In the growing world today, there are many advanced methods introduced to figure out various problems. May it be the subject of mathematics or any other thing. The children, as well as the adults, have been provided with the most convenient technique to deal with things around them.

As we all say ‘Old is Gold’, likewise in many aspects the old methods seem more comfortable and easier than the new advanced techniques of today’s world. Like Vedic maths, teachers and parents are making use of the Vedic tricks for their kids to help them understand a mathematical problem.

Here’s Some Detail

Likely, there is another old method to solve mathematical problems, the abacus. By using the abacus kids can figure out simple mathematical operations like addition and subtraction.

These old methods of solving math problems are still trending in schools. Teachers and parents find it easy to explain the child using these methods. There are various benefits of using these techniques.

In this article, you will get clear of these methods of solving problems, the difference between Vedic maths and abacus and how it is beneficial for today’s kids. So, do read the article till the end, without missing any part of it.

Difference between Vedic Maths and Abacus for Kids

In today’s world, two different old techniques are accessible for school students to overcome math. With either of these methods, learners are able to do huge and complicated calculations in their mind without the need for any new electronic types of equipment. These methods are:

#1 Vedic Maths, and

#2 Abacus Maths.

Before we get into the variations let us first know in detail what these old two methods are.

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What is Vedic Maths for Kids?

What is Vedic Maths for children

Vedic maths enables children to recall number tables and formulae in a much simpler way and it is one of the shortest techniques to comprehend calculation. Achieving Vedic tricks assists children to carry out calculations in a short manner and even solve easy numeric sums of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Trigonometry, problems of calculus, algebra, and other complicated mathematical concepts can also be solved using this method.

Vedic tricks are carried out mainly on 16 sutras or formulae. They benefit children to solve these problems with a more engaged and pictorial method rather than the usual technique of solving problems. If your kid meets any difficulties in solving mathematics problems then you must acknowledge the method of Vedic math.

What is Abacus Maths for Kids?

Abacus is a calculation instrument that is utilised by the moving counters along with shafts and rods. This instrument is used to achieve the general mathematical functions that can be handily done using this method. It assists children in basic calculations, not only addition or subtraction, but it also helps one in the procedure of division and multiplication, along with calculating square roots and cubic roots. Using this instrument can be incredibly helpful for a person; it can benefit one in decreasing those long hours that would otherwise be spent on figuring out the answers to these lengthy calculations.

An abacus gives a great visual indication for the children to comprehend and solve the problem using optical tricks. A kid will find it simple to solve math problems handily using it.

Abacus Classes for children in school have been ordinary nowadays, once the kids are tutored appropriately and get familiar with the method of using an abacus, they effortlessly accommodate the method and appreciate learning math.

Variation in Learning

Real Life Effect of Vedic Maths

With the method of Abacus maths, an abacus is used as an instrument to understand calculations. The Beads of the abacus are pushed up and down and several columns to indicate the number. When kids use both their hands to shift the abacus beads to execute mathematical calculations, there is short transmission between their hands and the brain that facilitates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This stimulates rapid, proportional whole-brain improvement.

Abacus maths should be commenced at early childhood, as young as age 4 to 5. Abacus maths begins at the very primary level by educating the numbers and then advancing to calculations. Eventually, the kid maintains the memory of bead positions and the related notation. Abacus maths if commenced during later ages can build a little of an obstacle.

Real Life Effect of Vedic Maths

Vedic maths is completely accomplished in mind. Vedic math also begins at a primary level of numbers and slowly advances to easy additions, subtractions, multiplications and division. It takes of much more beyond the fundamental calculations. With Vedic methods, one can also figure out problematic geometrical theorems and algebraic functions. It can be commenced at later ages as well without any complication.

The clue in both methods is to exercise and carry out the techniques in your day-to-day life. And what could be a more useful way to test than utilising the math worksheets? Practising both techniques will make you know which will be better and suitable to figure out the solution. Today there are several websites you can relate to, in order to achieve knowledge of either technique and get many sample problems to practice and seal your knowledge.

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Benefits of Vedic Maths

Below given are few benefits of Vedic maths. Have a glance to know how it is helpful for children.


The best exercise to figure out any problem is to glance at all the understanding that requires ideation and comprehend that there are more strategies to solve the problem, which facilitates the child to find a different technique to solve any problem.

Quick and Error-Free Result

The mental analysis is the main protocol followed by Vedic tricks, when a problem is understood using a reasonable procedure of evaluating the time has been saved by improving the productivity since the steps are smaller, the possibility of precision is more.

Broaden Memory and Concentration

Since all the analyses are done mentally, and with very limited steps, children remember the general concepts with comfort, which enhances their memory and concentration. They don’t need to spend hours memorising huge number tables and long procedures of solving a number. The Vedic technique is a shortcut to all mathematical problems.

Application Area

The formulae of Vedic tricks covers all the corners and niche in maths, starting from basic arithmetic operations, trigonometry, analytical astronomy, geometry, calculus, differential and integral. etc the list moves on giving extensive probabilities of applications.

Benefits of Abacus Maths

Below given are a few advantages of abacus maths. Have a look to know how it is useful for children.

Motivates Self Confidence

A kid who comprehends Abacus continuously receives favourable feedback from their parents, peers and teachers. They are also generally perceived to many programs that have distinct audiences, particularly if they take part in presentations, international and national tournaments. With enhanced mental capacities, these children get a strong boost for their self-image and dignity. This also helps them be more confident in forthcoming challenges.

Stress-Free Learning

The method of abacus maths encourages a stress-free learning environment for the kids. It reduces the burdens of figuring out the solution in a long procedure and provides a visual method for the kids to carry out the problem handily. Kids don’t require too much effort. They can learn the subject of maths in a very convenient manner.

Enhances Observation Skills

With the benefit of flashcard activity, one of the mental training methods, and while understanding mental math problems, a kid who has been discovering Abacus for math can begin processing numbers with just one look. As the activity continues, the kid sharpens their observational skills. Similarly, their listening skills also get improved as the children are educated to listen to the numbers only once while solving the problems. This educates the children to energetically listen to the questions and enhance their listening abilities in life.

A Good Exercise For Kids

While using an abacus, the child has to move the beads up and down while solving the problem. This is a good workout of their hands and fingers. When a child generally solves a problem, they get tired of writing the long steps of the mathematical problem. Using an abacus, the children get rid of writing lengthy procedures and figure out solutions easily and in a visual manner.

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Believing that the above article helped you the difference between the ancient methods of solving mathematical problems which are Vedic maths and abacus maths. The variation in learning for the kids and how they are beneficial for the children in today’s world.

If you encounter any problem while educating your child on a certain concept, make use of the old methods to have better and convenient learning for the child. The kids will surely enjoy using these several techniques and simple tricks.

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