in the house. Whenever your kid is feeling good to play, start the game by giving the right instructions to your kid. Ask the kid to throw a particular number of balls in one basket and then ask them to throw a different set of ball numbers in the basket. Ask the kid what will be the sum of both the digit. this way your kid learns addition in a great way. Let the child make mistakes and learn from them.

addition games for kids

Maths Games are Important?

Math is important and helping young children improve mathematical thought is important too. At the beginning of kindergarten, a child’s mathematical knowledge predicts later academic achievement better than early reading or focus. Math belongs to the daily life of children. The benefit of these mathematical moments is the development of mathematics. Every moment in mathematics is like a charging station that helps to prepare children for mathematics. Mathematics is a measurement, sortation, construction, observation of patterns, comparison and the setting, and the numbering and knowledge of names of forms. In ordinary moments, there are several ways to integrate mathematics.

addition games for kids kindergarten

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It is important for the parent to teach kids maths in an interesting way so that the child doesn’t get bored. A child’s attention span is really short. Kids pay attention only to those things which seem interesting to them. In such a scenario it is important for the parents to design or implement interesting activities and games to make the kid learn math concepts like addition. Many adults complain that they were not in an interesting way thus they never had an interest in studying math subjects. They regret not studying maths now, but what they have experienced, they don’t want their kid to experience the same. Thus they are trying to go an extra mile ahead to teach maths concepts to their children in an interesting way. In this article, parents will get the basic math games for kids in addition. For ensuring an even better future for your little one, try this free class at the The Real School Of Montessori.


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