Communication is very important for children because they are able to express their thoughts through it. When they communicate with their elders, they feel a sense of belonging and security.

It also helps them to have better learning at school when they are talked to in houses. Children can score well in tests through communication in houses and schools.

Today, being able to communicate in English is one of the most pivotal requirements for any student. So, you can only make your kids learn English when you converse with them in this language.

Kids, when they grow up, have great chances of finding jobs when they know English.

Knowing English is important when you travel to other parts of the world because this language is spoken by 2 billion people in the world.

English is the main language of communication when you talk to clients living in different countries. That’s why it is important to know English to work in companies that are operating on a global scale.

In India, 10% of the population speaks English. As per an estimate, this will grow up to 4 times in the next decade. There are also non-native speakers of this language and together, English has the highest number of native and non-native speakers in the world.

All the sites on the internet are in English. So, you can’t even use the internet easily when you don’t know English.

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Questions for Kids

You must always ask open-ended questions from kids. Children are easily able to convey themselves when simple questions are asked from them. Kids open up and feel acknowledged. These questions help you to reveal a lot about your kids.

There are many free talk topics for kids like ‘how was your day at the school?’

Other examples:

Did you meet anyone this week whom you have not met in a while and did anyone visit you this week?

These questions help you to break the ice with a kid and know him better.

These questions can also be about the family of the kid. For example:

How many siblings does a kid have?

Apart from that, ‘what are the ages of your various siblings?’ This question can make you know more about the family of someone.

Another question that can be posed to a kid is ‘what does your father do for a living?’

You can also ask kids questions like what would they like to change. They can also answer questions like what has been the happiest day in their lives. These questions reveal what your kids find joy in.

Questions for Middle-Schoolers

However, these conversation starters for middle schoolers are very different. These questions can be imaginative. For example, if you can create a new subject, what would you choose. You can also ask them a question about the role of a teacher.

You can also ask such kids questions like what would they do if someone gave them 50 dollars. ‘Like how would they like to spend that money?’ This question helps you know whether the kids value money. You also get to know how much pocket money you should give them.

By this age, kids have developed their preferences. So, you can also ask which letter of the alphabet they like the most. Your kids develop continuously and hence questions are the best ways to know them. It’s important to know their new preferences and fears.

How to Initiate a Conversation with Kids?

When you want to initiate a conversation with a kid, you should never ask questions which are about checking facts.

Kids find a way to calm themselves through communication and will resort lesser to other forms of communication when they are talked to.

These questions can help you in knowing so much about your kids. You can also make sure that your kids imbibe new values like gratitude. Ask these questions from the kids when you are travelling with them.

You can also ask them questions while having dinner with them.  Write down these conversation starters for kids’ questions on stripes of paper. Hand out these stripes to kids at night and make them answer questions.

However, if you want to learn more about your kids, you can ask them questions such as who is their best pal. There can be conversation questions for class 6 like what they did this week. Anything fun they did during the week.

Apart from that, ‘did anyone come to your house?’ You can also ask your kid how they make pals. This helps you to learn about your kid what trait he values most in a person.

You should make sure that a child answers questions at his own speed so that he does not feel anxiety. When you are talking with a child, make sure that they answer in their own way. Don’t expect a fixed response from them.

How to Have a Conversation with Your Kids?

At dinner, kids can talk a lot about school because they have spent an entire day apart from you. Children can talk a lot during this time because they have completed their homeworks and are full of enthusiasm.

You can make dinner more interesting for kids by having a conversation for kids. This way, they will spend more time at the table. So, you can put the list of fun conversation starters for kids into a jar and then let them choose them.

The kids can even debate as to whose turn is to answer the question by pulling it from the jar. Conversation starters for kids can make sure that everyone gets into an interactive mood on the dinner table.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to talk with kids at dinner time because you are tired. So, making kids pull questions out of a jar can help.

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Questions for Kids Aged Six-Twelve Years

You can ask your middle-aged kids questions like:

  • If they would like to be a part of a TV show, what would that be?
  • If your child has to eat only a single fruit for the rest of his/ her life, what would he choose?
  • If you were made a teacher for a day, what rules would you make?
  • If you go to another planet, what would you take with you?
  • If you could construct your entire house with food, what would be selected by you?
  • What would you choose as a career in your future, singing or dancing?
  • If you want a superpower, what would you crave for?
  • Who do you like the best?

Importance of Talking to Toddlers

It’s important to talk to a child when he is a toddler. So, he can learn new words and perform better in school with good vocabulary. The brain grows very fast in the first 3 years of a child’s life. Almost eighty-five percent of brain growth happens during this time.

So, it’s better that the child is made to hear a lot of words during this time. When you converse with kids as babies, they develop vocabulary and are likely to perform well in school when they grow up.

By the age of three, your toddler knows almost a thousand words and can speak in sentences each with three-four words of length.

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How to Help Kids Increase their Knowledge of Words?

There are three ways to communicate with your child:

#1. Tune in: You should respond to your child even when he is crying. You should have eye contact with the child. You should try to speak with the child when he is crying because he can build up his vocabulary at that time.

#2. Talk more: This is also an important way to make sure that your child has a good vocabulary. You can also describe the day of your child like a commentator on a sports ground.

This also enhances your child’s knowledge of words. When conversing with your child, you can put big words in the conversation so that your child can learn new words.

#3. Take turns: Make sure that the child can respond well to your conversation. Encourage him to talk about how his day went at school. This is the most popular conversation topic at dinner time. Give your comments when he is done talking about his day.

How does Communication Bootcamp Help?

At a Communication Bootcamp, your child is encouraged to get a better vocabulary, by having a Language Expert as his mentor. He is encouraged to read more so that he can have better communication skills.

Apart from that, teenagers are also encouraged to design their social campaigns. In a Communication Bootcamp, other activities designed for kids between the ages of 6-10 are:

  • To express themselves
  • How to use voice for communicating something
  • Writing a children’s storybook further
  • Create a play for radio
  • Giving a book review after reading a book

You can also get your child judged for how communicative he is before enrolling him for a communication Bootcamp. Such a Bootcamp is necessary because if your child does not develop proper communication skills, he is likely to lag professionally when he grows up.

This is because he won’t be able to communicate his ideas to his colleagues and seniors.

So, better communication holds the key to your child’s future.

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