In today’s busy world of technology, it has become essential to engage in some sort of physical exercise and yoga. It is an undeniable fact that physical exercises and yoga come with numerous health benefits that help an individual to stay healthy in the long run. A lot of people turn towards yoga and exercising as a remedy to alleviate themselves of muscle pain, or some sort of disease, heart problems, to cope up with stress or to reduce weight. People have warmly accepted it as a part of life, and continue to do so to lead a healthy, long, and peaceful life.

How does Yoga Help Kids?

When it comes to children, it has become quite important to introduce them to yoga and exercises at a very young age, so that they can inculcate the habit of practising the same even later in their lives. Busy parents, continuous use of technology, video gaming and a lot of other factors could contribute negatively to the growth and well-being of these kids. All of which can contribute to various developmental and physical ailments later on in their lives.

As parents, it is your responsibility to introduce your kids to the various benefits of yoga and physical exercising that will help them grow and flourish. All this can help them understand the several benefits that come with leading a yogic and fit lifestyle.

Benefits of Yoga and Physical Exercising to Kids

Benefits of Yoga and Physical Exercising to Kids

  1. Yoga and exercising help in experiencing deep relaxation and also boosts their energy levels.
  2. Helps in strengthening thinking ability, imaginative skills, thus resulting in increased creativity.
  3. Inner-fulfilment, growth, relaxation, and self-health are some of the various concepts introduced to kids.
  4. Helps to develop an all-around awareness of mind, body, and soul.
  5. Perfect to increase concentration levels of the mind and body.
  6. Yoga and physical exercising help increase self-esteem in non-competitive physical activity.
  7. It encourages good eating habits at a very young age that keeps junk food consumption and addiction at bay.
  8. Helps in reducing addiction to various technological and electronic devices.
  9. Helps control negative emotions such as anger, fear, insecurity, jealousy, and hatred.
  10. It helps with body flexibility, strengthening of both the body and mind.
  11. Promotes meditation resulting in relaxation and calmness.
  12. Lung capacity improves drastically due to the various breathing exercises and meditation.
  13. Yoga and exercising, give your kids an unprecedented opportunity to play, grow, and connect with their innermost self. This results in connecting with their core and nature aiding their growth into a healthy and strong individual.

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Various ways to Introduce Yoga and Exercising to your Kids

1. Be the Facilitator

You doing yoga or physical exercises is sure to pique your kid’s interest as they see you. The curiosity will result in them joining you. Be a fun example for them. Try with poses that are easy, and seem super fun for them to mimic.

Poses like the downward-dog pose or the tree-pose can do the trick. These poses are super easy and fun to watch. However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t force your kids into practising yoga or exercising. This possibly can have the opposite effect on them. It is important to be a facilitator rather than being a teacher.

#2. Air of Curiosity

Always try to keep your kids enveloped in curiosity. Try to develop and maintain that curiosity by encouraging questions. This will lead them to hunt for answers themselves. This develops critical thinking from a very young age.

When they hear a different answer from another kid, they will think about more ways to do something and that there is more than one way to conquer something. These exercises are sure to help them develop an open mind and aim for a better relationship with other kids their age, or even with their siblings.

3. Avoid Enforcing Your Interests

Your beliefs, agendas, and interests are yours. Your children won’t necessarily accept them. This may lead to conflicts between you and them. Try to keep a healthy relationship with them. Let them have their own space for self-development.

Do not communicate or interact with them as if you’re forcing your beliefs or agenda on them. This will make them feel pressurised, which will result in them being stressed for a very long time. Help them find themselves and to understand their environment. Be the facilitator of a creative, positive, and receptive environment for them to grow in.

Various Yoga Poses and Exercises that Your  Kids can Do

Yoga postures for kids

  • Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

The Sun Salutation pose helps in calming down the nervous system and helps control fear. Physically it helps strengthen back and leg muscles.

  • Shavasana


Young yogi attractive woman practicing yoga concept, lying in Savasana exercise, Corpse, Dead Body pose on floor, working out wearing black sportswear top and pants, full length, white loft background

The Corpse Pose will help refresh your child’s body and mind. It helps improve concentration and circulation in the body resulting in increased energy levels.

  • Vrikshasana


Horizontal full length portrait of attractive young female with beautiful athletic body practicing yoga wearing stylish sports bra and leggings, doing Vrikshasana or Tree yoga pose in large gym

The Tree Pose is the most fun and refreshing yoga pose for your kids. Apart from being fun, it helps tone your kids’ arms, back muscles, and legs.

  • Dhanurasana


The Bow Pose helps alleviate stress and fatigue. Excellent for flexible control and strengthening the back muscles.

  • Virabhadrasana


The warrior pose improves concentration and balance giving the kid’s body the edge it needs to rise in competitions.

  • Swimming


It is a well-known fact that swimming helps with the circulation of blood increasing lung capacity. It also helps to strengthen arm and leg muscles. Don’t forget it is the best way to wind down and enjoy.

  • Walking/ Jogging

Walking/ Jogging 

Inculcate your kids into physical walking and jogging. Apart from the physical benefits, walking helps alleviate stress. Your kid is sure to connect well with nature when out walking or jogging.

  • Any other Sport

Introducing a sport at a very young age is the way to go. Their interests pique and this helps in maintaining a healthy body.

In Conclusion

Yoga and physical exercises are not only important for adults, but are also essential for your kids in order to promote holistic development. As parents, introducing yoga and other healthy practices in a fun way will ensure your child’s overall mental, physical, emotional, and social development.

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