For kids, summertime is vacation time. It is one of the happiest times of a student’s life where they are just relaxing and don’t have to study. But this is also a crucial time for them to learn and upgrade themselves with the help of a few skills. It’s a great time for learning new skills, giving time to your hobbies. You are not burdened with school classes hence the kid has plenty of time to play, learn a new skill, and spend time with family.

In this article, you will get to know “Things to learn in summer vacation” “is summer vacation bad for learning?” or “is summer vacation good for learning?”. Along with these, also get to know about 10 things that you can learn on summer vacation.

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 Things to Learn in Summer Vacation

Checkout out the best 10 ways to get your kid to augment their knowledge in summer vacation. Make sure that you assess your kid’s interest in the activity and then decide whether to continue the activity or not.

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1. Dance

If your kid is inclined towards dancing, then it is the best time to enrol your kid into a dancing class where your kid can learn dancing on the favourite songs. Dancing skill helps a kid in unfurling their creative side and learning new hobbies is always good. Rather than making your kid lethargic during summertime, it is better to make your kid active with dancing. Devoting 2 hours to dancing class is enough for a summer vacation

 2. Rubik’s Cube

It is one of the famous games but parents are only aware of it as a puzzle. But along with being a puzzle, it has some powers to enhance the kid’s concentration and motor skills. A kid feels a great sense of accomplishment after Solving the whole Rubik’s Cube. There are cognitive benefits of Rubik’s cube where it enhances the memory of a kid which helps them in their studies.

 3. Coding

In this technologically driven world, Coding has become part of education and part of every operation all around the world. To make your kid future-ready it is important to make them learn coding from this fragile age. You can enrol your kid in an online class like one provided by Real School. This is the best utilization of summer vacation, with one hour a day, the kid can become a budding coder.

skills to learn in summer vacation

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 4. Sports

This is the best time for a kid to learn their favourite sport whether it is swimming, skating, cycling, etc. Giving your kid an opportunity to learn their favourite sport is the best gift that you can give to your kid. This way your child is engaged in an activity which they love, they are engaged in sports which is good for their health and they are learning new things.

 4. Cooking Classes

Teaching your child cooking will give you immense pleasure. And as kids are in their learning phase, their learning capability will allow them to learn cooking with more ease. You can teach baking to them. Baking can be a hobby that can be taken in the future as well if your child is really interested in it. Your child may grow up to be a world-famous baker with your small initiative towards your child’s future.

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 5. Yoga and Gymnastic

What can be better than your child learning yoga or gymnastic? In the fragile initial years, kids are really flexible, teaching them yoga and gymnastic from the begging will make them free from the rigid body. Such a flexible body is very useful in sports and dancing. Yoga and gymnastic sessions for your kid should be a must in summer vacation as it not only has one single benefit but has many benefits to yield.

skills to learn in summer vacation

 6. Bring out the Entrepreneur in Them

With such an activity, you have to make your child acquainted with the business all around, how they work and what is their history. Then take up the child’s learning from each business. The next step is to motivate the child to think of an innovative idea with the help of which they can preserve the environment, serve the poor or underprivileged. This activity is perfect for kids above 10 years of age. Bringing entrepreneurial skills in them will the child in right guidance and open up their mind in making the most out of every opportunity.

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 7. Art & Craft

Don’t Forget art and craft in the summer holidays. Tell your kid to make one piece of art and one piece of craft using old newspaper or old stuff once a week. This way as a parent you can augment the kid’s creativity and give them the freedom to think of an idea, make decisions and implement the idea. Art & craft may seem a simple activity to many but when seen deeply it has many benefits for the kid but the rule is there should be minimal interference from parents. Parents should try to help the kid only when it is necessary like cutting or pasting things.

is summer vacation good for learning

8. Enhancing Communication

English communication skills have become imperative for everybody nowadays, from a kid to a professional is expected to have great English communication skills. But as it needs to learn, teaching English to your child from the beginning is a good practice. In summer vacation you can have fun English communication activities with your kid to enhance the speaking and writing skill.

 9. Mathematical Skills

How can a parent forget teaching maths to their child in summer vacation? As math is considered one of the toughest subjects, bringing it into practice helps the child become amiable with the subject. To teach maths in summer vacation they can go for fun math activities.

is summer vacation bad for learning

10. Outdoor Activities

Kids are always ready to go out. But to ensure that when they go out they learn something. If you are taking them to an outdoor place make sure that you tell them about the roads, environment and if you know the history of a place then you can enhance the knowledge of your child about a place with the history of it. It is one of the fun learning ways.


Summer Vacation is a fun learning period if it is utilized in the right way. Parents have to search for new ways with the help of which their kids can learn in an interesting manner. With learning, we not only mean their educational and subject learning but learning of skills that can be useful for them in the near future. keeping this thought in mind we have collected few activities that you a parent can organize for their kids. They can enrol their kids in many fun learning classes to get their learning going in the summer vacation. You can guide your child towards skills to learn in summer vacation. Make your child learn new things when they have plenty of time to make the most out of it. Summer vacation is a perfect time for a child to learn new things as the child is free from school classes.

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