When you’re left with the children at home and have nothing to do with them, don’t worry! It’s better than you imagine to get the pencils, glue, stickers, and paint to just let their imagination show. These fun activities for children are simple, DIY, and can be mostly done with the daily stuff you’ve got around the home. All you need is these bursts of creativity to get your thoughts going.

If it’s raining and you’re trapped inside, there are plenty of art ideas, inside crafts, and tiny obstacle courses and games that will hold their interest for a long time to come. And perhaps, if you can get to the yard, there’s a lot of fun ideas for bubbles, liquid activities, and tasks that get their tiny bodies moving. Finest of all, neither of these need an electrical gadget or website, so you don’t have to worry about your phone being with the kids for a long time.

Read this blog to learn some kids activity ideas to help them learn and grow.

Activities for Small Kids

Is there any idea to control hyperactive kids? Well, there are a lot of them.

Read the sections below to explore some exciting and learning activities just for your kids.

Life Skills

School and extracurricular activities activity time aside, it may be hard to find time to give your children the necessary practical skills. The ideal time to do this is during the festive season, or during unusual break times in their class schedule. Simple stuff like learning how to write, how to access the web safely, how to do simple baking, basic moping around the living room, and even using a knife safe manner while eating is essential. You could also do some fun stuff like learning the violin, pogo-sticking or trying to sing. Whichever skill you believe your children need to learn, consider taking the opportunity to start it to them at home in a pleasant way.

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Learn Some Old Skills Again

Learn some easy activities for kids by introducing back a great old time with some sentimental or rustic activities. This can vary from figuring out how to make a beaded necklace to learning how to traverse a non-digital graph. Even easy tasks like using lace shoes occasionally need to be learned again. Do that with your gut on what requires to be strengthened or relearned and match for a reorder course at some moment in time.

Gardening Activity

Gardening will help your kids understand where products come from and how things change. If you and your children have to be inside for a while and can’t go outdoors to enjoy nature, try making a garden. If you’re still not sure where to begin, there are a lot of YouTube channels that outline this method, including offering advice on the simplest things to expand. To begin with, consider growing plant scraps like lettuce, eggplants, fresh basil, carrot greens, bell beans or cauliflower. This is one of the best activities for kids in the Covid 19 times.

Storytelling and Writing Stories

There’s a distinction between extensive reading and studying in your mind, and it’s definitely something that you should work through with your child to develop. Let them develop their interest and use their creative imagination to tell the tale right from their minds. If that was a new thing, you can support them and create a narrative before they are more secure. Narration is a talent in which they will have fun and enjoy later. Go in the narrative activity by answering questions where there’s space to do so. Thereafter, aim to help them get the tale on the sheet!

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Teach Them Drawing

Creativity is something of which several kids are born, and it can also be motivated by immersion. If you started quilling or producing origami hearts for special event cards, the next move could be to teach children how to paint or colour. Train their creativity by showing them what a pen and a brush will do. Possibilities are, you’re going to be shocked how easily they grasp!

Play with Lego Kits

Putting all these small Lego pieces together can be better adapted for older children. This would sound more enjoyable than informative to them, but they have no understanding of the degree of imagination that is being promoted through the phase. This practice will also enhance fine motor coordination, problem-solving and other fields related to overall brain health. You can buy a simple package of Lego or a decorated set including anything from Frozen to Guardians of the galaxy.


Origami is one of the popular art activity ideas for kids. Origami is connected with Japanese culture, and the method of producing origami is very realistic. Your kids would enjoy the chance to learn more about this artistic medium, which will spread their creativity and encourage them. Everything you need for this phase is a few pieces of coloured paper that will make it easy for your children to make almost any paper animal underneath the sky. Origami will actually boost fine motor abilities and brain growth. In the course of creating origami painting, younger children will be introduced to a world of colours!

Scientific Experiments

While many children perceive science to be one of the hardest topics, doing so at home will help children understand how to incorporate experimental theories and techniques into real life. If your children really enjoy science, they’ll be on the lunar to try some exciting experiments that can involve growing sodium or sugar clusters on a loop, studying about refraction and reflection, and playing with volume. For the latter, consider using a bottle of sugar, water and oil in equal portions, and make your kids add separate things and see which ones are falling or floating


If you are a parent, you already know that your kids are the most important in your life. However, if you keep your kids indoors trying to protect them from the outside world, they wouldn’t get more creative or learn new things. Bring out the creativity inside them and watch them shine with some fun activities for children.

Don’t forget to engage in the activities mentioned in this blog to have a good time with your lovely kids.

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