Quarantine or lockdown doesn’t have to synonymous with boredom. On the other hand, it should be perceived as the best time to give your best at improving upon skills or spending quality time, whether it is for kids or adults.

Amid the quarantine period, kids are more bound to be restless as they have to stay at home 24*7. It is important to unleash their creativity at the best and make the most productive use of this period. Here are 5 home activities for kids that you can do to keep your kids busy while you can spend some quality time with them and also concentrate on your work.

(1) Art 

Whether it is origami or simple paintings, engage your kid in any art activities every day. Stock up your art supplies and tell them to put their imaginations on paper. You can go ahead and watch several DIY or craft videos on YouTube and replicate that home.

(2) Puzzles 

This is the best time to remove the puzzle games that have been lying in the cupboard for a long time. Solving puzzles helps in improving the cognitive skills of your children and even improves their problem-solving skills and memory. Moreover, parents and kids can challenge each other in solving the puzzles. Along with puzzles, you can google for some amazing kids’ craft activities to keep them entertained.


Workbooks are the best way to ensure that your child is enjoying the quarantine and is also in sync with his studies. There are several maths and grammar workbooks out there which can go a long way in helping your kid develop the practice of maths and grammar.

Moreover, workbooks tend to be more interesting than textbooks. If you do not have a workbook at home you can always download printable worksheets from the internet and make your children solve these as well. You can even check out some online workbooks that give a brief on some online activities that you can do along with your kid.

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(4) Reading 

The habit of reading is the best thing that can happen to anyone. If your kid is just a beginner then he can start with comic books like Tinkle and then move on to smaller mystery novels like Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Goosebumps. These can be great for starters and it doesn’t seem very intimidating. Once he is into these books you can start with Harry Potter as it casts its spell of magic your child wouldn’t be able to put it down.

(5) Learn Coding 

Lockdown or no, learning shouldn’t cease. Whether your kid takes up humanities or science, learning how to code is going to be an integral part of the future. Everyone should at least know the basics of coding as it can go a long way in the future. Even you can develop this as a skill. It is one of the most fun activities for kids during the lockdown as they will be effortlessly preparing themselves for the future.

Ufaber’s The Real School Of Montessori gives children a great platform to learn coding in a simplified and personalised way. They offer over 500 workshops and bootcamps. The boot camps include programming and development, applied robotics, design and innovation and communication.

The online workshops aimed at improving their IQ and EQ with a special emphasis on STEM subjects. The workshops vary from categories like leadership development, mental health and well being, nature science, mental maths, space exploration, performance arts, game development, pattern recognition, etc. A lot of emphases is given to STEM subjects and robotics as by 2040, about 60% of the jobs that exist today will be done by robots, will you be competing with robots or designing them?

The right foundation in coding today can go a long way in building the entrepreneurs and problem solvers of tomorrow.

(6) Podcasts

There are several kid-friendly podcasts out there on Spotify, Soundcloud and Audible. If not podcasts, your kid can listen to audiobooks also. It is an interesting way to consume content and learn at the same time.

Whether it’s coding or reading, your kid can explore all these activities and more through The Real School Of Montessori’s home workshops and tutorials. With all the above activities, you will ensure that kids will stay positive, productive and proactive.

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