With their parents’ company, children can get individual training which helps them learn and improve faster. You may be having charts and games to help your child learn counting, tables and shapes, but how to make it more exciting and easier? Digital learning apps are here to serve your purpose. Let’s learn about some kids’ maths learning apps and help you choose the best math app for 6 year olds.

#1. Counting Caterpillar

Counting is something that has to be an essential activity for kids till eight years of age. This helps children stay fluent at number recognition and number bonds. The app counting caterpillar is made to enhance the counting practice of preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Therefore, it will be a perfect fun learning app for a 6 year old kid. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this app’s working:

# In this game, a hungry caterpillar is shown catching aphids, but it has to be done in the correct number sequence.

# The game works at different levels of feeding the caterpillar. It has beautiful graphics with fun sound effects that make it engaging for kids.

# It teaches kids the basics of counting and then introduces skip counting, which ultimately helps build number relationships.

# With its multiple levels, the app also helps enhance the comprehension and memory skills of the kids.

# Numbers in the game are represented in various ways, like the characters, the voiceover, and the hungry caterpillar filling its belly with aphids.

Best math app for kids

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#2. Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center or the MLC is an organisation in the education community that aspires to develop the mathematical ability of kids. It is a US-based organisation with 10 free apps for kids from pre-kindergarten to the 7th standard. These apps work at visual teaching of how maths works. The apps are divided into different segments of math for kids. The following are some of the MLC apps that can help enhance mental maths for 6 year olds:


This app uses a bar or a circle to compare, represent and perform activities related to fractions. The denominators are limited between 1 and 100.


It involves maths topics of elementary and middle grades, which are generally related to geometry like area, perimeter, polygons, congruence and more. However, considering maths for 6-year-olds, the geometry here will be limited to understanding different 2D and 3D shapes.

Number Frames

This app can help students learn to structure, compare and count numbers within a particular range.

Math Clock

Although 6 year old kids do not have to be perfect at time-telling, kids at this age should at least be aware of things like what does an hour, minute or second mean. This app works at making students fluent in time-telling through an analogue clock model.

Number Line

This app involves a number line that helps students visualise, compare and recognise numbers. A number line helps kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division visually.

Number Pieces

It aims at building an understanding of place value.

Pattern Shapes

Students are motivated to explore geometry and fractions by creating patterns by filling in outlines.

best math programs for kids

#3. SplashLearn

Earlier called Splash Math, SplashLearn is an app that covers math topics for kids between ages 5 – 10. It develops fun maths for 6 years old kids and provides math practise at an individual level. Topics involved are usually addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, time, money, fractions, decimals, and much more. For a 6-year-old kid, it has games that help to count, identify shapes & patterns, etc.

#4. Math Slide

Math Slide offers four different apps that focus on place value and basic math facts. There are 10 different games in each app, and all of these games aim at improving a specific skill. The games can also be played with up to four different players. This can help children be involved in a group activity. Let’s take a look at these apps:

Tens & Ones:

it is a multiplayer game that allows up to four players. These games help develop the understanding of tens and ones place values. It helps children see and understand the digits in a two-digit number as tens and ones.

Add & Subtract:

This app contains games that help children learn addition and subtraction through various levels. The kids play and learn by sliding tiles into the centre to match an image, answer or equation.

Hundred, ten, one:

This app is an advancement of the Tens & Ones app. This game helps kids understand the three-digit numbers as hundred, tens and ones.

Multiply & Divide:

Although kids at 6 years of age are limited to learning the tables of 2, 5 and tens, they can still be taught some basic multiplication and division. This app aims at making multiplication and division practise fun for kids. It can also help 6 year old kids understand how tables can be used in multiplication and division.

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Maths can be exciting for kids if it is presented as a game with different levels. The math apps provided above can help your kids learn maths with a winning spirit. There will be induced willpower that will always push them to learn more. At the Real School Of Montessori, we follow the same ideology of making learning fun and engaging for kids.

Our interactive video sessions make learning fun and exciting and make difficult tasks seem breezy. Our best in class mentors are always present to guide the young ones through any query they may have. Visit the Real School Of Montessori for blogs on fun teaching and learning ideas for kids. You can also try out our demo classes to learn more!

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