Everyone needs some rest every now and then. However, some reports indicate that the two and a half months spent out of school can have a negative effect on a child’s intellect. Their IQ will drop by as much as 20 points if they do nothing and receive no intellectual stimulation during their vacation.

As most schools begin their summer vacations, parents are scrambling to find online summer camps to keep their children occupied. COVID-19 has been around for a while, but many families have had to cancel their yearly rituals of visiting their hometowns or engaging in other outdoor recreational activities, which are the main thing that young children look forward to during their summer vacation.

In light of the current situation, staying at home and adhering to social distancing norms is the best option, especially for the young children who are the most vulnerable to this deadly virus. Extracurricular activities are well-known, and research has shown that they aid in the overall growth of young people’s personalities.

Summer Vacation Learning for Kids

The holidays can be a fun time to spend with your children and maybe even let your inner child loose. However, it can also be a difficult period for children, as boredom can lead to misbehaviour. It’s best to plan ahead of time for the summer holidays and come up with a list of things to keep the kids occupied.

Begin by preparing each week ahead of time. If the children know they have something to look forward to, they will be happier and more relaxed. Make sure the kids are interested in the preparation as well. If they were interested in the decision-making process, they are less likely to complain about the activities chosen. Have a number of activities to choose from, including things to do at home, in the yard, and outside.

Although you and your children should certainly relax during their summer break, below are some pointers for keeping you all on top of your game during your kids summer vacation:

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How to Engage Kids on Summer Vacation?

#Develop, design, and engineer: The holidays are an excellent time to inspire children to participate in imaginative activities. It’s time to let kids express their imagination, whether it’s by storytelling, writing, drawing, or creating stuff.

Allow children to get close to nature by allowing them to plant seeds and see them grow if they have access to a garden.

#Get going! : Children and adolescents should not sit around all day, whether dancing to their favourite song or following the movements of exercises on the internet.

#Develop a reading habit: Now is an excellent time to instil a love of reading in children.

#Practice mindfulness through yoga and meditation: Because the kids live in such a stressful world and have so much free time, exposing them to yoga and meditation will be effective in the long run.

How to Spend Summer Vacation for Kids?

#Play board and immersive games with them: Games are the most creative and enjoyable way to communicate with your little ones. These games will boost their imagination and critical thinking in addition to reducing their screen time. Depending on the age level, games like Pictionary, Dumb charades, Monopoly, and others can be played.

#Cooking and baking: Today’s children enjoy engaging in a variety of events, and being rewarded for small achievements enhances their morale. Engage your child in baking/ cooking activities and have them do the calculations to help them develop logical thinking skills and brush up on their concepts.

#Learn an instrument: Learning an instrument improves self-esteem, and getting plenty of time on their hands encourages the kids to learn any instrument they want.

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summer vacation learning for kids

Some More Ways to Engage Kids on Summer Vacation

#Keep up to date: To remain a future-ready family, parents must inform their children about current events and the precautions and steps that must be taken in the current situation to protect them.

#Give your children the opportunity to get their hands dirty with paint and colors in this stressful world. Painting, drawing, and art & craft can come in handy at this time because kids enjoy trying new things.

#Take part in a treasure hunt. Make a treasure map with hints to help you locate any treasure you’ve hidden in the backyard. It doesn’t have to be expensive or large; any little treat found outside will be exciting.

#Make a Summer Journal. Encourage your children to keep a summer journal or scrapbook. They will document special occasions by taking photographs and writing about them. It’ll make a lovely memory book for you.

#Make plans for some playdates. Make a list of playdates and invite your friends over. When they’re out having fun with their mates, you may be able to get some work done or network with other parents.

Summer Vacation Learning for Kids

It is important to keep children intellectually engaged throughout the year, even during vacations and holidays.

This is the time for them to focus on making up for their failures. If they have a concern with Mathematics or Grammar, for example, certain areas should be given extra attention.

A review of what was learned and a roadmap for what needs to be learned are extremely beneficial. Comprehension in the new class becomes simpler if the children have a knowledge of the upcoming syllabus or some comprehension beforehand.

As a result, during the holidays and vacations, parents can ensure that at least an hour or two is dedicated to studies.

You’ll make some wonderful memories if you make this list your summer bucket list or just pick a few of your favourites. The trick is to take it easy and enjoy your summer with your family.

summer vacation learning for kids


Assist them with their vacation homework. Most schools have made an effort to include homework that includes creative exercises and hands-on learning. All we can say is that the summer of 2021 will not be a typical summer break for any child, but we can only hope that it will be the last of its kind. Let us communicate with the children and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for them.

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