Parents today wonder how to improve English speaking for kids? They need to learn it from a young age. It is believed that a child’s proficiency in English speaking will help them succeed in the current globalized world. The sooner the child begins to work on their language, the better.

The most important factor to learn English for young children is the encouragement and interest shown by the parents, irrespective of the child’s age. Below are some of the tips on how to teach English speaking to kids and how to read English for kids. Continue reading this article.

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Learn Together

If you wish to build a positive attitude of your child towards learning English, the best place to begin is with yourself. Learning together with your children is an excellent way to spend time with your kids and also helps them create a positive attitude towards learning and speaking English.

Most individuals are often nervous about conversing in a foreign language while on a vacation abroad. This sort of apprehension is often accompanied by tons of negative memories of learning another language at school can easily rub off on kids. By learning along with your kids, you can show them that making a mistake is the only way to become a better English speaker.

Play with them in English

Children eventually learn about everything around them without adult supervision or intervention. They do this via playful experimentation and by making mistakes when learning things. To help your child do well while learning English make them play in English. Play dress-up games, hide and seek, and other games in English. Get them to learn English in the same manner you made them learn their mother tongue.

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Read Stories to Your Kids in English

It is easy to get access to stories in any language now and most of them are available online. You can swap some books with other parents as well. Most children won’t object to the language of the story but they are more concerned with the moral and the ritual of the bedtime story. This is a great opportunity for you to sneak in some extra English time.

You must read illustrated storybooks to your kids as they are supported by visual clues and are a great way to develop your child’s language and vocabulary. The language is repetitive, simplified, and uses rhyme which is easy to learn. This widens the kid’s vocabulary and encourages them to ask questions about the plot and the character. The next time you wonder about how to teach English Speaking to kids, read them a good storybook.

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Tune in to an English Podcast or a Program and Leave it on in the Background

When we think about learning a language, grammar classes in our schools come to our minds. We are repeating verbs, turning the pages of a textbook or writing, and practicing all the important rules of grammar. But in our early years’ learning should begin with exposing kids to rhythm and sound rather than using some explicit rules.

While learning a new language children go through a process in the brain of listening to each thing around them, piecing together all the information, and then using it when required. A kid does not use the word ‘Hello’ the first time they hear it, instead they hear numerous people use the word multiple times by a lot of people and then they try to use the word themselves. These podcasts allow kids to listen to English in various accents.

how to read English for kids?

Experiment with Different Sounds

Exposing children to sounds from a young age is crucial to learn a language. It is difficult for children to understand the specific sound of rolling ‘r’ in either Italian or Spanish if not exposed to them at a young age. Students must be introduced to phonics programs while beginning a language. Children who start to blend sounds to make multiple words can read comfortably and write easily later on.

Kids can learn a lot about developing sounds, which might be different from their first language through phonics activities based on a lot of repetition. You can also use some tongue twisters to help your kids understand the different sounds of words.

How to Read English for Kids?

You need to become creative while teaching kids something they don’t want to do. Kids love an opportunity to get messy and do things such as cutting, painting, gluing, and sticking. Make kids do these activities but instead use English as a mode of instruction. Use phrases such as ‘Thank You’ or ‘Can You Help Me Tidy Up’ to introduce your child to English.

Learning courses for your kids! Get free trial here

How to Learn English for Kids?

Singing songs or listening to nursery rhymes children start to hum, sing along and even start to put together more and more words to it. Music and rhyme allow children to use intonation, full sentences, rhythm, and pitch as well as help them build confidence in such a manner that can’t be achieved by teaching these features individually.

You can introduce kids to difficult language structure through a song. For example, the song ‘If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands, this song includes a complex grammatical structure that would be challenging for young children. This song does everything for a parent and also provides an easily recognizable context for children.

Make Sure that Your Devices are set to English

Each device today comes with a language option and one of the main ways of developing a child’s language is through repetition. By using English as the default language on your TV, Telephone, IPad, or Laptop, your child will see English in a language context whenever they use these devices. Introducing features such as ‘log-in’, ‘password’, or ‘game over’ will be a useful starting point.

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Invite Friends who Speak English

Inviting guests who speak English around over will be great for your kids. By being around individuals who speak English, your kids will get a good hang of how to react in English in everyday situations. You can introduce them to objects around them via this process. Try to discuss topics that are common to both your child and the people you invite over.

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It does not matter if your child starts making mistakes or doesn’t start speaking immediately. The brain needs to undergo a process of decoding and a language learning process. Starting speaking a language often starts after a long period of thinking and listening.

Children who are introduced to a new language often need time to put all the information into place. You need to relax and keep calm even if the child is not learning at the speed that you expected but if you follow these steps then your child will surely understand and learn English. Students’ ability to maintain more memory will also increase if they learn more than a single language. To read more articles which give you tips on how to learn English kids and how to improve their vocabularies visit the Real School Website.

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