There is an old saying, ‘ An empty mind is the evil’s house.’ Here evil doesn’t signify any person. Instead, it outlines the negative thoughts. The phrase represents the significance of work in life. If you sit all day, doing nothing, your mind starts creating negative thoughts. These thoughts can destroy your mental peace and affect your life to a great extent. It can happen with kids also. Thus, it is vital to involve learning activities for children at home.

The academic curriculum fails to give the tools like problem-solving abilities, cognitive skills, self-esteem and confidence, and logical thinking required in the workplace.
Through learning activities for kids, they productively spend their time. Here is a list of various fun activities for kids of different age groups.

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Learning Activities for Kids: 3-Year-Olds

These are some learning activities for children at home.

Create a Gaming Box

Collect all their toys in a box. Whenever you watch them wasting their time, show the box to them. At first, they might not look interested in those toys. They might want to play video games. But a continuous attempt from your side will show a result sometimes. They will soon add the cartoon box to their daily routine. You can also add some extra toys from your side to develop their skills like puzzles, art books, crafting papers, etc

Backyard Water-Parks

Kids love to spend time around nature. Playing in water is one of their most favourite pastime activities. If you cannot take them to a water park or a swimming pool for kids, bring one to your home. You can turn your backyard into a water park with some simple instruments and let your kids cherish the beauty of nature.

Animal, Colour, and Shape Recognition

By the age of three, most kids recognize animals, colours, and shapes. However, you cannot force them to learn these things. Instead, you can make one of the most fun activities for kids out of it. You can show them pictures of animals, materials of different colours, and shapes. Repeat the exercise frequently.

Playing Dough

Sometimes when you are working in the kitchen making tortillas for everyone, your kids might come and ask you to give them some dough. That is because kids love to make different things from that dough. So, why not buy them a set of colourful doughs that are safe to use. Initially, you can help them to decide shapes but soon they will start making caricatures of their cartoon characters. It will give them various benefits. You will see a growth in their creativity, hand-eye coordination, and various other motor skills.

You can use these activities at home. It will keep your kids away from negative thoughts, and they will learn new things.

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Educational Activities for Kids at Home: 6-Year-Olds

A six-year-old kid starts going to school and knows about the basics of education. Thus their activities give a blend of education and skill. Here are some learning activities for children at home.

Learning Activities for Kid 3-Year-Olds

Creating New Words:

The age of 6-8 brings a lot of change in kids. They learn about alphabets, sentences, and words. It is crucial to test and update their vocabulary frequently. You can make some cards with three to five alphabets. Then ask your kid to create at least three words with the same alphabets.


It is a simple and interesting activity for kids. You don’t need any extra material to play this game. Find some time in your busy schedule. Sit with your kid and ask them to mimic the people they meet regularly. They will enjoy the game a lot. You can test their observation skills through the game.

Make a Story

Most kids love to watch cartoons. You can change their love towards cartoons into fun activities for kids. Give them paper and crayons. Ask them to draw a cartoon of their choice. Once they complete their painting, ask them the story of it. Kids will learn drawing skills, and you will get a test of their thinking abilities.

Role Play

You might remember playing with a kitchen set or a doctor set in your childhood. You might think that these games are only for fun. But it played a huge role in the development of kids. Through these games, kids’ vocabulary increases. They also learn a lot of things. Their communication skills develop. For example, if your kid is playing the role of a doctor. They will know about first-aid boxes, the use of cotton, stethoscopes, etc. It might even develop your kids’ interest in a particular field.

These learning activities for kids will make their free time productive and full of joy.

Fun Activities for Kids: 8-Years-Old and Above

Here are some of the learning activities for kids.

The Alphabet Chain

Have you ever played ‘Antakshari’ in your childhood days? The alphabet chain is a similar activity that involves words instead of songs. This learning activity for children at home requires at least two kids. One kid starts with words say eagle, then the other kid needs to say a word with the last alphabet of that word. The chain goes on. To make the activity more fun, you can decide on a theme for it.

Decode the Message

It is a fun game to develop investigating skills in your kid. You decode a message by a trick or a pattern. Then send that message to your kid. Ask them to decode the message. You can add gifts or rewards for every message they decode. It will attract them towards the activity. You can also turn it into a treasure hunt.

Write a Letter

In the world of email and virtual messages, people have forgotten the beauty of letters. A letter from your loved ones can make your day beautiful. Give a pen and paper to your kid and ask them to write their thoughts or any conversation they want to do with you in the form of a letter. This activity keeps kids attached to the real world.


As you all know that constellations are the shapes that stars make in the sky. Many of them are visible through Earth and scientists recognize them. They also have a particular name. Kids normally make a miniature solar system but they miss constellations. Through this activity, kids can make some of the famous constellations like Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Libra, etc. They can use pipes, straws, or threads to do so. It will let them understand the way stars join and make beautiful shapes. If possible, you can ask them to look for shapes they made in the night sky.
At the age of 8, it is vital to look for a kid’s development as a whole. The academic syllabus is not enough for kids to learn skills they will need in their life. However, learning activities keep them busy and give them life lessons simultaneously.

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Kids’ activity offers numerous benefits to them. From keeping them busy, with work, to teaching them the skills, activities are wholesome packages to help kids grow into confident individuals. You should contact them about the activities they want to do. It will help you to make a friendly relationship with your kid. Also, you will know their needs and plan fun activities accordingly.

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