Children are enthusiastic and fast learners and always are keen observers of their surroundings, so it is our responsibility to make them grow in a healthier environment where they can learn positive habits, values and rules which help them grow and shape this world better.

As this world is shifting towards more skilful education we should also let our kids have the environment. Application of maths and science should be taught them in early stages of life which can help them think creatively. If kids learn practical things in their childhood then they can innovate and discover many things which will bring up new revolutions.

This, try to understand this article and make them the pillars of tomorrow’s new and great world.

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abacus for kids

Abacus for Kids

Always begin with why whenever we start learning something, even if they don’t know why they are learning this method, explain them through all the ways possible because this will enhance their interest in the method. The method didn’t only simplify the subject but also ensured that it creates your mind and shapes it practically so that one can develop skill and have a long term memory where one can retain information.

Many parents and teachers have difficulty teaching maths to toddlers so they are the ones who should use this method. A toddler needs to learn the art before the theory of carrying out the calculations so that they understand better and also help them get used to this method.

Some Abacus Activities 

Help them learn colours

Make them learn alphabets

Make shapes

Make them learn basic counting

Make them learn simple addition and subtraction.

abacus classes for kids

What is Abacus for Kids? 

Abacus is derived from the Latin word ‘abax’ and the direct derivation means felt surface or table. It has evolved into strings of plastic and wooden beads in a wooden object. In the olden days, it was a normal flat board or tablet which had stones and shells and were moved to make calculations. Rome had brought out the new pattern which we are using now. The origin of the Abacus was from countries like Europe, China and Russia but the time is not known yet.

Abacus Classes for Kids 

There are three ways how your child can learn

# Making them learn through the online classes by certified trainees

# Teaching them by yourselves

# Sending them to the training centre

For online learning The Real School Of Montessori is the best as it has certified trainees and have a healthier environment and maintains friendly nature with your child to teach them and make them learn while answering their doubts and always looking for the betterment and opportunities that your child should grab.

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Abacus Learning for Kids

Benefits of learning

# It helps to develop strong memory as it requires one to remember and retain their moves.

# It also needs motor skill functions which help in activating and enhancing different sites of the brain

# Rather than only words it helps in brain visual calculations and this provides with benefits of visualisation

# It helps in enhancing concentration and also figuring out the calculations easily through time

# The basics of mathematics can be learned through this and comes very helpful because it is a skill

# Many researchers have also stated that high-level mathematics can be easily solved by abacus users.

# It also helps in increasing the confidence among the class as they are fast than others

# Regular usage of this method is fast, skilful and with their method of visualisation can derive logical answers in everyday life.

Is Abacus Good for Kids? 

Simple Answer, Yes. Abacus is very good for children and also the activities are used to train and shape their mind in a better way. Abacus is a very good method to help them grow maturely and can take decisions confidently. Parents require two things

# A simple and colourful abacus

# Parents patience and child’s interest.

What is Abacus Maths for Kids? 

Parents often struggle to teach basic mathematics to their children and it is also difficult when they have no interest in learning the subject. Though they are fast learners, they have a short attention span and that’s why it is tough to teach them subjects like these. Teaching them abacus comes with a lot of benefits and also helps them in several ways and one should always see that they make learning fun for kids.

Abacus may be an old and antique way of calculating but, they say that old is gold and this method is another way of telling that the phrase is the as it has a lot of benefits with it and nowadays as kids don’t like the subject and also surrounded by full of technological stuff this is a great way to help.

It helps in ways to develop the subject concepts, mental skills and here at The Real School Of Montessori we put some information together to make analysis and find the best way to teach the method to the kids and also help them learn in a fun way.

abacus learning for kids


Children love experiments and also trying out new things. Skills will help them to be prepared for new jobs and teaching them practical things is our job. Teaching them this method will help them grow strong, innovative, confident and creative. They might achieve the success of what they always desired.

This article might have cleared all your doubts and also given you the push to seriously think about your child’s future and growth. Share your valuable views by commenting in the comments section below and don’t hesitate to ask doubts, we are always here to help.

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