Stories are the most influential thing in our lives. For children, it’s even more beneficial. These are not only influential but also very much entertaining so much so that children actually enjoy store telling and hearing as well.

Expert mentors of children always suggest parents make their children participate in storytelling competitions for kids. This is suggested not because of the aspect of competition but because English storytelling for kids helps them enhance their language skills, make them more attentive.

Taking part in these types of competitions helps kids get over with the fear of speaking in public, which adults are also scared of. So, how can parents help with this matter? What are the measures parents should take to help their child participate and win the storytelling competition in English?  Let’s check out.

How to Teach English Storytelling for Kids?

Storytelling is an interesting activity and children will love this if they are taught the techniques properly. Let’s take a quick look at what parents can do to teach their kids storytelling:

  • Expose them to the idea of storytelling by making them hear good recordings of short stories for kids.
  • Let them choose stories which they like. If children don’t enjoy the story, they will not be interested in telling that either.
  • Provide them with books that contain stories for kids and have supporting images. children love images and colours, so reading storybooks with colourful images will attract them.

How a Kid Can Win a Storytelling Competition in English?

Master the Concept

Once the story gets picked up by the child, help him/ her memorize the whole thing by heart. Explain the concept to the child because they can’t perform well without understanding the full thing.

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There is no better way than practising something again and again to get a good grip on that thing. Make a schedule for practising storytelling but ensure that you are not making it too hectic for your child. He/ she must get enough rest and then start practising so that the child can enjoy the English storytelling session.

Get into The Character

Help your kid dress like their favourite character in the story. This will help your kid get into the shoes of the characters well and he/ she will find it more interesting and put all their effort into winning the storytelling competition for kids.

Videos of Storytelling Competition for Kids

Search the internet and find videos where children have performed on the same story your kid is practising on. Your child will get an idea from those videos. There will be plenty of stories for kids online, watch those with your kid.

Connect with the Audience

Teach you, kid, to make eye contact with the audience and the judges. Make him/ her practice this before the storytelling competition for kids so that when at the stage, he can easily look at the audiences.

Your Kid to Be a Sport

Taking part in the competition should be the main thing for a kid. Definitely they must aim at winning the competition but children should never be pushed to such extent for winning that they become frustrated. Teach your kid all the possible tactics to make him/ her win the storytelling competition in English but also tell him/ her that performing well should be their main agenda. Putting too much pressure on the kid will never make him/ her perform better.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned things will help you make your kid win a storytelling competition in English. You should always encourage your child to take part in this kind of competition even if they don’t win all the time. You can also consider enrolling them in different online workshops as those are also helpful for skill enhancement. Your kid can perform better anyway if he/ she gets the required mentorship so choose your kid’s mentor smartly.

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