Every teacher wants his student to be more successful than him. No teacher will ever demotivate his student. When it comes to guidance and teaching, the teacher will make use of the most reasonable and convenient way to make his student understand a lesson.

While explaining math, teachers use fun tactics for the kids to ensure that the kid is enjoying learning and is thoroughly comprehending the topic.

Some math problems can be solved using an abacus. An abacus gives a good optical representation for the kids to understand and solve the question using visual tactics. A child will find it easy to solve math questions easily using it. 

Abacus Classes for kids in school have been common nowadays, once the children are guided properly and get aware of the usage of an abacus, they easily adapt the method and enjoy learning math. They show a keen interest in using it.

 What is an Abacus Maths For Kids?

abacus for kids

An Abacus is a very ancient tool that is consumed for mathematics calculations. It was mostly used by the people of Japan and China and other areas of India, Persia, Rome and Greece. 

It is a simple tool used for calculation. It consists of counters and rows. It is used by sliding the counters in order to perform a mathematical function. It is used for various simple mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It is generally allocated into two sections, the upper one and the lower one. A bar is obtained to divide the sections. This can help to enhance mental calculations and quicker addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

An abacus learning for kids is not a difficult task. If guided correctly and taught in a favourable manner, the child adapts the technique easily.

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Is Abacus Good for Kids? Benefits of Using an Abacus

abacus classes for kids

It is a good motive for kids. Its usage and understanding benefit the kids in quite a lot of ways. Here are a few benefits of using an abacus for kids. Read till the end to get a clear understanding.


When a kid is figuring out a mathematical calculation with the help of an abacus, they are also sharpening their analytical skills. A great instance of this is when they understand how to solve the similar problem with various easy formulas. 

The kid automatically understands to resolve which is the correct formula to use, which enables them to build their analytical skills. These analytic skills get held forward, and they can utilize them in genuine life situations. 

Refines Gross Motor Skills 

The children have to make use of their fingers and hands to slide the beads of the Abacus while solving a problem. Younger children assist more from this than they do when they get older, the activity of sliding the small beads enables the child to improve their gross motor skills. 

While the Abacus is enhancing brain function, it is also assisting to facilitate sensory organs that overcome all-around growth for the child.

Decreases Stress

As we know, the maximum of the children enjoys using an Abacus. They are found to be happy with the adaptation of the method. Abacus is known to be a benefit to facilitate brain actions, which generally directs to a break in anxiety levels. 

The more the child starts using an abacus the less stress the child exhibits making it almost non-existent.

Generates Self- Confidence 

When a child enjoys learning with an abacus.

They get motivation and interest in learning.

They find everything easy and hence their ability to solve a problem increases. Learning with an abacus develops a child’s brain boosts their self-confidence.

Enhances Concentration

abacus learning for kids

When the child understands how they use an abacus and achieve simple mathematical functions, the child is also understanding how to ignore any distraction around them. 

Once they are aware of its use, they then move on to a simple visualization method that assists them to determine the Abacus in their brain and figure out calculations virtually. 

This also improves their concentration skills even more. These skills get held forward to other steps of life, and the child can effortlessly concentrate on anything that appears their way, be it at home or in school.

Strengthens Memory

A child needs to memorize various images during their number training and while understanding problems. Children who are learning abacus also manage to remember the last picture created while solving the problem before giving the final answer. 

By consecutive practise, a child’s capacity to remember something they see develops. Their visual skills get expanded which helps them in even grabbing things that seem difficult to them.

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How to Make a Model of an Abacus For Kids?

how to make an abacus for kids

How to make an abacus for kids? Guidance for the school and teachers. Making a model of an abacus is not a difficult task. One can make an abacus easily at home using simple stuff.

Here is a step by step procedure for making a model for kids. Have a look at the method till the end to get a clear idea.

#Step 1: Find a rectangular wooden frame with the backing removed.

#Step 2: Divide the frame into two sections in the ratio of 1:4. Separate the sections by inserting a wooden bar or a stick in between them.

#Step 3: Take six to eight small circular wire or sticks of equal sizes. Divide the wires or sticks in the same ratio of 1:4.

#Step 4: Insert two to three beads in the small part of the wire or stick and five to six beads in the larger part of the wire. Insert in such a way that the beats are movable in the wire.


#Step 5: Fix the wires filled with beads into the wooden frame such that the small wires are in the smaller section of the frame and the large wires are in the larger section of the frame. All the wires should be equidistant to each other.

#Step 6:  Decorate the wooden frame according to your choice and make it attractive. The abacus is all ready to use.

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Hoping that the above matter explained what is an abacus, what are the benefits of using an abacus and how to make a model of an abacus for kids. 

Making an abacus is not a difficult task. Instead of spending money and getting it, make an effort to sit and make it for kids. The children will get excited about making the abacus and will enjoy using it.

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