When we look for or try brainstorming drawing ideas the thought of scenic sunsets and riverside bays are the first things to spring to mind. And why not?

We have eyes to see and a brain to comprehend and so we put both to good use by observing and appreciating the beauty that resides in nature.

And in response to spellbound senses we have our hands, wringing and quivering with the desire to capture such moments of beauty on paper in an attempt to immortalise them forever after.

So, if you are looking for inspiration to grace your white sheet, then surely there is no better muse than soft green leaves adorning rough brown bark or cotton balled sky sheltering shimmering white sand.

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nature drawing for kids

Nature Drawing for Kids

But for each of nature’s wonders there exists a complicacy to its working. It may involve the flow of water from root to leaves, the bearing of fruits by leaves and trees, the balding of trees by the days of autumn or the change of shades from green to orange.

So one might start to wonder here if nature can exist as a desire to draw for complex adults and simple children alike, both as a beginner and as someone experienced.

And the answer to this thought is fairly easy: Yes.

Beauty in Simplicity

While it is true that nature is complicated, its beauty never was and never will be.

It exists, it is observed and it is appreciated by adults and children alike. It exists for the eyes to replenish the soul and that is all there is to it. No strings attached.

And so, yes, the drawing of nature is the perfect first step in the artistic journey of a person, whether as a kid or a fully grown adult, from being a novice to the next greatest painter of our time.

easy nature drawing for kids

Easy Nature Drawings for Kids

Now while we agree on the beauty and simplicity that is nature, to say that it is a treasure trove of splendour would be an understatement.

From snow-covered mountain tops that glimmer like diamonds to transparent dews that bejewel the grass, the range of scenic sceneries that nature offers to model for us are very many.

And so here we are stuck with indecision. What scenery should we draw? A winter wonderland? Or maybe a sunny beach? How about a rainy day? Or maybe a rainy and stormy day?

The options are endless!

drawing of nature

Ideas and Encouragement

But since the main topic here is nature drawing for kids let’s stay on track and tackle the rest for another day, shall we? Now the best way to encourage kids to draw would be to allow them to come up with their own drawing ideas.

But for a beginner’s class, the best topic would be a simple mix between a mountainscape and a riverside bay with a tree or two in fields nearby.

Not only are such drawings of nature fairly easy for kids, but it also serves as a perfect introduction to the world of colour schemes, shapes and shades as well.

The supposedly triangular brown coloured mountains, the almost rectangular bark of trees and their green leaves.

The vast blue sky with white clouds and the curvy flow of water as a whole are not only beginner-friendly but have also proven to be highly educational.


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drawing picture natures

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Nature Drawing with Pencil

Now that we have covered easy nature drawings for kids let’s move onto the next phase of teaching:


Teachers must ensure that their students begin their artwork by using only their pencil.

It should not matter if the drawing is an easy nature drawing for kids or a complicated kaleidoscope of scattered images or doodles.

Pencils are a must!

Pencil Problems and Their Solutions

It should also be noted that when drawing, a light hand should be used. This means that the pencil should be gripped gently to draw soft, light strokes on the paper.

The reasoning behind such an application is fairly simple. When mistakes are made it is fairly easy to completely erase their traces as they are light in nature.

But if the pencil is being used harshly to draw dark, bold strokes then the mistakes are obvious to the naked eye as indentations and impressions remain.

The Reasonings

#This reasoning should also be shared and explained properly to the children to ensure that they remember and apply it in their future projects.

#After the drawing is sketched out with a pencil a marker should be used to outline the images.

#Upon drying, the pencil markings should then be erased gently. Pencil colours should be encouraged to colour and fill the required spaces. But before doing so, the teacher should ensure the kids know what the name and shade of each colour is and how to differentiate and classify them.

#Last but not least, children should be encouraged towards showcasing their own imaginative approaches to drawing and their mistakes should be corrected with patience, love and proper guidance.

#Instructions are key but not at the cost of quelling individualism and its reflection in the paintings done by the tiny tots of your group.

#Balance is necessary just like in every other aspect of life and it is your job to ensure that it is maintained.

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That teaching as a profession is itself very hard is a fact cemented by time.

But when you associate such a career with abstract skills like drawing for kids, you have got yourself a whole another recipe of complications.

And so an attempt was made on our part to lend a helping hand to all the artistic teaching folks out there to make their noble task of sharing the wonders of colour and beauty a little easier.

Hopefully, this small piece of work has helped you unravel the tangled tapestry that is nature drawing for kids!

For further queries and doubts, the comment sections are free to be used at your command. Just text below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy drawing!

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