Almost all the schools are closed, kids along with adults are locked inside the four walls of our respective homes. Though most adults are working from home, kids have basically nothing to do. This inactivity and sudden change in lifestyle are leading some kids into boredom and some kids are becoming indisciplined making the situation tougher for their parents. In this situation, teachers and mentors are guiding the parents on how to keep kids busy during lockdown so that they do not become idle or inactive. So, let’s find out the best things to do in lockdown for kids.

Best Things to do in Lockdown for Kids

Create a Routine:

It is the responsibility of the parents to make the kids understand that lockdown is not a period of vacation. There must be a fixed routine for waking up, having breakfast, studying, playing and sleeping. Parents can sit with their kids and make them take part in creating the routine. This will make the kid interested in following the schedule. Parents have to remember that they must also follow a disciplined life otherwise it is possible that kids may also not be interested in following the routine.


Start a Yoga session at home. Keep a time fixed for this in the routine and make a habit of regular practising. Yoga or any form of exercise is the best way to keep yourself and your family healthy. This practice will not only improve your kid’s health but will also make them more active and enhance their concentration.

Online Projects:

Let your kid make the most out of this lockdown but remember they have to stay indoors no matter what. Search for online learning projects that can enhance the kid’s activities during the lockdown. These projects must be interesting as well as skill enhancing.

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If this worldwide lockdown has done anything good to the planet, that is the drastic improvement of the environment. In such a short period, nature has healed so much. But obviously, the lockdown will not be continued forever and after, things will become just like normal soon and nature will again be hurt by human-created pollution.

You can utilise this home locked period for a healthier environment by start planting trees. Involve your kid in gardening activities, teach them the process and make them aware why planting tree is so much important. Gardening can become one of the best lockdown activities for kids that will not only help them remain active but will also make them understand the importance of a healthier environment.

Art and Craft:

Indulge your kids into some creative work. Let them choose what they want to do and then assign them the work. This will enhance the creativity in kids. You can ask them to paint a gardening pot or draw something they want.

Some kids may be interested in painting while some other may find interest in dancing. So, it’s better that you leave this up to your kid but make sure they do something creative.

Lockdown Games for Kids:

While the situation doesn’t allow the kids to play outside, you can always take some time out from your hectic schedule for some indoor gaming session with your kids. Some of the best lockdown games for kids would be, hide and seek, chess, scrabble, karaoke etc.

Is Opting for Online Classes for Kids During the Lockdown a Good Choice?

Kids need to be looked after very gently. The ongoing pandemic and the lockdown have shuttered our lives. The daily routines have changed for all the people. This less active period for adults and almost inactive period for kids might hamper the kid’s future. Choosing online classes for kids during the lockdown can prove to be a good idea if the chosen platform is good enough.

Keep the Following Things in Mind while Choosing the Online Classes for Kids During the Lockdown

Personal Mentorship:

In this lockdown, you might get very busy in managing work for home and work from home mode, so your kids must get the full attention from an expert mentor. While choosing the online course, make sure you check if one-on-one mentorship is available there.

Trained Mentors:

You obviously would not want your child to be guided by someone who is not that much skilled or seasoned. Always prefer expert mentors who can make your kid think deeper and work harder to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Personalised Course Content:

Every child is unique and so is his/ her approach to learning. You should enrol your kid in courses that will be flexible enough for your kid to expand his/ her wings.

Future Centric:

One of the best things to do in lockdown for kids is to make them future-ready. Find out some course that will enhance the learnability, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in your kid.

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There are plenty of things to do in lockdown for kids that will keep them active and also enhance the skills and creativities in kids. While you follow these ideas and engage your kids, do not forget to keep them indoor and always ask them to wash their hands frequently. Stay healthy!

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