How to Test IQ Levels for Kids? Learn Every Unique Thing about Your Kid

All parents want to know if their kids are gifted children or if they have special requirements. Intelligence Quotient tests are one of the most promising ways to estimate their intelligence and adjust their understanding requirements as per their Intelligence Quotient scores.

With the help of intelligence tests, you can estimate your own or your kid’s mind skills in 5 different fields. These areas are logical-mathematical, attention, visual, memory and verbal fields. Read on to learn more about how to test IQ levels for kids.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Before proceeding further you need to understand what the Intelligence Quotient Test is. The IQ Test is used to measure an individual’s mental skills in numerical values through a series of standardized tests.

IQ Test for Kids

As per the research, Intelligence Quotient is one of the main drivers of success for a kid. Understanding the Intelligence Quotient of a kid is the initial step towards increasing your child’s capability. Standard Intelligence Quotient tests are an estimate of intelligence and contribute towards the basis for establishing an adequate growth plan for your child. That is why it is recommended by researchers to do IQ tests for kids during the initial period (early age).

IQ Test For Kids 10-15

There are several components that make Intelligence Quotient testing for kids hard. Mainly, the Intelligence Quotient test should be culturally impartial.

In easy terms, Intelligence Quotient tests should not favour children who appear from a particular cultural environment. Second, small pupils do not have the big interest range to handle thorough Intelligence Quotient testing that needs hours of attention with a psychologist.

Third, various youngsters have many phases of reading grasp which is particularly credible for the pupils who use the language English as a second or third language. English language skills should not be a basis of a true culture fair Intelligence Quotient Test.

Keeping in mind these difficulties, our professional PhD psychologists have arranged the following IQ test for kids 10-15 that uses fluid reasoning: a skill to evaluate new issues.

How to Test IQ Levels for Kids?

How to test IQ levels for kids? You can measure the intelligence level of children between the age group of 10-15 with the help of an IQ test for kids. Given below are a few MCQs that will test the intelligence level of your child, the answers are also given so that you can cross-check the correct answer.

Question 1

What do you call a type of shape that has five sides?

# A.Hexagon

# B.Pentagon

# C.Sphere

# D.Triangle

Answer- Correct option is B. Pentagon

Question 2

How many equal sides does an isosceles triangle have?

# A.One

# B.Three

# C.Two

Answer- Correct option is C. Two

Question 3

Which is the most widely spoken second language in the world?

# A.Arabic

# B.Mandarin Chinese

# C.English

Answer- Correct option is B. Mandarin Chinese

Question 4

Last weekend, Jack went to play in the park near his house. He rode the new bicycle gifted by his grandma on his birthday. After reaching the park, Jack saw that there were 14 tricycles and bicycles. If there were a total of 38 wheels, how many tricycles were there in the park?

# A.19

# B.10

# C.14

Answer- Correct option is B. 10

Question 5

Six wolves can catch just six lambs in six minutes. So how many wolves are needed to catch 60 lambs in sixty minutes?

# A.66

# B.60

# C.6

Answer- Correct option is C. 6

Question 6

During which year did World War I begin?

# A.1914

# B.1939

# C.1945

# D.1913

# E.1915

Answer- Correct option is A. 1914

Question 7

Choose the next number in this sequence: 3, 6, 12, ___.

# A.36

# B.24

# C.15

Answer- Correct Option is B. 24

Question 8

Choose the next number in this sequence: 4, 5, 8, 17, ___.

# A.33

# B.44

# C.34

# D.35

# E.54

Answer- Correct option is B. 44

Question 9

What is the largest democracy in the world?

# A.India

# B.United States

# C.Canada

# D.Antarctica

# E.Australia

Answer- Correct option is A. India

Question 10

This weather is just ___ hot for me!

# A.Two

# B.To

# C.Too

Answer- Correct option is C. Too

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What is the Right Age of a Kid for an IQ test?

What is the right age of kid for IQ tests? The best time to take the Intelligence Quotient test for children is between the age group of 5 to 8 when test outcomes are crucial to advocate for children at school. An Intelligence Quotient test estimates the individual’s capacity to reason. Most Intelligence Quotient test scores are assumed using a baseline mark of 100, and according to the person’s intelligence level, they will attain the scores.
The bigger the variation on the higher end, the more gifted an individual is. But not all people are gifted or are alike. There are levels of giftedness, based on how far the score varies from the criterion. For instance, an individual who secures between 115 and 129 scores is assumed as mildly gifted, while an individual who secures 180 or higher scores is assumed as profoundly gifted.

Achievement tests are another means to measure giftedness in the initial age of a child. Achievement tests gauge what the kid already understands, particularly toddlers who may not certainly secure high marks in school but do excel at standardized tests.

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Online IQ Test for Kids

You can join the real school Of Montessori for an online IQ test for kids. Other than the IQ tests for children, it provides various other facilities, where your child can learn in a fun way and gather more knowledge. It also helps children with their school assignments and courses. It focuses on building up the child’s knowledge in the best and fun way, without making it boring for them.


It is very important to guide our young ones in the right direction because they are going to be our nation’s future. So we should give our best to nurture them in the best possible way. In the above article, we discussed how you can test your child’s intelligence level with the Intelligence Quotient test. Hopefully, it helps you estimate the level of intelligence of your child. For more details, you can join the real school Of Montessori, where you will find more related articles. So hurry up and join now.
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