Children these days spend a lot of time in front of their mobile phones or television, watching videos or playing games for fun. Though these activities can help them spend their time; they can also help them learn a few new things about life in less time than usual.

With the growing world, it is highly important for an individual to be up to date with all the happenings in the world around them. The world is getting extremely competitive day by day and with each passing day, it is important for your child that they should be well-read and knowledgeable.

So, why not motivate and encourage them to learn more new things by having the use of technology at its best? One of the best ways to do this would be to help them build their general knowledge & some scientific facts through this. Let’s begin with this.

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GK Quiz Games for Kids

The quiz games for kids can be quite interesting to play. They help children in a lot of ways to grow through it – mentally, physically, as well as emotionally. Children will merely be tested with their knowledge skills with the help of certain games that they are required to play. These quiz games test their knowledge of the world around them along with helping them to learn new things each day.

So, let’s just dive into this and see how we can help kids learn new facts through the help of simply solving these General Knowledge quizzes. So, let’s begin with the GK quiz for kids according to their age.

Given below are some of the GK quiz questions for kids:

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GK Quiz for Kids Between Age 4-7 Years

  1. How many days do we have in a week?

A: Seven

  1. How many days are there in a year?

A: 365 (not a leap year)

  1. How many colours are there in a rainbow?

A: 7

  1. Which animal is known as the ‘Ship of the Desert?’

A: Camel

  1. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

A: 26

General Knowledge Questions for Kids Age 8 – 10 Years

  1. What type of gas do plants absorb?

A: Carbon dioxide

  1. Which place is known as the roof of the world?

A: Tibet

  1. Who was the first prime minister of India?

A: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

  1. How many years are there in one Millennium?

A: 1,000 years

  1. Who was the first man to walk on the moon?

A: Neil Armstrong

GK Quiz Questions for Kids of Classes 4, 5 Age Group 10- 12

  1. What is the standard taste of the water?

A: Water is tasteless

  1. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

A: Mount Everest

  1. Which country is called the land of the rising sun?

A: Japan

  1. Which is the fastest animal on the land?

A: Cheetah

  1. Who is the inventor of electricity?

A: Benjamin Franklin

Now, let’s talk about some true and false GK questions for kids.

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True and False GK Questions for Kids

Given below are some questions:

  1. Caterpillars turn into butterflies.

A: True

  1. Adults have a total of 34 teeth.

A: False

  1. There are 30 days in May.

A: False

  1. New York is the capital of America.

A: False

  1. Cinderella’s carriage turns into a potato.

A: False

  1. Half of 250 is 125.

A: True

  1. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

A: True

  1. A jellyfish is 95% water.

A: True

  1. Plants give us oxygen.

A: True

  1. Bubble gum contains rubber.

A: True

  1. 8 o’clock in the evening is written as 8 am.

A: False

  1. Bacon was part of the first meal eaten on the Moon.

A: True

  1. Spinach originally comes from Iran.

A: True

  1. Watermelons are originally from Australia.

A: False (originally from West Africa)

  1. Black Forest cake has the same colours as the traditional dress of the inhabitants of the Black Forest in Germany.

A: True

  1. There are over 330 different dog breeds in the world.

A: True

Now, let’s check out some of the Science quiz questions for kids.

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Science Quiz Questions for Kids

Science introduces your child to the fascinating world of plants, animals, and the environment around them. Learning some of these facts can help them trigger their curiosity. So, let’s check some of these questions:

Science Quiz for Grade 1

#1. Which animal lays eggs?

A: Duck

#2. A male cow is called?

A: Ox

#3. All animals need food, air, and ______ to survive.

A: Water

#4. Which one is a fur-bearing animal?

A: Cat

#5. The tree has a branch filled with green ______.

A: Leaves

Science Quiz for Grades 2 & 3

#1. Animals that suckle their young ones are called ___________.

A: Mammals

#2. Which part of the plant conducts photosynthesis?

A: Leaf

#3. What is the boiling point of water?

A: 100 degrees Celsius

#4. Which is the largest land animal?

Animal: Elephant

#5. ________ helps pump blood through the entire body.

A: Heart

Science Quiz for Grades 4, 5, 6 & 7

  1. What tissue connects muscles to bones? A: Tendon
  2. Which nutrient plays an essential role in muscle-building? A: Protein
  3. Do plants need which gas to perform photosynthesis? A: Carbon Dioxide
  4. Which scientist proposed the three laws of motion? A: Isaac Newton
  5. Which system of the body controls the senses? A: Nervous System

Science Quiz for Grades 8, 9 & 10

#1. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Which of Newton’s laws of motion is this?

A: Third Law

#2. Which cell organelle is also called the powerhouse of the cell?

A: Mitochondria

#3. The bending of light through a glass prism is called _______.

A: Refraction

#4. A lion is most closely related to which of the following animals?

A: Leopard

#5. Diabetes happens because of problems in which organs of the body?

A: Pancreas

Besides all this, students can also search for some online platforms where they can practice these quiz questions.


The quiz is one of the interesting techniques of teaching. These techniques can vary depending upon different students. Through the piece of information given above, you can easily get the general knowledge questions for kids with the answers. With the help of these questions, you can help your kid to increase his/her knowledge about the happenings around them.

Hopefully, you must have found this information useful and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to use the comments section below and let us know all about it because we’ll be more than happy to help you through this.

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