Almost 75% of people decide  to drop studies only because of their inability to solve mathematical equations. If you don’t want it to happen with your kids, shift to maths learning with fun. Now you may wonder, are there any math games for kids? or how to make math games for kids? From the perks of maths skills to how interestingly you can put it in your kids learning, this article will tell you all.

Why Learn Maths?

Maths is the building block of every invention. It is the soul without which the civilizations cannot live a moment. So, it is essential to introduce the benefits of mathematical skills, from the very beginning, in your kids education. Some of its advantages are:

  • According to a study, the region of the brain used for solving maths difficulties is the same as the area used in the attentional process and decision-making. So including maths in your kids development will increase their cognitive skills.
  • You must be aware of the importance of time. But how will your kids recognize its importance when they don’t even know how to watch time. Although, there are digital clocks now. However, it is evenly vital to calculate time with an analog clock. Maths skill helps in that.
  • Even if you want your kids to be in a profession that does not require any mathematical skills, they will still need it to maintain their finances. Maths skills will ensure that they manage their expenses and earnings efficiently.
  • It may sound weird, but maths also supports it in the kitchen. To understand it take this example: While preparing a recipe, you may have heard of measurements like one and a half cups. Now, what if you cannot find a measurement cup. Maths skills help to calculate the amount in a tablespoon or any other measurement. So instead of a cup, you can use a tablespoon for exact measurements.
  • You are living in a world of maths. Everything around you works directly or indirectly on its principles. The use of maths is remarkably increasing.

The use of maths is not limited to a particular field or region. It is a universal language. It nurtures the skills such as critical thinking, creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving. Imparting these skills in your kids learning will assist them in multiple spheres of life.

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Benefits of Strategic Thinking

Maths in your kids education helps to develop their strategic thinking that has the following benefits:

  • Strategic thinking simplifies a complex problem.
  • Strategic thinking boosts curiosity. So kids learning gets embraced with their logical questions.
  • As tomorrow is unpredictable, it is necessary to prepare kids for every future possibility. Strategic thinking gives your kid a perspective to solve any unforeseen crisis.
  • Including strategic thinking in kids development will line up their objectives, words, and actions. It reduces the possibilities of error in various tasks.

In the present world, mental skill has more demand than mechanical power. So to give your child a better future, you should start focusing on their mathematical skills. There are many exciting ways to develop maths skills. You can make math games for kids. If you are wondering how to make math games for kids, the next section will help you.

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Fun Maths Games for Kids

If your kid is not interested in school maths, there is still a way to develop his/her maths skills. There is a wide range of games that might help in your kids learning. Learn how to make a math game for kids?:


It is a pretty simple game that you could play with many people. Things to do for this game:

  1. Write multiples of 25 up to 100 on four large cards.
  2. Prepare small cards with the numbers 1-10 on them. Each digit should be at least on two cards.

The kids have to make a 2-digit number by either picking up a card or throwing a die.


You can play this game with only two participants. You need ten cards with digits from 1-10 on them. In this game, one player has to stick a card on his forehead so that the other player can see it. The leading player gives a hint of the number. Then the first player has to guess it from that hint.

Multiplication Bingo

Bingo is an evergreen game enjoyed by people of each age bar. Multiplication Bingo adds a mathematical twist to the game. To play this game, you only need a piece of paper and a pen. There is no limitation on the number of players.

101 and Out

It is an attractive group maths game. It has a significant impact on kids learning process. The kids have to throw a die until the total becomes 101. The twist is you can either choose the value on the face or multiply it by 10. For example: If a kid gets 4, either he/she can use it or further multiply it by ten to use 40. This game develops a decision making capability.

One-Meter Dash

You can organize kids individually or in teams. You can handover a meter dash to kids and tell them to collect at least four objects around them such that they can add up to one meter. You can increase the difficulty level by converting meters into other units like centimeters, millimeters, etc.

Stand Up, Sit Down

You may have played this game in your class. Now you can arrange the game to develop both the mathematical and reflexive skills of kids. Make an equation say, a number greater than ten or multiples of 5. Then call out for numbers. If the number you say satisfies the equation, students have to stand-up. If not, they can sit. You can make an equation according to the level of class.

These are some fun games to learn maths.

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Remember the time when maths used to haunt you. You were not the only one. A large population faces the same dilemma. Most probably, your kids also hate maths. You can use online schools for the development of mathematical skills. By this, you can easily give the essence of mathematics in your kids education.

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