Is it possible to think of a day when you didn’t use a single English word to communicate with anyone? The language is integrated into our everyday conversation. You name the field, and the mode of communication is English. The use of this language has become more evident with the progress of the digital world. If you want your child to not feel alienated because of them not knowing English, it’s time to encourage and teach kids to speak English.

We understand that you, as a parent, want to equip your children with the best skills possible. One of them is preparing them to converse fluently, especially in English. The main reason to equip and prepare them with this language is to facilitate them in facing the world without the language barrier.

We know spoken English for kids is the need of the hour.

This article will analyse why enhancing your English speaking skills is of utmost importance in improving and building on your children’s English speaking skills.

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Some English Speaking Figures

Before we delve into why learning to speak or converse in English is important for children, let’s go through some facts and figures to see where English, as a language, stands worldwide and in India.

#1 According to Statista, a study conducted in 2021 showed English as the most spoken language worldwide, with about 1.35 billion using it either as a native or second language.

#2 According to the 2011 Census of India, English is the primary language (mother tongue) of 256,000 people, and 83 million used it as a second language, followed by 46 million who use it as a third language.

#3 India is now claimed to be the second-largest English-speaking country globally, with 10% of its population, which is about 125 million people. The first rank is held by the USA.

#4 According to Mint, English is the most used second language, showing its great value in the working sector as a language that bridges the gap between working economies.

#5 In an opinion piece, Forbes reported that 30% of Indians speak varying degrees of English. However, this puts 70 to 80% of Indians in an embarrassing plight. This makes 770 to 900 million people being oppressed daily for not knowing the language.

Despite that, English is one of the most used and sought-after languages used in India and globally.

Six Reasons for Children to Learn Conversing in English

The facts and figures in the above section are a signifier of the dominance that English as a language has globally. The importance of spoken English classes for kids must be given if you want to give the child a chance to excel in this competitive world where prowess in spoken English is much needed.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your child enrolled in an English-speaking class or encourage them to converse in the language:

Global Language:

One of the most common languages spoken in the world is English. It is estimated that one out of five speak or understand English. So, whether you are travelling, working, or meeting new people, you can communicate and converse well if you know English.

Get a Job:

English is the most used language for fields such as science, aviation, tourism, diplomacy, judiciary, medicine, to name a few. Knowing the language will increase the chances of getting a job in a reputed company and facilitate working abroad.

Opening up the World:

Whether it’s scientific papers, or other literature, in the last few decades, more research papers are written in English than in native languages. Furthermore, those that have been written in native languages are translated to English. Hence, the knowledge of the language will open up a new world of knowledge to your child.

Language of Business:

English has become the de-facto language of business in the US, an official language of Canada, the UK, South Africa, Australia, and India, to name a few. So, whether you are an employee, student, or business owner, this is the language of communication in the business world.

Study Anywhere in the World:

With English being spoken and used as a language of instruction across thousands of schools, colleges, universities, and institutes in different countries, you can easily find a course that suits your requirement in a good school without any hindrance.

Language of Media & Internet:

Hollywood, social media, and the Internet have taken communicating in English to another height. Half of the content on the Internet is presented in English, and the largest tech companies are based in English-speaking countries.

Now that we have an idea of the importance of spoken English classes for kids, let’s see how conversational skills can be improved.

5 Ways to Improve & Build English Speaking Skills of a Child

It is often said that the best time to learn a new language is as soon as possible. If you want your child to learn, improve and build their English speaking skills, consider enrolling them in spoken English classes for kids. But, ensure that it’s a fun session instead of burdening with something and making it dull.

children's English speaking skills.

Here are five tips on how to improve and build English speaking skills:


There are several ways to implement the English speaking skills of a child, one of the best ways is to engage your child with the language. Start conversing with the child in English. You can ask them simple questions like how their day was, what activities do they like to do or simply discussing a TV show or a movie should do the trick. Spoken conversational English for kids has a better impact.


Expose your child to English audio and videos. There are many broadcasts that feature topics that cater to improve children’s English learning capacity. Play some audio stories, songs and even let them watch children’s films in English to learn the language.

Make it Fun:

Grammar is essential, but focusing on it solely will make your child afraid of making mistakes when conversing. So, think of it this way, when your child was learning the native language, did he/she learn the grammar rules first or speak the language? The same rule applies to English. Correct them and try making them learn through various English speaking games. They will automatically grasp the grammar by knowing the language more.

Use the English Language for Other Subjects:

Have you ever wondered how the children of the US or UK can converse in English without taking formal English classes? When the language is used in other subjects too, at times taking formal classes can be avoided. So, create a similar environment at home, if possible. Start talking about different topics, like sports, science projects, or even planning a holiday destination in English.

Encourage Them to Keep a Diary:

Dairies are always fun for children to keep a track of what’s happening in their lives. Motivate them to recollect the incidents of the day and write them in the diary in English. Learning is 90% muscle activity. Hence, the more they activate their brain to train in using English to communicate, the faster they will learn. You can ask them to write about the events of the day, what they like, didn’t like, and things they are grateful for.

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Wrapping it up

While you ensure that the necessary steps are being taken for your child to improve their English speaking skills, you can enrol them in an institute like The Real School Of Montessori. It offers personalised expert training in English with fresh and relevant content. Real School Of Montessori has a curriculum that encourages hands-on activities and is project-based with real-world skills and goals. Instead of offering a mundane age-old training style, it is a place where multi-disciplinary futuristic courses with a flexible schedule are offered. The Real School Of Montessori also provides children and parents the comfort of studying from anywhere, with no worries of dropping and pickup from the institute.

So, why wait anymore? Give your child the freedom to communicate freely in this world with the most used language.

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