In this digitally-paced world, kids might tend to stick to television or mobile phones. They may lose track of what’s going on around the globe. Watching TV and mobile all day may also make your child introverted and uninterested in social company.

General Knowledge is one of those essential factors that helps your child be aware of what’s happening around them. It is something that will help -child grow both at an individual, as well as an academic level. It will streamline your kid’s thought process of observing the world. It will also help your kid in understanding and monitoring situations better.

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GK Questions that Most Indian Kids Get Wrong

It is important for parents to ensure that their kids are well aware of what is going around the globe. Practising GK questions may help them keep up with the updated knowledge of the world better.

Parents must insist on their kids to regularly practise these types of questions to get the most productive results.

Let’s take a look at several types of GK questions to practice. These questions are chosen based on the class/ age group to which your child belongs.

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GK Questions for Age Group between Four to Seven Years

This age group is very tender and is always ready to learn about new things. At this tender age, they tend to be very curious about everything. So, encourage and guide them in the right direction with these fun GK questions. These questions may seem silly to you, but they are the building blocks of your kid’s learning.

# How many days are there in a non-leap year?

Answer: 365 days.

# How many sides do a hexagon contain?

Answer: Six sides.

# How many types of colours are present in a rainbow?

Answer: Seven types of colours.

# How many alphabets are present in English vocabulary?

Answer: 26 alphabets.

# What do we see or observe with?

Answer: Our eyes.

Way to Improve GK of Kids

GK Questions for Age Group between Eight to Ten Years

By the time the kids reach this age, they will become much more self-aware. Kids are comfortable with their language at this age. You can easily communicate with them and increase the level of difficulty of the GK questions. Make sure you also align these questions with their curriculum, so that when they study the same thing in school, it is easier for them to relate.

# Which gas do plants exhale?

Answer: Oxygen.

# Who was the first woman prime minister of India?

Answer: Indira Gandhi.

# Which colours are known as the primary colours?

Answer: Yellow, red, and blue.

# How many equal sides are present in a scalene triangle?

Answer: There are no equal sides in a scalene triangle.

# Which is the 2nd largest rainforest in the world?

Answer: Congo basin is the 2nd largest rainforest in the world.

GK Questions for Age Group between 10 to 12 Years

The age of ten to twelve is very important, as kids tend to learn many new things. The following set of questions can seem to be hard, but practising these questions will help your child to get the GK questions right!

# Which instrument is used by the doctors to listen to the heartbeat?

Answer: Stethoscope.

# Who discovered gravity?

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton.

# Which is the strongest non-metal in the world?

Answer: Diamond.

# Which is the most distant planet (from the sun)?

Answer: Neptune.

# Which city is known as the pink city in India?

Answer: Jaipur.

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GK Questions in a True or False Pattern

Until now, you saw GK questions in a pattern of questions and answers. Here are some GK questions in a True or False pattern.

# There are 366 days in a leap year.

Answer: True

# Spain is the largest country in the world.

Answer: False

# Water has taste.

Answer: False

# Mumbai is the economic capital of India.

Answer: True

# Half of 500 is 250.

Answer: True

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GK Questions in an Odd-One-Out pattern

GK Questions in an Odd-One-Out pattern

You can use the Odd-One-Out pattern to format GK questions and make them even more interesting.

# Books, Stories, Poems, Benches.

Answer: Benches.

# Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pizza, Peaches.

Answer: Pizza.

# Doctors, Gardens, Patients, Injections.

Answer: Gardens.

# Candies, Parrot, Chocolates, Desserts.

Answer: Parrot.

# Pencils, Papers, Bugs, Erasers.

Answer: Bugs.

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GK Questions in MCQ Format

Multiple Choice Questions are another type of pattern in which you can engage your kids to solve GK questions. Many entrance exams contain  MCQs, hence this activity can be a good practice before entrance exams.

# Which planet is closest to the sun?

  1. Saturn
  2. Venus
  3. Mercury
  4. Mars

Answer: c)

# Which gas accounts the most in the earth’s atmosphere?

  1. Oxygen
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Carbon Monoxide
  4. Carbon Dioxide

Answer: b)

# Which state is the largest in India (area-wise)?

  1. Maharashtra
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Goa

Answer: b)

# What is the 14th alphabet in the English Vocabulary?

  1. O
  2. H
  3. R
  4. N

Answer: d)

# Which one is the national fruit of India?

  1. Mango
  2. Strawberry
  3. Papaya
  4. Orange

Answer: a)

In Conclusion

General knowledge is an essential part of every child’s upbringing. If they don’t know what is happening around them, they might face issues in creating healthy conversations. Lacking general knowledge can even constrain your kid’s social interaction. In the end, both of you will enhance your knowledge through these GK questions discussed above. It can also boost your child’s decision-making skills.

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