Kids today have multiple options to choose from if they wish to start coding. There is an abundance of coding books, apps, websites and games to help them assist in learning how to code. They can learn to create animations, build video games, launch websites and even develop mobile applications. If your child enjoys learning via reading a book, it is best advised that they start from there.

Not every book will have the same effect on kids. Each book will be different for each child. Continue reading this article to know more about the correct books to help your child get interested in coding and choose a book according to their experience level and interest.

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What is Kids Coding?

Coding for kids has always been an important aspect of developing a child’s brain as it is the collection of opportunities available for your little one to get involved in coding. These opportunities are meant to be fun and also want to keep their young minds engaged.

Today it has become a necessity for kids because:

# It improves creativity

# It improves problem-solving

# It improves persistence

# It improves collaboration

# It improves communication

# Coders are in high demand

# It provides a competitive advantage

# Its knowledge allows students to better understand the world

# It is fun and satisfying

coding language for kids

What is the Best Age to Start Teaching Kids Coding?

It is commonly known that children below the age of 7 learn foreign languages extremely easily. So why can’t they do this while learning how to code? Children as young as 6, have started learning to code, is it because of their parents? I’d rather say no, it’s because they find it interesting, more interesting than their black and white orthodox subjects. Kids tend to lean towards things that are visually appealing and interactive.

This is the best age bracket in which a kid must be introduced to the basic concepts and if he is interested to learn more after the basics then What can be better?

There are some benefits of learning how to code at an early age:-

#Faster and Easier learning.

#Improve problem solving and creativity.

#Enhance future career opportunities.

#Connect with other cultures and build tolerance.

#Prevent age-related mental illness.

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Coding Language for Kids

A programming language is a set of instructions that is used to convey something to the computers. Since computers work in a specific way, coders must use a specific language to communicate with them. The better an individual understands these languages, the more likely it is that they can get the computers to accomplish what they wish. Below are some of the coding languages recommended for kids:


Scratch provides a solid foundation for kids learning to program. Kids can drag and drop blocks to animate characters, build apps, and create games. This language is great for:

#Showing kids how fun programming can be

#Visual learners

#Kids who don’t have programming experience and/or are younger

#Teaching basic concepts, like problem-solving and if-then thinking


This is a programming language that works on the principle of object-oriented programming and is used to make front end applications. It is recommended for:

#Kids who want to start learning the fundamentals of programming

#Students who are interested in web development and design


Python is one of the easiest languages to learn because of its simple syntax and whitespaces. Python programming is considered great for kids and is used in fields such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. This is recommended for:

#Creating easy-to-read code that looks a lot like regular English

#Students interested in pursuing scientific fields, especially artificial intelligence

#Kids and teens who want to get their ideas up and running in little time

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Best Coding Books for Kids

Best Coding Books for Kids

Coding books for children will help them in primary and middle school to develop skills that will not only help them in school but also in career and field. Below are some of the books that will help your children learn how to code:

HTML for babies

Why not get your baby reading a board book that may teach them a thing or two about programming syntax? This adorably goofy read will introduce your young reader to the very basics of HTML markup code — open tags, close tags, etc. There’s even a follow-up board book, CSS for Babies, which will also let your toddler learn all about cascading style sheets!

Hello Ruby

This book follows Ruby, a creative young girl who talks about computational reasoning, problem-solving, and higher-level principles essential to learning programming. There are also many video games, companion applications, and other resources to help your youthful Ruby fan learn more about embarking on a wonderful journey into the wacky world of writing codes and making tech.

Coding Games in Scratch

The book provides a convincing visual walkthrough by using Scratch to build a variety of simple games. Your children can enjoy the book’s Minecraft-inspired graphic design, and you can appreciate how it simplifies Scratch so that even parents can grasp it. This is the book for your child if they want to stop thinking about code and start making something.

Python for Kids: A playful Introduction to Programming

Python is another common language that kids are learning these days, but most high-level Python manuals are just as interesting as tax code documentation. This book goes out of its way to make its content digestible and visually pleasing to novice Python users. Briggs maintains an irreverent attitude throughout, seeking intriguing ways to hold kids’ attention when discussing software programming topics. A very well-executed guide to a very complicated topic!

DK Workbooks

If your children are interested in coding, you can consider one of DK’s fantastic series of immersive programming workbooks. Each one has a set of drills and assignments intended to have kids applying the lessons they’re learning, reinforcing core programming concepts in a hands-on manner. They are excellent supplements to titles such as Jon Woodcock’s Coding Games in Scratch. Test out the series’ booklets, which include Computer Programming, Programming in Scratch: Games Worksheet, and Programming in Scratch: Projects Worksheet.

Coding for Beginners using Scratch Lift the Flap Computers and Coding

Usborne Publishing published a number of famous coding books for kids who wanted to learn how to program their video games in the 1980s, including classic titles such as Introduction to Machine Code for Beginners. Usborne launched free PDFs of their classic 1980s programming books earlier this year to help market their new collection, which seeks to teach 21st-century kids how to program in Scratch. Programming for Beginners Using Scratch and Lift the Flap Computers and Programming are 2 of their first names, and both do an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals of Scratch programming to your picture book-loving youngsters.

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Hopefully, this article has successfully answered some of your questions such as how to teach coding to kids or what are the basic books to teach your children coding. So now when you know how important it is to teach coding to your little one, how are you planning to incorporate this? Have you found the right platform yet? Have a look at The Real School Of Montessori Website and see how it can take your kid’s learning to a new height.

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