As time is changing every second, the methods of teaching have also changed from offline classes to online classes and from old strategies to teach the Vedi Maths tricks for kids to teach them the difficult subject “Math”. Math is one of the subjects that kids start disliking because it is tough to understand, hard to memorize the formulae and then applying it to the questions and scoring good marks. Those who understand math fall in love with the subject but those who do not, fear it for their whole life. But now a way of making them fear-free of mathematics, Vedic mathematics is the key to new ways of teaching mathematics easily and imprinting it in there for the entire life.

With the help of this article, we will acquaint you with what is Vedic maths for kid? Benefits of Vedic mathematics for kids, Vedic maths tricks for kids, Vedic maths for 5-year-olds, Vedic maths for class 1 and class 2. So Let’s get started

Benefits of Vedic Maths for Kids

Vedis math, the name is obtained from the Sanskrit word “Veda ” which means “knowledge”. Vedi Maths can be understood as the techniques to solve the mathematical problem from easy to complex much faster and easier. If you have a question in your mind that “is Vedic maths really helpful for kids?” The obvious answer is yes, Vedic mathematics classes for kids have so many advantages for not only kids but also for teachers and parents who want to give the child the best.

There are so many benefits of Vedic mathematics that the parents and teachers can manoeuvre to teach the kids. Many kids who fear mathematics will be falling in love with maths after learning it with the Vedic math techniques. So the benefits for the kids from Vedi maths are:

1. Minimize the Burden of Memorizing Tables

When kids are told to memorize the tables up to 20, they are exhausted only after listening to it. And learning tables can become monotonous for them thus they take huge gaps in learning all the tables up to 20, but with Vedic maths, they only have to learn the table till 9. Vedic maths has reduced the problem of getting kids to memorize all the tables till 9. Now with the novel methods of Vedic methods, kids can solve even complex questions easily

2. Promote Creativity

Vedi Math is the technique that promotes the creativity of the kids. It gives space to the child to explore its own learning method and choosing it to make her/his learning easier. This kind of benefit is not yielded by any other teaching method. In this digitally driven world, one skill that is highly in demand is creativity. Whether it is the corporate world, personal life, or the social world of a person, they are required to be creative. So why not build this skill in the kid from the beginning of their education?

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3. Complete Understanding

Vedi maths provides a complete understanding of the concepts in just a one-line solution. Vedi maths gives lifelong learning to the kid which is difficult to get from the traditional teaching method. It helps the kids to understand and solve the toughest questions much faster and easier.

benefits of vedic maths for kids

4. Holistic Development

In today’s world, every parent looks for a teaching method that affects the child holistically. Vedic Maths is one such way of teaching which has multi-dimensional benefits on the kid’s skills and brain. It opens up the kid’s mind to learn new things easily.

Vedic Maths Tricks for Kids

Here, you will get the Vedic maths tricks for kids, Vedic maths for class 1, class 2 till class 5. Teaching these tricks to your kids can help them learn and solve maths questions much faster.

1. Find the Square Value

To find the square of a number, using Vedic Math will be a perfect choice. You have to follow the given steps to get the answer:

Step 1. You have to choose a base that is closer to the original number

Step2. You have to find the difference between the number from the base

Step 3. You then have to add the difference with the original number given

Step 4. You now have to multiply the result with the base

Step 5. You will have to add the product of the square( of the difference) with the result of the above step mentioned

For Example: Finding the Square of 98

Step 1: choosing 100 as base

Step 2: 98-100= -2

Step 3: 98+(-2)= 97

Step 4: 100* 97= 9700

Step 5: 9700+ square of (-2)= 9604

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2. Multiplication of Any 3-digit Numbers

Let’s take an example to make you understand this trick:- 306 x 308

Step 1: You have to subtract the unit place digit from the actual number given

  • From 308-8=300
  • From 306-6=300

Step 2: Now you have to select any 1st or 2nd number to add the unit digit of the number

  • 308+6=314

Step 3: In this step you have to multiply the product you got in the 2nd step with step 1

  • 314×300 = 94200

Step 4: Now add the unit digits of both the number

  • 8×6=48

Step 5: Add 94200 and 48

  • 94200 + 48 = 94248

Final answer 306 x 308  =94248

What is vedic math for kids


Vedi maths has made life easier by giving the techniques to solve the complex subject “Maths with so much ease. Teachers and parents continuously worry about how to teach mathematics in a fun learning way. But now the Vedic mathematics tricks for kids have come to save us all from the fear of mathematics. In this article, you will get to know what is Vedic mathematics for kids.

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