Who doesn’t want to make his/ her child smart? Parents all over the globe are showing interest in buying IQ boosting products with the aim of making their children smarter.

On the one hand, there are parents who are already doing what it takes to raise the IQ level of their kid, on the other hand, there are many parents who are clueless about how to increase child intelligence and are looking for suitable IQ questions for kids.

Well, it’s not always necessary to provide your kid with store-bought intelligence boosting items. There are several other ways too which can help. Let’s check out some of the most suggested techniques by child care experts that can help parents raise the IQ level of a child.

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How to Raise the IQ Level of a Child?

Musical Instrument Playing

Playing a musical instrument enhances the activity of the brain thus boosting the intelligence quotient in the children. This method is backed by science as MRI scans have shown that while a kid is playing a musical instrument, the brain functioning has enhanced.

So, it’s a great idea to enrol your kid into an instrument playing class. Choose the class going by your kid’s interest. If a kid doesn’t find the class interesting, no matter whatever process you try, it will never show any result.


Be it any outdoor sport or any other form of exercise, physical activity plays an important role in boosting children’s IQ. Exercise releases endorphins and that helps in boosting the functioning of the brain and also enhances the output.

Try to indulge your kid in physical activities on a regular basis. Make him take part in local sports activities whenever possible.

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Proper Diet

Food is an essential part of each and every one. Parents pay extra attention to their kid’s diet but many times it can be seen that they do not include proper nutritional elements in the diet. Omega 3 fatty acid is one neglected element.

Many studies showed that children consuming Omega 3 on a regular basis have a much-developed IQ level than other kids. Obviously. the dosage of this will not be the same as an adult but if kids are given a certain amount of Omega 3, it definitely helps in better brain functioning.

Other than Omega, parents should include fish, spinach, broccoli, milk, blackberries, walnut, strawberries etc in the kid’s everyday diet. The daily diet should also contain protein-enriched foods as those support brain functioning.


Indulge your kid into solving puzzles, block games. Encourage him to learn chess. You can also play a memory game with your kid. These are immensely beneficial for enhancing children;’s IQ level.

While kids indulge in playing these things, their brain activity enhances as they constantly have to think and solve the games. Parents can also enrol them in various online programs which will improve their brain activities.

Active Learning Process

Kids learn better when they can see the things, touch those rather than merely sitting in a four-walled classroom.

Expose your kid to the real world. Make him/ her participate in practical learning activities. This will make them encounter different situations, making them think to resolve those problems. The more they will think, the better their brain functioning will be.

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Child Intelligence Test Questions

IQ test question for children comprises of different types such as

  • Analogies
  • Classification
  • Visual
  • Spatial
  • Pattern driven
  • Logical

Sample IQ test Question for Children

The child intelligence test questions can be of various kinds such as

  • John went shopping with Rs. 50. He spent Rs. 15 for bananas, Rs. 5 for a pencil. How much change would John get from the shopkeeper?
  • Ask your child to show expression as per the asked question. Ask him how sadness looks or how anger looks.
  • Show pictures of shapes. Ask him/ her to identify the odd one out.
  • Give them scrambled words and ask to fix those.
  • Show them a series of pictures and ask them to determine which comes next after what.
  • Show them pictures of the same type of things and ask to pick the odd one. Like, you can show pictures of 4 fruits and 1 bird, the kid has to identify the wrong picture.

These are some of the basic child intelligence test questions you can ask to your kid. You can expose your kid to much better IQ tests if you can find some good online learning portals for kids where children are offered with personal mentors to guide them and help them develop better skills.


Each parent wants the best for their kid and wants to see their kid as a successful person in his/ her future. As with every passing day, competition is rising high, it is expected that the children of today will have to survive in a much competitive situation in their adulthood. To get a successful life later, it’s important that parents ensure proper skill development of their kid from an early age.

Hopefully, this article will help you determine the factors to focus on for a better IQ of your kid. You can always share your thoughts with us by commenting in the box below.

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