Children who joined school start programs before kindergarten found to be more civil. Also showed higher IQ scores in kindergarten than their peers. Many studies indicate that children who attained school start in the past, learn at a faster pace than others.

Formal education plays a big role in the development of early brain systems. Naturally, formal education starts at home but most of the parents find it difficult due to scheduling issues. In such cases, preschool programs and daycare centers are good options.

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Most childhood development specialists claimed that toddlers learn best when they are not pressured. Early education programs create opportunities for toddlers to interact with their peers, parents, and educators without force.

Also, they point out that children learn best when learning activities or instructional activities are given to them in a small portion of a day. Indicating that preschool programs should not be elongated as day long. Since extended periods of separation of toddlers from parents is not healthy. Also, this school start programs would not benefit if the trainer is inexperienced or has a large classroom size.

Child development specialists also share their findings that show early education benefits. These benefits include improved social skills, almost no special education instruction during school years, better grades, enhanced attention span, and much more. Likewise, some studies also concluded high rates of attending college, fewer behavior problems, and less likely to be involved in crime in their adolescence.

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Early Education Tips for Parents

Your child can do more than any of us think. To make your three or four-year-old self-sufficient and independent human beings, spoon-feeding them everything is a hurdle in the way. Following strategies, you can use to make your child self-sufficient.

Early Education Tips For Parents

Independence Promoting

  • Expect More – At home, you should teach your child to clean up the plate, organizing their toys, getting ready on their own, and so on. There are many things your child can do without any adult help if they are instructed properly. As you feel they are comfortable, raise the bar till your child will probably stretch their limits.
  • Make More Self-Sufficient – It is easy for us adults to do any task, but always doing it for your child doesn’t make your child self-sufficient. Don’t try to help them with something they can handle themselves.
  • Don’t Redo – If your child made its bed don’t redo it, always give a positive complement with the improvement feedback. So they can feel pride in their accomplishments.
  • Solve Simple Problems – Let your child try to assemble a bookshelf, or try to identify by shapes and sounds. Give them a moment to solve problems themselves, this moment builds their characters.

Encouraging Corporation

  • Praise Them – After achieving a small task praise them with a compliment, and sometimes with small perks. Kids repeat behavior that gets attention from adults so praise them for a good task.
  • Predictable Routines – Following a predictable routine day after day makes it more comfortable for children to fit in. More regularity in stable routines turns your child into a more cooperative one.
  • Responsibilities To the Game – Children don’t give attention where there is no fun, try to convert daily tasks into fun games to pursue them easily. Turning a task into a fun game is a great tool to apply, making them more responsible for the task.
  • Use of Charts – If your child is behaving in a good manner. Try to use charts with stickers to point out the rewards and perks of your child. This chart is a great way to analyze your child’s progress and keep count on points he is receiving.


  • Rely on Distractions – If your preschooler is fighting over a doll with siblings try to distract them by asking them to draw or read a short story together.
  • Goodbye Meltdowns – Every child is nervous about spending time apart from their parents. To prevent these goodbye tantrums let them carry their favorite toys, or a picture of you with them, or anything that they might feel attached to.
  • Turn Wrong into Right – If you find your toddler coloring the walls, or messing up home settings. Don’t react harshly instead, help them to wash off the walls and reorganize the home settings.
  • Don’t Delay Discipline – If you see your preschooler misbehaving, don’t ignore this behaviour. Try to tell them the behaviour they are presenting is not acceptable then and there before they forget. But while disciplining them try not to be Harsh as it feels random undeserved punishment to your child.

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Your child’s mental development and learning phase start immediately after birth. According to child development specialists, the first three years of life are essential for brain and neural development.

Hence receiving early childhood education would surely benefit your child. Many parents begin their child’s education journey during the 3 to 5 years of age. But many factors contribute to the early education of the child.

If your child throws a tantrum because of a toy. The simple explanation is your child is testing you. This is because they trust you and they know that you will love them no matter what. Hence above some tips that may help you to discipline your child before preschool starts.

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