Programming and developing these days are considered very vital to match up with the growing technological trend. When you look around, you are sure to find something associated with technology. Because of this, parents are eager to enrol their wards into kids coding languages courses and classes.

Programming is the base of any technology that we use today. Programming and developing can also significantly contribute toward your child’s mental growth by adding a new skill to their list of endeavours. However, once you get into learning and researching about the kids programming language you will notice that there are a lot of languages to choose from.

Why should You Research?

Often it gets very confusing as to which language is the most appropriate and compatible with your child’s interest. For this, profound research on many programming languages is required. Fear not, here we have done the work for you and have compiled the five most easy and effective code language of computers for kids that can help you with your decision.


1. Ruby

This popular programming language was used to create one of the most popular social media networks, Twitter. Ruby is considered to have one of the most readable syntaxes: the structure and arrangement of statements in a computer programming language.

This serves as the perfect language to start with. Ruby is also highly recommended by experts for beginning learners like the young kids who still are learning and adapting to the new computing concepts.

It introduces new concepts in a very simple and easy way. This is exactly what the kids need, to move forward while learning something new. Also, the fact that this language was used to create such a popular site will make them want to learn the same even more.

2. C++

A lot of debate revolves around this very mainstream and popular computer programming language. Since this computer programming language resembles a lot like mathematics, the idea of learning the same might not be very appealing to most kids. Because of this, many people feel that it may or may not be the best computer language to start with.

However, C++ has extraordinary potential in the world of coding and development. Once the child understands the basics, there is no reason to turn back. C++ has a lot of scopes when it comes to trying out and opening many doors in the world of programming.

The fact that many successful and major programmers started their programming journey with C++ becomes more of a reason for you to encourage your child to do the same.

At The Real School Of Montessori, your kids get to learn all these amazing programming languages with an eye for perfection and passion. We drive interests along with helping your kids polish their abilities.

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3. Python

Programmers excessively use Python all across the world to create both small as well as large scale projects. One of the expert favourite languages – Python, is also one of the most popular options to start learning a programming language with.

Python is well known for being a programming language that resembles normal speech while reading. Seldomly the code needs any comments as the code in python already reads as if a comment has been added to them. This is essential for the child learning coding as he/she has to learn to think like an actual programmer. With python, they are assured of facing very few obstacles while learning how to write codes.

They can easily know how to construct a particular programming script in their heads and then transfer it easily to the computer so that it can interpret the same.

Python Library

The ‘batteries included’ philosophy that Python uses is something that further proves its reliance. According to this philosophy, a lot of work can be done very easily by just researching and using something called the core python library.

A lot of base functions that are requisite for the programmers to get started are already built in the system that makes it the best computer language for kids.

Python Library

4. Scratch

This highly interactive coding platform is well known for its community, where anyone can freely share their animation or artwork for others to see and get inspired from.

If you are looking for something that caters to kids’ programming needs such as creating animations, art, interactive stories, music, or anything as such, Scratch is the solution. The language used in this is very easy to understand, making it highly preferable for kids. Not only kids benefit from this program’s advantages, but many professionals also use this as it already has many options and functions to choose from.

As mentioned above, the interactive online community further interests’ children to try out new things after learning in Scratch.

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5. Java

One of the toughest yet popular programming languages, Java, is preferred by the masses for many great reasons. After choosing this language to learn first, your child will easily get the hang of every other language. A lot of students wish to create a website or app of their own at a very young age.

Though it seems complex, Java is capable of building almost anything from scratch. Java was founded almost two decades back; since then, there have been many online resources like Java such as basic language codebooks for kids, tutorials and several toolkits that help your kids to navigate their way through Java very smoothly.

The overall object-oriented setup makes it easy for kids to overcome hurdles like learning how syntaxes work or installing JDK. Java can look very similar to the fellow programming language – C+. However, they differ as Java provides more functionality options than C+, supporting many more robust programs.


Programming is a new-gen skill that has become a requisite for your child’s development in knowing the virtual world better. It pushes them to think about how something works online and what may be the step to create such a website or game.

Being parents, you have to know that every basic coding language for kids comes with advantages and disadvantages of their own. Your kids can easily adapt to learning the same with some basic knowledge on how code works, and a few tricks will help them on the way.

Programming and developing

The Real School Of Montessori understands your kid’s program learning needs and also customizes language courses for the same. We offer basic coding language for kids, programming and game designing, mobile app development, raspberry PI, IoT(Internet of Things) and many more. Learning more about robotics is also a part of the integral programs offered by us.

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