In the daytime, did you ever look at the sky and wondered how shiny and bright the sky is? Where does this all light come from? The only natural source of light, the Sun.

It provides a great amount of heat and light. Everyone is dependent upon it. We can simply say, life on Earth exists because of the Sun.

In the daytime, it’s spreads its light all over the world. We are able to see the colourful things around us because of the Sun. Just imagine life without the light. How dull and dark life would seem if there would be no light.

The Sun and the moon make life exist on Earth. They are as much important for all human beings as life on Earth. Read on to know all the interesting facts about the Sun, the moon and the Earth.

What is the Sun for kids?

fun facts about the Sun for kids

It is the star in the midst of the solar system. It is a hot ball of gases that produces huge amounts of energy in the form of heat and light. Life on Earth is completely dependent on heat and light coming from the Sun.

Planets, comets, and asteroids are also included in the solar system. They all revolve around the Sun in their elliptical orbits. Earth revolves around the Sun at a range of about 93 million miles which is equal to 150 million kilometres.

The next-nearest star to the Earth is about 250,000 times distant away. This is the reason why the Sun is by distant the brightest element in the sky.

It is the largest object by distance in the solar system. Its distance, or diameter through its centre is about 865,000 miles that are equal to 1,392,000 kilometres. The Earth’s diameter is about 109 times smaller than the Sun’s diameter. It takes about 19 years to reach the Sun from the Earth if you are travelling in a jumbo jet.

It is 8.3 light minutes from the Earth which indicates that it would take 8.3 minutes for the light to reach the surface of the Earth.

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Fun Facts about the Sun

fun facts about Sun, moon and Earth

There are many interesting facts about the Sun to be known by the kids. Here are a few of them:

#1 It is the star found in the middle of the solar system.

#2 It covers up to 99.86% of the mass of the solar system.

#3 There are some dark patches on it’s surface. It is said to be darker because of their low temperature of 3,000°F.

#4 In history people used to believe that the Sun was a God.

#5 The name of the Sun arrives from the Latin word ‘sol’.

# 6 The shape of it, is a perfect sphere.

#7 74% of the Sun’s mass comprise hydrogen, around 24% comprise helium, while the other heavier elements such as iron, carbon, neon and oxygen make up the leftover percentage.

#8 The process of nuclear fusion is when the Sun generates huge amounts of energy by integrating hydrogen nuclei into helium.

#9 It generates a solar wind that comprises charged particles such as protons and electrons. They exit the Sun’s intense gravity because of their great kinetic energy and the increased temperature of the Sun’s corona (a kind of plasma atmosphere that expands into space).

Some More Facts

#1 Planets with powerful magnetic fields such as Earth manage to prevent most of these charged particles that are the electrons and protons as they approach.

#2 The temperature at its surface is 5500 degrees Celsius which is equal to 9941 degrees Fahrenheit.

#3 A solar eclipse arises when the Moon is in the middle of the Sun and the Earth.

#4 It’s core of is about 13600000 degrees Celsius.

#5 Light from the surface of the Sun reaches the surface of the Earth in around 8.3 minutes

#6 It’s diameter is 865,000 miles which is 109 times bigger than the diameter of the Earth.

#7 It takes you 19 years to reach the Sun from the Earth.

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Fun Facts about the Moon

 Facts about the Moon

Here are some of the fascinating facts about the moon to be known by the kids:

#1 The Moon is the exclusively natural satellite of Earth. A space body that orbits a planet, a planet like an element or an asteroid is called a natural satellite.

#2 The Moon is 238857 miles which are equal to 384403 kilometres away from the Earth.

#3 The Moon revolves around the Earth every 27.3 days.

#4 The Moon rotates around the exact length of time it requires to orbit the Earth.

#5 It is the fifth-greatest natural satellite in the solar system.

#6 Mons Huygens is the hugest mountain on the Moon, it is 4700 metres huge, just half of the height of Mt Everest which is 8848 metres.

#7 Although research is going on, most scientists approve that the Moon features small quantities of water.

More Facts

#8 The Moon is extremely cold at night but extremely hot during the day. The temperature at the Moon during day time is 107 degrees Celsius and -153 degrees Celsius at night.

Fun Facts about the Sun

#9 Some of the phases of the moon are the first quarter, last quarter, crescent, full moon, Waxing Gibbous and Waning Gibbous.

#10 The Earth’s tides are greatly influenced by the gravitational pull of the Moon.

#11 A lunar eclipse arises when the Earth is in the middle of the Sun and the Moon.

#12 The first person to land on the moon, from the Earth was Neil Armstrong.

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Fun Facts about the Earth

Facts about the Earth

Here are some of the fascinating facts about the Earth to be known by the kids:

#1 It is the third planet from the Sun in the solar system.

#2 It is the fifth-largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune.

#3 The name ‘Earth’ comes from the old English and Germanic words which indicates the meaning ‘the ground’.

#4 People believe that the shape of the Earth is a gigantic sphere but it’s more like a squished ball that bubbles out at the equator (the imaginary line at the centre of the planet specifically at the middle of the south pole and north pole)

#5 According to some scientists it is found to be around 4.5 million years old.

#6 Likewise the other planets, the Earth also revolves around the Sun in its elliptical orbit.

#7 It covers about 30 kilometres per second and takes 365 days which is equal to one year to complete one revolution.

More Facts About the Earth

facts about Sun, moon and Earth

#1 It is slightly tilted about 23.4 degrees on its axis which is the reason why we have different seasons.

#2 Its diameter is about 12,800 kilometres which is 109 times smaller than the diameter of the Sun.

#3 It is at a distance from the Sun that it’s neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature is moderate.

#4 Earth supports lots of oxygen and water for human beings to survive. It is the only planet in the solar system to sustain life for human beings.

#5 The atmosphere on Earth is also greatly important for supporting life. It has a huge blanket of gases consisting of mostly nitrogen and oxygen draped around Earth, protecting the Earth from the harmful rays of the Sun.


Believing that the above article helped you know the fun facts about the Sun. Have a look at the interesting facts for the kids. Let them acknowledge all the above facts.

Kids enjoy learning about the universe. They show excitement and curiosity about their planet, the Sun and the moon.

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