Is your kid is more digital freak than you are? It is a common scenario now. Kids of today’s generation have the ability to adapt to technology briskly in their routine life. There are many instances where the elderly have trouble pacing up themselves with the electronics but the kids are just so up to the technology that they know before we know. But have you ever thought of utilizing technology as a way of learning for kids? If not then here is the guide for you about “What new things to learn on windows 10 for kids?” and “What are the best computer language for kids?” Here you will be able to get apps that will help in your kid’s development to make them future-ready.

 Options for Learning new Things on Windows 10-

You can have the following options for your kid on windows 10

 1. Kids Play & Learn

Play and Learn for kids from 2 to 10 years old is a lively and colourful instructional game. It teaches your child colours, forms, objects relating to and opposed to each other, numbers, tones, basic mathematics, orthographing and telling the time by various types of puzzle mini-games. It also teaches concentration through puzzles with different problems. All of them have 12 groups, 92 games and 1305 stages in the Kids Play & Learn.

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2. Microsoft Tools

Microsoft tools like PowerPoint and Word document are the most common tools that your child has to work on when they grow up. Whether it is for higher education or graduation your child has to use these tools for many work. To make them future-ready you can teach them the basic of these tools from this age onwards. As they are more eager to learn parents will not face much problem. Let the kids explore more about the tools and do painting, other activities on these tools. You can also teach your child how to make PPT through Microsoft PowerPoint and ask them to make an activity for themselves related to any subject on the ppt. This way you are giving space to a child for creativity.

 3. Math Puppy

Math is one of the difficult subjects for kids. But if the foundation of maths is made strong then Child encounters less of problem. To build a foundation you can take help from the app called “Math Puppy”. Math Puppy appears to be the first app for children to respond orally rather than touch the button. The super cute puppy poses mathematical problems for you and then hears your answers. They’re going to get Math Puppy accessories when kids reply correctly – a great encouragement. The positive reaction to the incorrect responses to this puppy also helps to make sure that it does not damage the fragile mathematical inclination of the child. In 10 languages, up to 10, 20, and 100 numbers can be selected.

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4. Tux Typing

In online classes, you must have observed how much time does your kid takes to write in the chatbox to answer the question. To increase the typing speed of your child. You can help your child with the app on windows 10 called Tux Typing. Tux Typing is a tutor built specifically for kids for free and open-source typing. It has several different types of games at various levels of difficulty. It is meant to play and to increase the tempo of typists’ words per minute.

learning new things

Best Computer Language for Kids

This digital world has compelled everybody to be amiable with technology. Millennials are already working towards pacing up their skills with technology and now it’s time for the kids to be future-ready for the competition that technology will be putting on them. To get ready it has become important that the child should learn a computer language. To provide you with guidance there are many platforms like Real School by uFaber that helps the child learn practical skills need in the real life. Real School can help your child develop technical and computer language skill for a better future.

 1. Perl

Perl played an important role in the creation of the World Wide Web. When you sent a form through a website, it was normally written in Perl. It was finally forced out of the top spot by PHP and JavaScript, but it is still a very powerful language for web creation.

 2. JavaScript

JavaScript should not be confused with Java; the two are separate programming languages. JavaScript is a lightweight compiled, object-oriented programming language that is found on the majority of today’s websites. If your child wishes to learn web design, they can learn JavaScript as well as HTML and PHP.

 3. BASIC (Small Basic and Just BASIC)

BASIC was the language of choice when the personal computer first gained popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s. BASIC was the programming language that all new machine owners used to learn to build small little programmes on their 8088s and Commodore 64s. Despite its success in the 1990s, BASIC has fallen out of favour as a serious programming language. Even, it’s a perfect language to introduce the younger children to if they want to get their hands dirty with actual computer code.

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Children have to be moulded in such a way that there is no gap left in them and what the world requires. To make them future-ready, guidance is really important and the right decisions have to be taken. Parents have to think holistically for their growth and in such a case they have to find new ways of learning. In this article, you will get to know about learning new things in Windows 10 and about the computer language that the kid should learn from an early age. This will help you understand the importance of early preparation for kids and how should go about it.

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