Your network is your net worth’ you must have come across this phrase in your life. You are aware that for a successful life, you need a strong network. But what you don’t know is how to build up a network. Well, this is where communication skills support. If you want your kids to learn communication skills, it is essential to provide communication skills training for children.

For kids, communication skills are significant at every step of their learning. Lack of communication skills might result in loneliness, depression, or even trauma. During class, your kids might get called upon for an answer or speech, or summary. All these activities require strong communication skills. If they fail, they become embarrassed in front of their classmates.

Through this article you will also learn how to improve english communication skills for kids.

Communication Skills for Kids

At an early stage of their life, kids need two types of communication skills. They are:

Oral Communication

It includes every non-verbal communication. Most of the time, people communicate things they don’t even notice. For example, your body gesture can tell whether you are confident or not. If your kid performs in an event or during morning assembly, he/she will need to learn the skill to look bold. At times, they may need to put their thoughts and ideas together and present them in front of everyone. Thus, require oral communication skills.

Written Communication

Whether it’s an English test or social science test, you need communication skills to express your views. While writing, the biggest challenge is to put your thoughts and opinion in a toned way. So, you need to learn communication skills for kids.

As a whole, communication skills are helpful in the overall development of the kid. They feel happy when they can express their feelings without hesitation.

Why is Communication Skills Important for Kids?

Not only in school life, but communication skills also help kids in their professional as well as social life. It sets a massive impact on the future career, personal development, and workplace of the kid. It helps them in the diverse sphere of life such as job interview, social networking, career development, workplace, and study. Some of its importance are:

  • Sometimes, while learning a subject, kids fail to understand certain things. But either they feel uncomfortable asking questions or cannot communicate their doubt correctly. In both cases, they don’t get a satisfactory answer. Thus, hindering their learning process.
  • Friends are a significant part of life. Through appropriate physical expression and verbal communication, they can make good friends in their life.
  • Communication is an influential part of a kid’s career. For example: during an office presentation, they will need to kindle their thoughts and ideas and present them with facts and statistics in front of everyone. For a successful presentation, they will need good communication skills.
  • Teamwork is a fundamental element people need in various phases of their life. From school projects to business organizations, all run through teamwork. A good communicator will lead an undefeatable team.
  • Social networking is a new concept. With the introduction of various social media platforms, the opportunities have increased for people. But to be a successful social media influencer in the future, you should focus on their communication skills from today.

The above points clearly state the significance communication has in one life. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to keep communication skills worksheet for kids a vital part of your kid’s life.

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Importance of English in Communication

Although communication is not dependent on any language. But, when kids arrive on the work front, they will need English for various purposes. Fluent English is appreciated everywhere. Some of the major reasons to learn English are:


English is a universal language, accepted in almost every part of the world. Learning a universal language will help to communicate with foreign delegates easily.

Business Language 

Most of the desirable firms look for fluent English speaking skills in their employees. India has a globalized economy. To have smooth communication with foreign clients, English speaking employees are needed. Therefore, companies look for candidates with attractive personalities.

More Opportunities 

Learning English makes your feelings and thoughts accessible to a large part of the world. Thus, providing an ocean of possibilities.

Effective Communication 

After a certain age, your kid will raise his/her voice on different issues. Putting them flawlessly in English will make it accessible to a class audience. Their ability to effectively communicate their thoughts decide the fate of their campaign.

English is the need of present times. Kids unable to speak proper English feels low self-esteem. They get embarrassed in unpredictable moments like called upon for an extempore or simple dictating poems. To overcome these situations, you should teach them communication skills.

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Learning Communications Skills

Now you know why is teaching communication skills important for kids? But the question arises, how to give communication skills training for children. There are various methods you can use to impart communication skills to them. They are:

  • Kids learn from what they hear. Watch English movies with them. Start with watching simple cartoon movies with English subtitles. Swifty moves to bit intense ones without subtitles. You can also watch documentaries if your kid likes them. Make sure to watch them in English. It will improve their English communication skills.
  • Technology provides various methods to teach communication skills to kids. From audiobooks, online coaching centers teaching communication skills in a fun style to communication skills worksheet for kids, all are available online.
  • Only a good listener can be a good communicator. You can improve the listening skills of your kids by reading a text aloud. Then discuss the content. The exchange of opinions will improve their communication as well as listening skills.
  • Let your kids be involved in various group activities. They learn a lot from children of their age. Most kids start to speak after their interaction with schoolmates. So, it is vital to give them group exposures.
  • Start communicating with them freely. Organize a session in your house. Tell your family members to interact with your kids as much as possible. Kids usually copy the way they see people around them communicating. So make sure to keep an environment of healthy conversation in front of kids.

With the methods mentioned above, you can initiate developing communication skills for kids. ‘Rome was not built in a day,’ things take time. But if you remain stuck to a particular way, your kids will grow into astonishing communicators.

Communication Skills Activities for Kids

In the last section, you encountered some of the methods to improve the communication of your kids. Although, kids look for fun activities. The below-mentioned games entertain them along with giving a lesson on communication. They are:

Famous Pairs 

Let your kids decide a combo they want to play, say Tom and Jerry or honey and pancakes. Now let them communicate with each other being the role they are playing. It’s a fun game and might give you and your kids’ laughter punches too.

The Enigmatic Self 

This is a group game. Each participant has to write three things about themselves, which no one knows. Now put the chits in a bowl. Pick a chit and read it in front of everyone. The participants have to guess whose chit it is.

Standup for Fillers 

While speaking, people subconsciously use many fillers like ‘um’, ‘uh’ ‘so’ they don’t realize the number of times they use these words. These words show a lack of confidence. So to overcome this problem, you can play standup for fillers with your kids. Call your kid to speak on a topic for 1-2 mins. The theme should be easy. Then every time they use fillers while speaking, stand up. It will help them to shorten the problem.

These are various engaging communication skills activities for kids.

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It is essential to be continuous with your practice. Give enough time of the day to your kids. Start with communicating in the language they are comfortable with, then shift to the English communication skills. Your hard work might make them an inspiration for the world.

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