In our daily lives, we speak and use a large number of words. All of the words and expressions we use in English come from the English grammar’s eight parts of speech. These eight parts of speech classify words based on how they are used and what they do.

The building blocks of grammar are parts of speech, also referred to as “word classes.” They describe the meaning of a word or how it is used in a sentence. Let’s start discussing the parts of speech here.

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How to Teach Kids English Parts of Speech?

When children first learn to speak, they unconsciously begin using the nine parts of speech. Children quickly learn to recognise the various parts of speech. It is not necessary for learning to be tedious. Active, hands-on lessons are the most effective at engaging children and retaining their memories. Below are three fun activities to teach the parts of speech.

Verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, and interjections are called open classes because they are parts of speech that can easily add new words. Pronouns, conjunctions, and prepositions, on the other hand, are closed classes because new words cannot be easily added.

English grammar for kids

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How Many Parts of Speech are there in English?

There are eight parts of speech and they are mentioned below.

Noun: Parts of Speech in English with Examples

Nouns are words that are used to refer to a person, a place, an animal, a plant, an idea, or an event. This is the most basic of all speech parts.

Proper Nouns Examples

Hanuman is the Hindu god of monkeys.

The nouns Hanuman, monkey, and God are used here.

Proper nouns, common nouns, collective nouns, and abstract nouns are all examples of nouns.

Proper Nouns Examples

The final T20 match is today.

T20 is both a noun and an event.

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This is a list of words that we use instead of nouns.

Pronouns with Examples

Isha is a lovely young lady. Today she shared her lunch with me.

We’re substituting the pronoun ‘She’ for the noun ‘Isha.’

We’re going to have some fun.

Here, we is a pronoun.


An adjective is a word that is used to define a pronoun or a noun. They can specify a noun or pronoun’s quality, number, or size.

Adjective Examples

I own two animals. The word ‘two’ is used as an adjective here.

Which questions are answered by adjectives? What kind are you talking about? How many are there?

Wow! They had just finished the largest pizza. The adjective ‘largest’ is used here.


Verbs are words that express a state of being or action. A sentence will not be complete without a verb, so it is the most important part of speech.

Verbs with examples.

Daisy bolted the moment she saw her master. Both verbs and show action are used here: ran and saw.

am, are, were, is, and was are examples of states of being.

They are constantly conversing in class. Both verbs ‘are’ and ‘talking’ are used here.

Parts of Speech in English


Adverbs are words that modify an adjective, verb, or another adverb. They can be used to describe adjectives, verbs, or any other type of adverb.

Adverb Examples

Sheela performed a beautiful song. Melodiously is a preposition.

How do adverbs respond to questions? Where? When? Why? How much is it?


These are words that describe a place or a point in time. Prepositions show the connection between a pronoun or a noun and other terms in a sentence.

Preposition Examples

The book is on the floor beneath the table. The preposition ‘under’ is a preposition.

On the flower, a honeybee sat. The word “on” is a preposition.

Prepositions include words like inside, across, behind, around, above, and outside.

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The conjunction is the part of speech that connects words, phrases, or clauses.

Conjunction Examples

Thank you for such a relaxing and long spa session.

I wanted to go shopping, but it was raining so heavily that I couldn’t. ‘But,’ on the other hand, is conjunction.


Interjections are terms that express strong emotions. An exclamation mark is always placed after these words.

Interjection Examples

Ouch! That was a painful experience. The word ‘ouch’ is used as an interjection.

Enough! Wow! Yes! Hurray! Interjections can be found in a variety of forms.

English Grammar Online Class

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It’s easy to describe locations and positions, but it’s crucial! What would you use to describe it? The correct use of prepositions is taught in this masterclass. It explains how prepositions are small words with a big impact when used in communication.

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The student must be at ease and have enough room to move around in their assigned seats. A blank sheet of paper and a pen/pencil is also required.

Fun Ways for Kids to Learn English

Grammar with Colourful Copywork: Have your child copy a few sentences. Allow your child to represent the parts of speech by either underlining them in different colours or writing the words of the sentence in different colours.

Ping Pong Grammar: Write words on ping pong balls using a black permanent marker, then place paper bags or buckets on one side of the room. Each paper bag or bucket should be labelled with one of the parts of speech. Toss the ping pong ball into the bag that corresponds to the word written on the ball while standing across from the buckets or bags.

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Two Other Ways

Speech Components: Write down a variety of phrases, words, or sentences on index cards using nouns, verbs, and adjectives. (For example, “The enraged man bolted.”) Put the cards in a hat or a bag to keep track of them. Draw a card and read it out loud to no one. Act out what is written on the card.

Grammar Ball: If there are only two players, sit in a circle or across from one another. One of the parts of speech is The ball-bearer says a word that corresponds to that part of speech. Then he passes the ball to the next person, who says a word that corresponds to that portion of the speech.

Fun Ways for Kids to Learn English

Learning courses for your kids! Get free trial here


Every language and vocabulary has its own set of rules for constructing grammatically correct sentences. English grammar, in this perspective, can be thought of as a set of rules that govern people’s language behaviour. It’s a crucial aspect of the English language.

And only someone who is well-versed in English grammar can correctly speak and write the word. Grammar includes parts of speech, sentence structure and phonology, and is usually supplemented by phonetics, semantics, and pragmatics.

Many others have been observed judging people based on their language skills. A person is considered illiterate or uninformed if he or she is unable to communicate effectively.

With The Real School Of Montessori, you can learn all of the important subjects for your child’s development.

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