Mathematics is amongst the most critical subjects learned in school. All across the primary and secondary school, kids are continuously deepening their comprehension, learning to break figures and multiplying for the very first time with a multiplication table, and also drawing geometric patterns. Then, throughout their educational endeavours, students are taught calculus, logarithms and algebra.

The fundamentals must be learned if students are to improve their chances of educational success in life. And if they encounter challenges along the way, there are ways that can help. Emphasizing math from preschool will provide children with a solid foundation for reasoning, calculation, and critical thought in later life. Mathematical sports, the completion of activities with them throughout the holidays and the quest for math teachers together would enhance their curiosity and knowledge.

Let’s make Maths more interesting with the Maths quiz for kids in this article.

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Maths Quiz Questions for Kids

The Maths quiz examines one’s understanding of the significance of maths in our daily lives, from finance to community, religion to media, almost in every area of life.

Below are some maths quiz for kids with answers.

Simple Math Quiz Questions: Maths Quiz for Kids with Answers

Quiz in Maths for Kids

How much is 24X2?

A) 26
B) 38
C) 48
D) 68

0.75 is the same as?

A) 7.5%
B) 750
C) 75%
D) 0.075%

The next prime number after 7 is?

A) 10
B) 11
C) 8
D) 14

The perimeter of a circle is known as?

A) Square
B) Circumference
C) Pie
D) Parallel

maths quiz questions for kids

Quiz in Maths for Kids

How much is 65-43?

A) 33
B) 22
C) 32
D) 20

The square root of 144?

A) 12
B) 11
C) 24
D) 13

What comes after billion and trillion?

A) Quadrillion
B) Million
C) Lakhs
D) Multi-trillion

How many sides does Nonagon contain?

A) 10
B) 9
C) 8
D) 7

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Simple Math Quiz for Kids

How much is 222+83?

A) 306
B) 305
C) 333
D) 304

Total degrees in the right angle?

A) 90
B) 100
C) 80
D) 120

What number should be added to 66 to get 121 as a sum?

A) 55
B) 66
C) 60
D) 44

maths quiz for kids with answer

Interesting Math Quiz for Kids

How much is 849 divided by 10?

A) 84.9
B) 84
C) 80
D) 90

How many days and hours are equal to 200 hours?

A) 8 days and 8 hours
B) 9 days and 10 hours
C) 20 days and 20 hours
D) 10 days and 20 hours

Simple & Engaging Math Quiz for Kids

In 25,600, the place value of 6 is?

A) 600
B) 6
C) 6000
D) 60

The least number of two digits is?

A) 99
B) 88
C) 11
D) None of these

The number can be divided by 5 if its unit digit is?

A) 0 or 5
B) 10 or 5
C) 2 or 6
D) 10 or 5

The opposite of 6 is?

A) -6
B) 36
C) 5
D) 7

3/5th of 100 is?

A) 60
B) 20
C) 30
D) 50

Some More Quiz

The remainder of 21 divided 7 is?

A) 7
B) 21
C) 3
D) None of these

7% is equal to?

A) 0.007
B) 7
C) 0.7
D) 0.07

quiz in maths for kids

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How many years complete a decade?

A) 10
B) 5
C) 20
D) 50

How many months are there in a century?

A) 1200
B) 120
C) 12000
D) 12

How much is 90112 – 3123?

A) 96999
B) 76899
C) 86989
D) 86999

What percentage to be added to 40 to make it 50?

A) 25
B) 90
C) 70
D) 15

Answers: Maths Quiz for Kids with Answers

1-C | 2-C | 3-B | 4-B | 5-B | 6-A | 7-A | 8-B | 10-B | 11-A | 12-A | 13-A | 14-A | 15-A | 16-D | 17-A | 18-A | 19-A | 20-D | 21-D | 22-A | 23-A | 24-C | 25-A

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Why Maths is Important for Kids?

You can not have a normal math class without seeing at least one child fantasising, fidgeting, or sketching in their textbooks, eagerly waiting for the period to be done. It’s easy to sympathise with a math hating kid compelled to graph linear functions against his wishes, but whether he likes it or not, interesting math skills desperately learned at school typically prove to be critical to life. Here are some of the ways that math is important to children:

Pace and Consistency

A kid who attempts to solve a math question soon learns that he or she has to follow a complex sequence of steps in an organised fashion without making a single mistake. If there is a mistake, it can have to resume before it corrects the wrong step and progresses to another one. In almost the same way, many of the things we do regularly in our everyday lives can be changed and adjusted for optimal performance and productivity. For example, if your aim is to get to class on time, you have to get up early, get suited ready for class, have food, and get to class. This is a set of phases, each of which should be carried out efficiently, to insure that you are not late to class. By skipping out on one move or doing it wrong, your whole day could be wrong.

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simple math quiz for kids

Problem Solving Skills

Math aims to equip you with problem-solving skills that can help you evaluate everyday situations and come up with realistic solutions based on the evidence. This is especially true of the much-displeased Word problems that are an inherent part of any thorough math course. If you assume that word problems are all theoretical and have no practical meaning, you can’t be more mistaken. Although strong problem-solving skills can also be learned in other methods, solving mathematical problems on a daily basis is a good way to improve problem-solving concepts and enable them explicitly to your everyday life.

Daily Life Maths

Math provides us with a lot of important skills which we use every single time without really realising it. For example, a thorough understanding of fractions is useful when reading road signs that tell us the distances we need to cover to complete the journey. Learning how to say time can be challenging if you’re not good at numbers. Calculation of bills, planning expenditures and balancing of cheque books all require strong math skills. It would be hard to grasp diet labels if you were confused by percentages. Even an apparently innocuous task, like putting an image on a wall, involves the use of geometrical skills. In reality, a deficiency of math skills may seriously hinder your effectiveness as you go through your everyday life.


Math is essential and it is crucial to enable young children to improve their mathematical thought. The kid’s math awareness at the beginning of the preschool predicts subsequent academic success better than reading skills or spatial awareness. Trying to take advantage of all of these math instances is the development of learning mathematics.

Have some fun with the Maths quiz for kids section in this article and increase the Maths interest of your kids.

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