Keeping kids occupied is not an easy task and when the school is out? Well, we feel you. And the situation becomes much more complicated and difficult to handle when your child starts getting bored with the pieces of stuff you provide him/ her with. It becomes a headache for parents to decide upon a good source of knowledge as well as entertainment that will keep their kids hooked for hours.

The Internet is that source that offers both entertainment as well as education but again, finding out the best online learning apps for toddlers from the zillion of available options, is not a cakewalk.

We know how eagerly you are searching for what are the top fun learning apps for toddlers? To save you from so much hard work, here in this article, you are going to know about some of the best fun learning apps for children that will not only keep your child busy at work but will also make him more knowledgeable.

Best Online Learning Apps for Toddlers

Here you will discover some of the best and most effective apps for your toddler that you can trust upon. The apps listed below are purely research-based and the list doesn’t intend to rank any of the mentioned apps.

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The Real School Of Montessori

In today’s time, The Real School Of Montessori by uFaber Edutech is the best fun learning app for children that you can opt for. This amazing app not only keeps your child hooked and entertained but also helps your kid become confident enough to face real-life issues by enhancing his/ her social skills. From robotics to public speaking to class on etiquette on manners, you name it and this best online learning app for toddlers has it for your kid.

Parents can choose from the plethora of options offered by The Real School Of Montessoridepending on their short and long time goals for their kids. The Real School Of Montessori offers the options to develop a child’s personality, communication skills,  reasoning ability, thinking ability from anywhere and at any time.

best fun learning apps for children

Why Should You Choose The Real School Of Montessori?

Other than being the best educational apps for toddlers, below mentioned are the facts that you should consider.

  • One-to-one mentorship – Personal mentors for every kid because each child is different.
  • Expert mentors – Every mentor is highly skilled who encourage the child to think beyond boundaries.
  • Customized content – The project-based curriculum at The Real School Of Montessori ensures that each kid glides smoothly on the learning path.
  • Futuristic Focus- Here on this best educational app for toddlers, kids are pushed towards developing a thinking ability more than being able to calculate numbers.
  • Ease of availability- The best part of digitization is mobility and The Real School Of Montessori offers exactly the same to you. This best app for learning toddlers let your kid learn from the comfort of the house.

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This educational app for toddlers comes loaded with books that your child will love to indulge in. And if you are a parent of a toddler who is yet to learn reading, then this app’s read-to-me feature is going to be immensely helpful for you.

best English learning apps for toddlers

Quick Math Jr.

Leave apart kids, there are many of us who are scared of maths, but don’t you want your kid to be free from such things? Well keep that in mind, this math learning app uses engaging and creative content that keeps kids engaged to it.

Toca Hair Salon 3

This fun app is for pampering the creative soul of your child. The creative content of this application lets your kid bring up his/ her imaginary skills, explore and create new styles and thus enhance the creative skills in your kid.

Amazon Kindle

This is again a learning application cum e-library consisting of books suitable for both adults and kids. With this on your mobile not only your kid gets the required screen time but you also get to gear up on your long lost hobby of book reading.

Best English Learning Apps for Toddlers/ Kids

Learning a new language is always a good idea be it for kids or adults. Language is the medium that allows humans to communicate and express their views. And not only this, a new language also lets you understand things of other cultures in a much deeper manner and from a different perspective which otherwise would not be possible without learning the language.

There is no point in going into debate why you should expose your kid to learning English because we already know how important it is to learn English. Still not convinced? Check out the below points.

Why is it Important to Teach English to Kids?

  • 53 countries have considered English as their official language.
  • In the whole world, no matter where your kid lands up in the future, high chances are that he/ she will be surrounded by people who know/ speak English because it’s the most widely spoken language on Earth.
  • These days (and even more in the future) organisations of all levels and countries, keep English as their business language. So, do you think, any organisation will be interested in a candidate who is not proficient enough in the business language? Nah! not a good idea.

Hopefully, you have got enough reasons to get some of the best English learning apps for toddlers on your mobile. So let’s check out the list below.

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List of Best English Learning Apps for Toddlers

  • Duolingo
  • Stories by Gus on the Go
  • Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds
  • Lingokids
  • Fun English
  • Learn English Kids: Playtime

Which is the best app for learning toddlers


Hopefully, this article has put an end to your query of which is the best app for learning toddlers. But are you still not satisfied and looking for something extra for your kid? Well, then The Real School Of Montessori is your only option. Check-out the amazing workshops offered at The Real School Of Montessori and choose the best for your little one along with the best food, he/ she also deserves the best possible learning experience.

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