In the 21st century, technology, business, and the expression of one’s ideas are the interdependent pillars for success. One of the essential tools to successfully be a part of either of these pillars is communication. English has been the International language of communication for a long time now. In fact, learning a new language could be a stepping stone to brain development.

Teach children English

By knowing the same thing in more than one language, the brain develops the sense of management and execution. This helps individuals plan, assess, and take decisions despite interference from external factors in the long run. Eventually, this helps an individual reach his/her true potential.

Why is it Important to Teach Children English Speaking?

Before questioning yourself how to speak English with kids, you must understand the importance of the English language. As the world has advanced, English has become the preferred language that is commonly accepted and spoken by about 20% of the world. Learning English from an early age helps develop the cognitive areas of the brain.

Elements for English learning

English is the third most spoken language in the world. Further, it is also the most commonly studied foreign language until now. To understand a language better, there is a need for the practice of the same. By inculcating the habit of spoken English from childhood, kids could grab better opportunities through effective communication.

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Techniques to Converse with Kids in English

Initially, the human brain is actively involved in learning new signs, terms, and languages. Learning English at an early age could lead to a better future in adulthood. However, to teach kids to speak English, you should be aware of certain strategies that help you in spoken English conversation with kids.

Discussed below are some strategies and techniques to converse better in English:

Include Fun Elements for English Learning with Online Tools

To begin any task, an essential aspect is to find interest in it. You could teach children English speaking by adding fun elements for them. There are many tools such as jigsaw puzzles, tongue twisters that you could engage your kids with.

English activities

The practice of spoken English for kids should be a routine activity rather than a task. As children learn new letters and words, they start understanding the language better. At this point, the need to keep building curiosity in children’s minds is important so that English learning does not bore them.

During such times, tongue twisters with tricky sounds and pronunciations could stimulate your child’s brain.

Online Jigsaw riddles could be a good way to increase interest and competitiveness in your children. It could boost their brain cells for better productivity and motivate them further.

Engage Them in English Activities of Their Interest

As mentioned earlier, developing interest is a crucial step for spoken conversation English for kids. Unless they don’t enjoy what they are doing, there might be no learning. You can start by giving them options of various topics to observe their interests.

As you notice these interests, you could look for various mediums to engage your kids in these topics. There are innumerable ways available.

For instance, for something related to kindness, you could read out stories to your kids, teach them by playing songs or poems about the same, teach them adjectives related to the word. Likewise, you can teach children about animals, plants, astronomy, and a lot more while effectively conversing in English. The classic novels such as ‘The Secret Garden’ could be an interesting read for your kids.

Teach Them Through Facial Expressions, Gestures, and Props

Effective teaching involves capturing attention. It keeps the child involved in the activity. Participation increases the grasping power of an individual. When practising English with your kids, facial expressions or Gestures that help understand and relate English keywords could be of great help.

Practising words and sentences by relating gestures could help your child memorise them better. These spoken English classes for kids could also turn into lifelong lessons and become memories for your child in the future.

English learning for kids

For instance, by waving hand gestures, you could imbibe the word ‘Goodbye’ in their memory. A face with a wide smile could be their cue for the word ‘Happy’ and much more. Similarly, several gestures, toys or props, and facial expressions could form a chain connection in your kid’s mind. This eventually helps them form words by proper stimulation of logical reasoning areas.

Take Out Time for ‘Family English Lessons’

Having a schedule for your family time is a habit worth practising. Your child learns the most from what he/she sees at home. As you make a schedule involving daily lessons on how to teach kids to speak English, it slowly becomes a comfortable activity that your child looks forward to.

If you manage to keep them interested, your spoken English classes for kids at home will turn them into experts at native English. At the start, you should keep sessions of 15 minutes, slowly extending as your child develops interest.

It is alright if some days are break days too, depending on your kid’s mood and energy. A change of subject could sometimes be a good way to refresh their brain for the upcoming day.

Don’t Pinpoint their Grammatical Errors Every Time

Although correcting mistakes is the norm, sometimes, ignoring mistakes could serve as motivation. If your child uses incorrect grammar but is in the flow/mood of English conversation, then grammar errors could be overlooked. You may correct them later by explaining the difference in usage.

The initial goal is to allow them to express themselves freely. When you say the correct words, they often tend to learn quicker naturally without pointing out their mistakes.

Remember to be patient during practice instead of pushing your children to memorise grammar structures. Practice always bears positive results.

Make English the Language of Conversation

Remember, knowledge of English is not a talent. It is about developing their personality. An additional language of communication that they are comfortable at. This is why inculcating a habit of English conversations should be practised.

Daily discussions about things at school or their interests in art and sports could be discussed in English. The aim is to build fluency and vocabulary in English through practice.

Kids learning English

You can discuss new words from the dictionary and teach your kids how to use them in sentences. You may point out routine events and use these words in sentences. It increases their attention span. When this happens, your child will begin noticing things and express them in the same language.

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By proper management of the daily activities, you could contribute to your child’s holistic development. By teaching your children English speaking with these practical ideas, they could get a hold of conversing in English in a relaxed environment. It could boost their confidence. Further, these lessons of spoken English for kids could be a way to engage in quality time with your family.

For holistic development, your child must be equipped with proper skill sets. To make your kid capable of challenges, they must be under expert guidance. The Real School Of Montessori aims at providing your child with a better life, equipping them with effective knowledge and confidence. Enrol your children for a better future today.

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