As a parent or guardian, you always want to help your child be their best at everything, and writing happens to be one such thing. After all, writing is a process that enables your kid to organise their thoughts and ideas and present them on paper. However, you may sometimes find yourself wondering the best ways on how to make children write. If that is true for you, well, you are at the right place.

Writing is undoubtedly an important part of most of our lives, even when it is limited to emails and texts. However, writing well is a skill that one can master over time. It is better to start writing when young for many reasons.

The Benefits of Writing from a Young Age

According to a study, there are several benefits when it comes to a child writing from a young age, especially later on.

Good Literary Skills:

Naturally, children who start writing young usually have sophisticated knowledge and better vocabulary than children who do not. One study suggests that children who can write their names and alphabets during kindergarten are better at spellings, reading comprehension, etc. than other children. It also leads to better phonological sensitivity, alphabet knowledge, and knowledge of letter sounds, leading to overall better reading and writing abilities.

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Educational and Career Success:

Early writing is also directly linked to success in later years. This is related to the fact that these kids usually have higher IQs and overall better personal development than other children.

Motor Skills:

The study also shows that children who are encouraged to write have better motor skills than children who are not.

How to Make Your Child Interested in Writing?

Now that you know the importance of encouraging your kid to write, you want to know how to get a child interested in writing.

Make it a Game:

Instead of making it sound like a task that your kids have to do, focus on making it a game. For instance, show them a picture and ask them to write a story revolving around that. You can also do this with word games, crossword puzzles and even ask them to write different endings to their favourite books. This will allow them to use their imagination to weave stories and put them on paper the best way they can. If your kid is more into drawing, then ask them to make a comic of their own.

how to make a child write

Give Them Prompts:

Children sometimes find it hard to start, so be sure to give them a few writing prompts so they are on their way to actual writing.

Writing Letters:

A good practice is to make your children write letters to close friends, relatives, or even to Santa Clause, so encourage them to do that.

You do it too:

Children, especially younger ones, usually mirror what they see around, so if they see you write, they would also want to do the same.

Encourage Note-taking:

No matter how old your kids are, encourage them to take notes in class and write down anything and everything from their dreams to the weekly shopping list.

Typing v/s Writing:

Thanks to the advent of technology, many kids these days prefer using iPads and computers, so you should allow them to type as well.


For beginners, write with them and give them credit where due. Teenagers might want to be a little more independent. Give them that freedom to figure out on their own.

How You can Help Your Child Write?

You may now be wondering the next part, i.e., how to help my child write. There are certain things you can do about that.

Discuss their Writings:

When they show you the result, be sure to discuss why they wrote what they wrote, ask them questions about what would happen if something different happened in the story, and so on.

Specify an Objective:

In the beginning, it can be a little tricky for kids to write because sometimes, their head is full of ideas that get tangled. So, specify one objective about what they should write and what the purpose is. Moreover, ask them to be detailed when writing and to take the smallest things into account.

Give Them Time:

When your child takes time to think about what they want to write, give them ample time to do so. Be patient when they want to look up a word, make drawings instead of writing, or do something other than actual writing. After all, writing is a process, and the writer needs time.

Brainstorm Together:

While it is a good idea to let the child do most of the thinking about what to write, it may not be very easy for them, especially initially. So, if it happens to be a school project or a personal one, give them ideas on what they could write about. However, do not write for them.

Offer Help:

When your child is just learning how to read and write, help them with spellings, word meanings, and grammar.

Child writing

Show Genuine Interest:

You should make sure to be interested when your child presents an idea, talks about a story s/he may write, and show them that you care about everything they do.

Appreciate Them:

Appreciate whatever your child writes. Encouragement from parents is a positive reinforcement that motivates the kids to continue doing it.

Daily Journaling:

Encourage them to journal about their day, the conversations they had, any new ideas, as it will build the foundation for writing.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Now that you know how to make kids write, here are a few important tips you should keep in mind.

Daily Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect, so be sure to set aside some time every day, even if it’s only 20 mins. It will help writing become a habit for your child.

Keep in mind that it may be harder for some children to have trouble writing and get frustrated about it. All you can do is be there and help them through the process.

Free from Distractions:

Dedicate a study area where your child can focus only on writing and nothing else.

how to help my child write


Make your kids proofread whatever they write before showing it to you. That way, they can correct their own errors and may tweak their ideas a bit.

Focus on the What:

When it comes to writing, you should focus more on what your child writes instead of how they write. Be mindful not to correct them too much about small spelling mistakes and such.

Reading is Just as Important:

Reading is also an important factor in developing your child’s imagination. You must encourage them to read storybooks, comics, school books, and just about everything else.

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Now you know everything you can do to make them interested in writing and be of genuine help to them. For more help, join The Real School for personalised, futuristic, and engaging learning because we understand that the needs of every child are different. The Real School is a fun way to hone the academic skills of your child. It is a place where your child can earn badges, do projects, and so much more. After all, your child deserves the best of everything.

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